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2nd conditional blog share

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a PPT for the 2nd cnditional for more info go to www.myeltlessonplans.blogspot.gr

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2nd conditional blog share

  1. 1. The 2nd Conditional
  2. 2. By the end of the lesson You will know how to form the 2nd conditional.  You will be able to use this form in your own sentences.
  3. 3. Lyrics to If you had my love Jennifer Lopez chorus: If you had my love and I gave you all my trust Would you comfort me? Tell me baby And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue Would you lie to me? And call me baby?
  4. 4. The second Conditional Look at the chorus from the Jennifer Lopez song and try to figure out the rule of how the 2nd conditional is formed. If clause , main clause. If+……………., ………..+………………. If+ simple past,subject+ would/+ infinitive. If+simple past negative form, would infinitive.
  5. 5. CCQs • 1. Does the guy have Jennifer’s love? • 2.Does the 2nd conditional here refer to something 100% true or something that may/may not happen? • 3.Does this sentence have to do with the present? • 4. Does it have to do with the future? • 5.Does it have to do with the past?
  6. 6. Answers to task 3 • 1=d • 2=c • 3=a • 4=b • 5=g • 6=e • 7=f
  7. 7. The consequence chain Choose one of the two sentences • If I won 10.000 euros tomorrow, I would OR • If I went to the airport tomorrow, I’d Fill in your own answer and then give it to the person on your left. Now, you each have a new paper. Continue your classmate’s sentence by adding the consequence to what he/she said. Fold you classmate’s answer and then give the paper to the person sitting on your left. Keep doing this until you have added a consequence to everybody’s story.
  8. 8. Example If I won 10.000 tomorrow, I’d tell my mum (gives to next student). If you told your mum, she’d make you share the money with your sister(next student). If you shared with your sister, you’d have 5.000 euros…… etc.
  9. 9. Stranded in a cave-Part one (4 mins) You visit a cave with your friends. Suddenly, it starts raining, rocks fall and the cave entrance has been blocked. Oh, no! You are trapped! You need to say how you would use the items on the cards to survive or get out of the cave (question mark card can be an object of your choice).  Use the structure: If I had a…, I would Or your own second conditional if clause Keep notes of your classmates answers!
  10. 10. Stranded in a cave-part two (4 minute group discussion) You now know what items your group has and how your classmates would use these items. Have a discussion on which two you would use to get out of the cave. At the end your group must tell the class what two objects their group would use and how. You must use the 2nd conditional when presenting the two objects.