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Slide.Works Introduction

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Introduction to Slide.Works. We create powerful presentations that convey your message and get results.

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Slide.Works Introduction

  1. 1. Slide.Works: Presentations that Get Results Steve Robins, Principal September, 2020
  2. 2. Presentation Creation is Frustrating
  3. 3. Presentation Creation is Frustrating I’m not an artist or PowerPoint expert! How do I create a compelling story? Takes too long! Must look professional! What if I get it wrong?
  4. 4. That’s why many companies use external designers
  5. 5. But External Designers Can Be Risky and/or Expensive Outsourcing High Low HighLow Quality & Effectiveness Designers Agencies Freelance Marketplaces DIY Time- consuming Expensive
  6. 6. A Better Way: Slide.Works Outsourcing High Low HighLow Quality & Effectiveness Designers Agencies Freelance Marketplaces DIY Slide.Works Time- consuming Expensive
  7. 7. A Better Way: Slide.Works
  8. 8. A Better Way: Slide.Works So you’ll get the right results… Professionally designed… Created for your audience and your presenters… A more compelling message… We design custom presentation slide decks…
  9. 9. Complete Slide Creation Services… Story Creation 2 Message & Value Proposition 1 Copy 3 Visuals, Slide Design & Layout 4 Animation 5 Slide cleanup 6 .POTX Templates 7 Choose the services you need Strategy Creative Additional Services
  10. 10. ...For All Types of Presentations Investment • Investor pitches • Pitch decks • Board presentations Conferences • Keynotes • Breakouts • Self-running exhibit presentations • User conferences Sales & Marketing, Products, and Services • Sales presentations • Sales training • Product/services pitches • Marketing webinars • Demonstrations Corporate & Internal Executive Presentations • Department & company pans • Company overviews • Training • Annual-kick-offs • Team meetings
  11. 11. Transforming sales presentations Value-Oriented Sales Presentation • Based on persona research • The company’s first sales deck focused on value rather than features • Elevated the company’s message out of the no-win feature-function race, to more strategic sales
  12. 12. Ensuring buy-In Company Strategic Plan • Company-wide introduction to new strategic plan • Achieved alignment and buy- in across the company • Different versions for employees, investors, external stakeholders
  13. 13. Closing the deal Investor Presentation • Helped a start-up to successfully close two major funding rounds • Tells a story that a financial audience can understand, without getting bogged down in technical details
  14. 14. Better customer relationships Implementation & Support • Helped company to explain implementation & support services • Customer-oriented and easy to follow
  15. 15. Steve Robins, Principal • Former VP of marketing, director of product marketing in B2B, enterprise and SaaS product marketing, general marketing, branding • Messaging, customer research, sales enablement, most types of presentations, and more • www.LinkedIn.com/in/steverobins1
  16. 16. Learn more at http://slide.works VISIT US ON THE WEB CONTACT US