EU support to the Energy sector in Jordan

28 May 2018

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EU support to the Energy sector in Jordan

  1. European Union EU support to the Energy sector in Jordan
  2. The state of energy in Jordan 96% energy import Diversify local sources High saving potential Rich in RE A political will
  3. EU vision
  4. The state of energy in Europe Energy Union Strategy Integrated energy market Energy Efficiency Decarbonise the economy
  5. European Union EU /Jordan Green Energy targets by 2020 Target / Entity Jordan EU RE 10% 20% EE 20% 20% CO2 reduction 4% ? 20%
  6. More cooperation on green sources of energy Nuclear Safety Cooperation A long standing partnership The EU-Jordan Energy Cooperation
  7. Energy: a growing focal sector REEE REEE II REEE over 5 years 2012 2016 REEE II over 4 years 2019
  8. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme REEE 20% Energy Efficiency 10% Renewable Energy Pilot Projects Codes and standards Awareness Campaign
  9. REEE: 9 Pilot Projects in 6 fields •Housing and Schools REEE solutions Host communities for refugees: •18 schools in the Jordan Valley •Bio-gas project Education and Higher Education: •15 Mosques •3 churches Worship houses: •3 public hospitals •1 private hospital Health: •6 public centres for agriculture extension services •Higher Council for Science and Technologies Building Sector: •Energy-Water-Food Nexus Prospective:
  10. REEE II: A main sector of concentration REEEII EUR90Million Budget Support €47,5 Million Regulatory framework Project Modality Complementary Support €42,5 Million EBRD Technical Assistance And more
  11. REEE II – BS: Regulatory and Strategic framework RENAP & NEEAP Support their update More Renewable MW produced and more efficiency applications Agency JREEEF and NERC cooperate… … And ideally merge into 1 agency NEPCO Vision beyond 2020 Planning of grid's capacity, quality & extension
  12. REEE II – BS: Electricity Generation and Saving Capacity More MW 5-7 MW installed in Azraq More savings 20,000 SWH installed And 1000 MW rooftop PV installed
  13. REEE II – BS: Construction and street lighting 20 Audits of public buildings 5-10 public buildings are rehabilitated Street lighting needs assessed in rural areas Street lighting plans funded
  14. REEE II - BS: REEE in the Water and Irrigation Sector WSP scheme prepared by MoE 300 SWP commissioned Energy savings assessed
  15. REEE II – CS: EBRD PAGODA with EBRD Budget: EUR 35 Million 3-5 Water pumping stations (€ 30 M) GAM Transfer Station (€ 5 M)
  16. REEE II - CS: GoJ, CSOs and Other • Technical Assistance • Budget: EUR 4,5 Million Support to GoJ • Call for proposals • Budget: EUR 0,5 Million Support to CSOs • Audit (EUR 0,5 Million) • Communication and Visibility (EUR 0,5 Million) • Contingencies (EUR 1,5 Million) Other
  17. Complementary EU support: • NEPCO Green Corridor project with € 17.7 million NIF grant on top of the € 116 million loan from EIB and AFD (started with a feasibility study worth € 2.35 million • Support to Syria livelihood initiatives: different projects on use of REEE applications in host communities and refugee camps including use of sludge and organic waste to generate electricity and compost € 3 million .
  18. Regional EU support: • Sustainable Urban Demonstration Energy Projects SUDEP: "Making Sahab city green" is almost complete and the municipality is the first to join the Covenant of Mayors from Jordan • Cleaner Energy saving Mediterranean Cities CESMED: Aqaba, Kerak and Irbid municipalities are currently preparing their SEAPs • Energy Efficiency in the Construction sector MED-ENEC: Jordan implemented a pilot under the 1st phase in Aqaba and benefited from the TA in both phases • SWITH-MED: Jordan benefited to enhance entrepreneurship in sustainable production and consumption themes as well as implemented such themes in 11 industrial facilities • And many others as well
  19. Two EU instruments pooling resources from IFI’s and private sector : NIF & EIP NIF: (since 2008) Mechanism aimed at mobilizing additional funding to finance capital-intensive infrastructure projects in EU partner countries covered by the ENP in sectors such as transport, energy, environment and social development. EIP: (since 2017) Fosters private sector investments in partner countries in Africa and the Neighbourhood, by promoting inclusive growth, job creation and sustainable development and so tackle some of the root causes of irregular migration. => New guarantee mechanism (EUR 1,5 bn EUR) => Blending* (EUR 2,6 bn EUR) => TA (to support program preparation & policy reforms) * Using blending as a tool for EU external cooperation offers various benefits to different stakeholders: leverage to enhance the impact of EU development assistance and improved aid effectiveness through greater donor, beneficiary and lender coordination; support to policy reforms; a sustainable and affordable way to tap into significant additional financing for national development priorities; an increased access to public services, infrastructure and credit to boost socio-economic development ; mitigation of the risks associated with investing in new markets and sectors
  20. Upcoming EU-funded regional projects (2018-2019 or 2018-2021): Grant projects (2018-2019) EU Contribution (EUR) Support to the cooperation between the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) 5 500 000 Support to the cooperation between the Euro-Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (MED TSO) Support to the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures in the Southern Neighbourhood region (MEDENER & RCREEE) Support to regional cooperation towards an integrated gas market in the Southern Neighbourhood region (OME) Technical assistance/grant projects (2018-2021) Support to climate action and its integration into national and urban development strategies - EU4CLIMATE (Technical assistance) 8 000 000 Supporting participation of Mediterranean Cities in the Covenant of Mayors initiative (contribution to the European Joint Research Centre) 500 000 Total 14 000 000 20
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