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02 metamorphose smart-material

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02 metamorphose smart-material

  1. 1. Smart World
  2. 2. Table 1) Introduction 2) Few numbers & applications 3) Our offer 4) Conclusion
  3. 3. IntroductionJ. Watt - Steam machine IBM – IBM 1401 – First– steam traction engine commercial computer on punched card INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION COMPUTER REVOLUTION 1784 1960 1970 1990 Distance between people is reduced – communication increase HP – Personal computer INTERNET connect people Distance between people disappear – communication increase
  4. 4. IntroductionJuly 8 – ERICSSON announce5 billions mobile phone June 6 – IpV6 releaseconnections 3.4×1038 addresses COMPUTER REVOLUTION « SMART » REVOLUTION2010 People are 2012 Connect the world connected Economical challenges Ecological challenges Demographic challenges
  5. 5. Introduction Do I need to develop a « SMART » product – system ?Will I survive if I don’t adopt a « smart » approach of my product ?
  6. 6. Table 1) Introduction 2) Few numbers & applications 3) Our offer 4) Conclusion
  7. 7. Numbers 7
  8. 8. Numbers“We project that demand for fab-level microfluidics devices (without chemistry) willreach some $4.8 billion in 2017, accounting for some 20% of total MEMSdemand, to become the second largest sector of the industry.”“Biggest growth will be for ongoing screening of food and waterquality, but the clinical laboratory testing, point-of-care diagnosticsand pharmaceutical research applications are also poised for strongincreases” 8
  9. 9. Market High fragmentation of the Smart Systems markets Segment into several portfolios related to the functions and applications of the system Mai 9 2010
  10. 10. Market Bio & Chemical Molecular Smart Médical detection for intercaction for device diagnostic drug Technologies Tracability & for food High Frequency smart applications Technologies communicationMotion & Energy Production Smart textiles harvesting Process & packaging
  11. 11. Smart Médical device Smart systems technology allows: 1. The use of miniaturized implantable devices providing minimally invasive solutions. 2. To use communicating solutions between sensors and recorders or data centers to exchange information (in-line with trends in e-Health and telemedicine). 3. Medical devices using Smart Systems technologies allow: 1. More efficient patient monitoring (at the hospital, at home,….) 2. More efficient therapeutic treatment
  12. 12. Smart Médical device
  13. 13. Bio & Chemical detection for diagnostic Smart systems technology allows: 1. Autonomous system with stand alone use (ex: I-Stat Abbott) 2. Communicating solutions, allowing: 1. Better patient monitoring for medical applications 2. Better quality control for industrial processes 3. New in-vitro diagnostic systems, innovative Point of Care (PoC) solutions, genetic disease diagnosis 4. Smart systems technologies are currently revolutionizing the Healthcare industry.
  14. 14. Bio & Chemical detection for diagnostic Tests are based on the colloidal gold particles immunochromatographic technique and use coated nitrocellulose strips
  15. 15. Molecularintercaction for drug Smart systems technology allows: 1. Faster and cheaper Drug Discovery process with cell based assay as well as genomic and proteomic chips. 2. Automation 3. Screening and multiplexing 4. Reduction of sample and reagent volumes 5. Smart Systems allow the development of solutions overcoming biotechnologies limits to fasten and make more efficient the drug discovery process
  16. 16. Molecularintercaction for drug
  17. 17. Technologies for food Telealimentation, energy harvesting & storage, Early warning Systems for applications environment monitoring, irrigation & fertilizers reduction, water & soil quality Diagnosis for On site pathogens detection & control, non invasive online detection, characterization & control of ingredients, Smart Management of Fermentation process, Smart Tags for food products packages Solutions for location services at warehouse level, Smart Tags for food Logistics & Distribution Fresh products Maturation monitoring & control. Smart Tags for Quality Management & multimedia added value content at Point of Sale Smart Tags for multimedia added value content © Sirris | www.sirris.be | info@sirris.be | Mai 1 2010 7
  18. 18. Technologies for food applications
  19. 19. Tracability & smartcommunication Smart systems technology allows: 1. Cheaper communication 2. Mix of technologies: video, voice, gps,.. 3. Screening and multiplexing 4. Reduction of cost 5. Energy savings
  20. 20. Tracability & smartcommunication Smart and • VoIP Programmable • GPS Linearized • Video Transmitters • Gyroscope RFID stickers
  21. 21. High Frequency Technologies Smart wireless systems allows: 1. Lower cost compared to fiber 2. Ease of deployment 3. Proven reliability 4. Easy up-grade of the systems
  22. 22. High Frequency Technologies SMART Grid & SMART Home Microwave backhaul, IP/MPLS networking, network management, Network Operations Center (NOC) Service
  23. 23. Motion & Energy Harvesting Smart Motion & Energy systems allows: 1. Low cost energy 2. Wide range of application 3. Improve the energy savings
  24. 24. Motion & Energy Harvesting
  25. 25. Production Process &packaging Smart systems technology allows: 1. Intelligent tools and processes: Sensor integration, embedded systems, real- time data evaluation, improved process understanding, predictive maintenance etc. 2. Production cost reduction by provision of multiple sensor/signal- and knowledge- based 3. Intelligent production design process: Sensorial materials as product models for physical simulation/evaluation 4. User-friendly human-machine-interfaces (HMI): New ways to communicate status information and justify decisions in part or fully autonomous production systems.
  26. 26. Production Process & packagingAdaptive reaming toolwith integrated straingauges and steppermotor based systemfor compensation ofcutting edge wear toachieve increasedaccuracy andextended tool life •Control of process while manufacturing of rotorblades • Extension of service interval by detection of failure • Early reaction in case of failures • Detection of loads thereby optimal pitch setup possible
  27. 27. SMART MATERIAL Shape Memory AlloyShape Memory PolymerSoft Magnetic materiaL Conductive Ink Conductive Acetate Electro-Textile Thermo _Chromic _Pigment Acrylic light diffuser panel
  28. 28. Table 1) Introduction 2) Few numbers & applications 3) Our offer 4) Conclusion
  29. 29. Our UnicityPowerful Network of Companies & R&D centers
  30. 30. Our Offer Smart Packaging Smart Materials Smart IT Smart device for Life Science and diagnostic Smart Coatings Smart Device Processing & SMALL Lab Control Monitoring
  31. 31. Our partnerCreate a dynamic environment ClustersIndustrial Researchpartner center Regulation
  32. 32. Table 1) Introduction 2) Few numbers & Applications 3) Our offer 4) Conclusion
  33. 33. Conclusion• Smart sensors, smart systems and sub-systems • –are everywhere • –enable new functions • –give competitive advantage • –allow change of business model • –play to the strengths of our industry• But... • –SSI developments are usually costly, often risky and almost always require multidisciplinary teams • –Funding is often indispensable • –Transnational cooperation often required for necessary expertise
  34. 34. It’s time to be SMART !