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Introduction to the Beaconing project

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An introduction to the project at the ELSE workshop April 2017

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Introduction to the Beaconing project

  1. 1. “Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning” http://Beaconing.EU @BeaconingEU
  2. 2. www.beaconing.eu 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 FACT SHEET Start date: 01-01-2016 Coordinator: Coventry University, UK 15 partners 9 countries: UK, SP, DE, RO, FR, PT, IT, PO, FR Budget: EUR 5,902,772.13 Duration: 36 months H2020 ICT-20-2015: Technologies for better human learning and teaching
  3. 3. www.beaconing.eu
  4. 4. www.beaconing.eu INTEGRATE technologies, pedagogical and social perspectives of using pervasive, context-aware and gamified approaches to engage an inclusive community of learners in connected and contextualised learning processes. OBJECTIVE 1 End-user Specification Play-learn Design Technical Specification
  5. 5. www.beaconing.eu Holistic approach
  6. 6. www.beaconing.eu DEVELOP, IMPLEMENT and VALIDATE an adaptable, extendable and sustainable platform that leverages cutting-edge approaches: Future Internet Technology, mobile, gamification, pervasive gaming, procedural content generation, game authoring, human – computer interfaces, learning analytics and problem based - learning OBJECTIVE 2 Technical components of the Integrated BEACONING Platform
  7. 7. www.beaconing.eu EXPLORE and MEASURE through large scale pilots engagement effectiveness and impact towards incentivising learners, fostering acquisition, transfer of knowledge and skills. OBJECTIVE 3 Guidance for further development Evidence of the efficacy Sustainability and business plan to aid exploitation and adoption
  8. 8. www.beaconing.eu LEARNING SHOULD BE... Anytime anywhere 1 Pervasive and context-aware 2 Problem based 3 Gamified 4 Accessible 5 Analyzable/ traceable (learning analytics) 6 …and based on innovative content and validated through large-scale pilots For more go to BEACONING.EU
  9. 9. www.beaconing.eu