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Course module biotech_1_it

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Course module biotech_1_it

  1. 1. PUNJAB COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, LUDHIANA Course Plan Programming in 'C' Max. Marks 100 Internal Assessment 40 External Assessment 60 Instruction for paper setter The question paper will consist of two sections A and B. Sections B will have Six questions and will carry 10 marks each. Section A will have 10 short answer type questions, which will cover the entire syllabus uniformly and will carry 20 marks in all Instructions for Candidates Candidates are required to attempt four questions from section B and the entire section A. Use of non-programmable scientific calculator is allowed. Fundamentals: Character set, Identifiers & Keywords, Data Types, constants, set, constants, variables, expressions, statement, symbolic constants. Operations and expressions: Arithmetic operators, unary operators, relational and logical operators, assignment and conditional operators, and library functions. Data input and output: Preliminaries, single character input, single character output, entering input data, more about the scanf function, writing output data, more about printf function, the gets and puts function, interactive programming. Control statements: Preliminaries, while, do-while and for statements. Nested loops, if else, switch, break continue statement Functions: Brief overview, defining accessing function, passing perimeters to function, specifying argument data types, function prototype and recursion. Program structure: Storage classes, automatic, external, and static variables, more about library functions. Array: defining and processing an array, passing pointers to a function, pointer and one dimensional arrays, operations on pointers, passing functions multidimensional arrays of pointers, passing functions to the other functions, more about pointer declarations. Structure And Unions: Defining and processing a structure, user defined data types structure and Pointers, passing structure to function, self-referential structures, unions. Data files: Opening, closing, creating, and processing and unformatted data field.
  2. 2. C-programming applications: Sorting (Bubble sort, Selection sort), Searching (Binary search, Linear Search).
  3. 3. Punjab College of Technical Education - Course Plan Computer Application in Subject. Name Biotechnology Subject. Code BSBT-107 Teacher Code RUD No. of Tests 4 No. of Lect. 38 No. of Assignments 3 Proposed Lect. Lecture Content Assignment Test Actual Date Week No. of Delivery 1st Week 1 Introduction to Subject 2 Introduction to IT,Data,Information,Processing 3 Computer Definition,Parts of Computer 4 Block Diagram of CPU Assignment-1 2nd Week 5 Class Discussion 6 Characteristics of Computer 7 History of Computers 8 Generations of Computers 3rd Week 9 Test 1 10 Classification of Computers 11 Computer Algorithms Assignment-2 12 Class Discussion 4th Week 13 Hardware and Software 14 Use of Computers 15 Memory 16 Types of Memories 5th Week 17 Class Discussion Assignment-3 18 Secondary Storage Devices 19 20 Input Devices 6th Week 21 22 Output Devices 23 Test 2 24 Practical of Word 7th Week 25 Internet and Biologist 26 Bibliographic Database 27 Class Discussion 28 Ganebank,Sequence Database 8th Week 29 Sequence Analysis using GCG 30 Sequence alignment and database searching 31 Test 3
  4. 4. 32 Multiple Sequence alignment 9th Week 33 Phylogenetic analysis 34 Prection of Protein structures 35 Class Discussion 36 NCBI data model 10th Week 37 Class Discussion 38 Test 4 Teacher Name RUPALI