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Introduction to k3s and k3sup

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k3s and k3sup introduction. Basic concepts for creating a k3s cluster using k3s on any platform.
Few of the Slides are taken from RancherLabs (Thank you )

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Introduction to k3s and k3sup

  1. 1. Introduction to K3s and K3sup Saiyam Pathak Twitter - @saiyampathak Blog – https://medium.com/@saiyampathak 14th September 2019
  2. 2. Introducing k3s • Lightweight certified Kubernetes distro • Built for production operations • 40MB binary, 250MB memory consumption • Single process w/ integrated Kubernetes master, Kubelet, and containerd • SQLite in addition to etcd • Simultaneously released for x86_64, ARM64, and ARMv7 • Open source project, not yet a Rancher product
  3. 3. To build k3s we removed unnecessary code and made a few enhancements
  4. 4. How k3s works
  5. 5. K3s use cases 1. Edge computing 2. IOT Gateway 3. CI environments 4. Single-App Clusters 5
  6. 6. K3sup
  7. 7. k3sup is a light-weight utility to get from zero to KUBECONFIG with k3s on any local or remote VM. All you need is ssh access and the k3sup binary to get kubectl access immediately. The tool is written in Go and is cross-compiled for Linux, Windows, MacOS and even on Raspberry Pi. Made for Developers What is K3sup ?
  8. 8. Architecture Azure VM Azure VM
  9. 9. Benefits Uses: •Bootstrap Kubernetes with k3s onto any VM - either manually, during CI or through cloudinit •Get from zero to kubectl with k3s on Raspberry Pi (RPi), VMs, most cloud vendors •Fetch a working KUBECONFIG from an existing k3s cluster •Join nodes into an existing k3s cluster with k3sup join Officital Git Repo: https://github.com/alexellis/k3sup
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. Thank you twitter: @saiyampathak github: @saiyam1814