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Candy Cane Grams Charity Project

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Candy Cane Grams Charity Project

  1. 1. 1 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYGoodwill Industries was established in 1902 and the goal of this organization is toprovide job training, employment placement services and other community-based programsfor people who have a disability, little education or job experience, and/or face employmentchallenges. Through selling candy canes to the students of Pinkerton Academy we plannedto raise money to help Goodwill Industries during the holiday season.We sold candy cane grams for one week for students to send candy canes to theirfriends. We sold 131 candy canes and raised $151.00.Organization:The project had to stay extremely organized because Pinkerton Academy has threedifferent cafeterias there are so many people involved in selling the candy canes duringdifferent parts of the day. We also made announcements every day about the candy canegrams.With our DECA advisor, Mrs. Jennifer Scheffer, and her support of the project wesuccessfully sold a lot of candy canes and helped raise money for a worthy cause.Evaluation:Because we only had a few weeks to completely plan and implement the project therewas a lot of room for improvement if we had more time to plan and organize. For futureprojects I would recommend starting the approval and planning process far in advance toallow for more time of advertising and organizing and therefore greater profitability.(Some of the DECA members who helped make this project a success)
  2. 2. 2 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAII. INTRODUCTIONA. Historic Background of the selected community service or charityGoodwillGoodwill Industries was established in 1902 and the goal of thisorganization is to provide job training, employment placement services andother community-based programs for people who have a disability, littleeducation or job experience, and/or face employment challenges.Goodwill was founded by Rev. Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister. Rev. Helmsgathered used items from upper class areas in Boston and then hired people from the poorerareas to sell these items. This process worked and today Goodwill is a $4 Billion nonprofitorganization.B. Description of the local DECA chapter, school, and communityThe Pinkerton Academy DECA chapter is an important aspect to the Marketingeducation program at Pinkerton Academy. The DECA chapter advisor is also the Marketingand Business Management level 2 instructor, Mrs. Jennifer Scheffer. The MarketingEducation and DECA program at Pinkerton Academy focus onpreparing students for careers in today’s society. Mrs. Schefferfocuses immensely on learning through technology to keep studentsup to date with the most current information and statistics to help her
  3. 3. 3 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAstudents succeed in the 21st century. The marketing program also works to run the DECAsponsored school based enterprise, Campus Corner.Teamwork is a skill that the Pinkerton Academy DECA chapter and marketing programfocus on. In almost every project or DECA event members must work together and learnhow to work with different people. The focus on teamwork strengthens communicationskills and the ability to understand others thoughts, opinions, and ideas.Pinkerton Academy is a semi-private high school located in the town of Derry, NewHampshire. It is the home of the Pinkerton Astros, our athletic teams named after Alan B.Shepard, a Pinkerton alumnus who was the first American astronaut in space. There arecurrently more than 3,000 students enrolled at Pinkerton Academy and its campus consistsof more than 170 acres and 17 buildings, 9 of which are academic buildings while 8 of thebuildings are smaller buildings for offices and specialty courses.Pinkerton Academy was founded in 1815 by John Pinkerton as an all-maleinstitution. By 1817 the academy allowed women to enroll as students also. Pinkerton was aboarding school with tuition of $2.00 per academic quarter. Pinkerton was a boarding schooluntil 1948 and in 1949 made an agreement with the town of Derry, New Hampshire tobecome their primary high school. Since then, the towns of Hampstead, Chester, andAuburn have signed contracts with Pinkerton Academy making the academy the largestindependent high school in the United States.
  4. 4. 4 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAIII. CONTRIBUTION TO A NEEDED COMMUNITY SERVICE OR CHARITYA. Description and Purpose of the ProjectOur Candy Cane Grams project allowed students form Pinkerton Academy to sendcandy canes with messages to their friends all over school. Candy Canes were available forpurchase in the freshman cafeteria, underclassmen cafeteria, and the senior cafeteria oneweek prior to the delivery date to allow time to organize the candy cane grams.The purpose of this project is to help chapter members with their development ofleadership skills and to impact the community in a positive way in a season where help isalways appreciated. This project will also help chapter members strengthen communicationskills because there is such a large student body and there are so many potential customersso getting the message out about the candy canes will be a challenge.B. Rationale for Selecting the Community Service or Charitable ProjectAs part of our Marketing Education program we learn about different marketingstrategies during different times of the year. Creating different promotional events based onthe seasons. To go along with the holiday season we wanted to do a fun project that wouldalso give us good learning experience. We chose to do candy cane grams because of howpopular the movie, Mean Girls, is in our generation and because we sell balloon grams yearround with an emphasis on Valentine’s Day but we do not deliver anything special for the
  5. 5. 5 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAholiday season. There was a lot of potential for sales with a school that always gets into thespirit of the holidays and such a large student body.Because the holidays can be such difficult times for people this also gave us anopportunity to give back to the community. By choosing to donate the gifts purchased toGoodwill around the holidays it would give local community members who are on a budgetthis holiday season to purchase Christmas gifts for their children at lower prices than theywould be at other stores. Also, with the current state of the economy and jobs being sodifficult to find we knew that every purchase at goodwill would help underprivileged peoplein their search for jobs.C. Description of the benefits of the project to the chapter and chapter members’understanding of leadership development, social intelligence and communityserviceThe project was a very rewarding project because everything that was done on it was tohelp people in need. Our DECA chapter emerged as a leader in community service in theschool because of this project and a few other community service projects and our ability tomake our efforts known.Organizing a project as large as this takes a lot of leadership and management skillsbecause there are so many members helping with it so organization becomes a challenge.This project definitely proved that leadership and organizational skills complement eachother immensely.
  6. 6. 6 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAIV. ORGANIZATION AND IMPLEMENTATIONA. Organizational Chart, Member Involvement, and Job DescriptionOrganizing the Candy Cane Gram sales took a great amount of chapter involvement andtime. With the help of the DECA chapter and advisor, Mrs. Jennifer Scheffer, this projectwas a success. I have created organizational charts to display the involvement of members.Project Director- Rebecca Gray• Created original fundraising idea• Coordinated fundraising activities• Created all written documents and advertisements• Went through school activity approval process for activity itself and all fliers forthe candy cane grams
  7. 7. 7 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAAdvisor: Mrs. Jennifer SchefferOrganizer: Rebecca GrayMembers who made announcements about candy canes:Catherine Decloux, Rebecca Gray, Michaela Genetti, Mike Demarco, Ben Raymond, Tom McCarthy, AaronWallackMembers who sold candy canes in cafeterias:Catherine Decloux, Michaela Gennetti, Lindsey Mote, Mike Fagone, Christopher Bono, Ben Raymond, DarbyBatjer, Rebecca Gray, Marena Maggio, Tom McCarthy, Stephanie Jasbon, Cassandra Bouchard, Jennifer Forys,Kayla WoodCandy Cane Organizers:Rebecca Gray, Darby Batjer, Elizabeth Couto, Michaela Genetti, Samantha BresnahanCandy Cane Delivery Team:Ben Raymond, Samantha Bresnahan, Jennifer Forys, Tom McCarthy, Darby Batjer, Rebecca GrayPurchasing and delivery of gifts:Kayla Wood, Rebca Gray, Josh Brien
  8. 8. 8 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAB. Description of the Project and DocumentationTo plan an activity at Pinkerton Academy, an activity approval form must first be submittedand then approved by administration. A scan of our activity approval form is viewablebelow:
  9. 9. 9 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAIn addition to getting the activity approved, the fliers to be hung up around campusmust also be approved by administration. The flier we used is displayed below:
  10. 10. 10 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAWhen each candy cane was sold each customer filled out a candy cane gram sheetthat had who they were sending it to and where it would be delivered. The candy gram cardwe used is pictured below:
  11. 11. 11 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAWe recorded the total profit made each period of each day in an excel spreadsheet.We sold 131 candy canes and made a total of $151.00 to spend on holiday gifts. Thespreadsheet that tracked the money made is viewable below:C. Impact Goal for the BeneficiaryThrough selling candy canes I learned a lot about the challenges of sales and how timeconsuming a project like this can become. Originally I wanted to sell at least 100 candy canesand we surpassed that goal by 31. By selling these candy canes our DECA chapter made animpact in the community because our efforts went to help people in various types of need.On the next page is a photo of the gifts we purchased. There are a variety of perfumesand cologne sprays along with scarves, hats, posters, lotions, and DVDs.Candy Cane Grams10-Dec 11-Dec 12-Dec 13-Dec 14-Dec TotalFreshman Period E 3.00$ 2.00$ 5.00$ 5.00$ 7.00$ 22.00$Freshman Period F 2.00$ 3.00$ 1.50$ 9.50$ 3.00$ 19.00$Freshman Period G 4.00$ 4.00$ 3.00$ 2.00$ 2.00$ 15.00$Underclassmen period E 1.50$ -$ 1.50$ 3.00$ 1.50$ 7.50$Underclassmen period F 3.00$ 4.50$ 4.00$ 3.00$ 5.00$ 19.50$Underclassmen period G 4.00$ 14.50$ 6.00$ 10.00$ 2.00$ 36.50$Senior Period E -$ 5.50$ -$ -$ 5.00$ 10.50$Senior Period F 1.50$ 1.50$ 4.00$ -$ 2.00$ 9.00$Senior Period G 5.00$ -$ 2.00$ -$ 5.00$ 12.00$Total 24.00$ 35.00$ 27.00$ 32.50$ 32.50$ 151.00$
  12. 12. 12 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAV. EVALUATION AND RECOMMENDATIONSA. Evaluation of the ProjectWhen considering the amount of teamwork and effort that went into this project it wentreally well. We not only helped our community but also learned how to work with people wemay not have necessarily ever worked with if not for this project. The time of year was rightfor a service project like this with so many families and people in need during the holidayseason and everyone worked extra hard to make sure this project was a success. It was a funidea and the reactions of students when they received candy canes were very excited.B. Recommendations for Future ProjectsFor future community service projects I would recommend planning them more inadvance. Because we came up with this idea with only a few weeks to prepare and execute
  13. 13. 13 Community Service Project | Pinkerton Academy DECAthe project it did not have enough planning or advertising as it should have had. If we hadmore time to market the candy canes we most likely would have been able to sell more.