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How To Succeed On SlideShare: Top Tips From The Experts - @slidecomet

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How To Succeed On SlideShare: Top Tips From The Experts - @slidecomet

  1. Top tips from the experts HOW TO SUCCEEDOn SlideShare
  2. 10 MILLIONuploads on SlideShare There are more than: DID YOU KNOW
  3. 2800 Everyday... That number increases by
  4. Seriously.. How will you STAND OUT?
  5. FROM THE PROS We learn
  6. Emiland De Cubber Presentation Designer @EmilandDC emiland.me Visakan Veerasamy Blog & Social Media Manager @ ReferralCandy @Visakanv referralcandy.com Ross Simmonds Digital Strategist, Blogger @TheCoolestCool rosssimmonds.com
  7. Frederik Vincx Founder, Prezly @fritsbits prezly.com Mark Schaefer Author of “The Content Code” @markwschaefer businessesGROW.com Sarah Mason Founder, Uncommonly Social @sarahsmason uncommonlysocial.com
  8. Valuable Content Stunning Visuals Marketing Strategy1 2 3 3 MAIN COMPONENTS Every successful SlideShare has
  9. #1 valuable content
  10. Visakan Veerasamy “It’s not about what you want to share, but what your audience wants to hear.” Create something people want
  11. Ross Simmonds 0028930 “It is crucial to identify a story that is Relevant, Timely and Valuable.” Make it Relevant
  12. like the !liforni! roll! Rehash Someone Else’s Content “We look for quality content and see if we can improve on it by rearranging it and adding more value to it.” Visakan Veerasamy
  13. “I wanted to find ways to give new life to some of my best writing and by turning original ideas into SlideShare decks we can reach a new audience and extend the life of valuable content.” Repurpose Your Own Content Mark Schaefer
  14. Emiland De Cubber CLICK “I have seen countless great presentations which forget to ask for the next step. If you want people to do something after reading your presentation, tell them clearly.” End with a Call-to-action
  16. Sarah Mason READ ME “It's the difference between people reading and not reading your deck. Make sure it's readable at thumbnail size and that your big idea is in a big font that grabs the reader's attention.” Focus on the Cover Design
  17. “A lot of people think that they can hack their way through the design process but the ability to make a beautiful deck is one thing that often differentiates the best content from the rest.” Make it Beautiful Ross Simmonds
  18. “A lot of us fall into the trap of thinking everything has to be composed the same way. Same font size, same colors, same number of words per slide, that sort of thing. That lulls people to sleep. Change things up!” Out-of-the-box Compositions Visakan Veerasamy
  20. “I try to link the content of my SlideShare to the news. This helps me to be relevant and to be noticed by the SlideShare editorial team, blogs, media outlets, etc.” NEWS News Jack! Emiland De Cubber
  21. “SlideShare is a traffic driver to other content on my own website. To invite people to go to my website I leave them wanting more in the slide deck.” Frederik Vincx Leave Them Wanting More
  22. “I contact presentation experts to gather feedback on my work. If they liked my work, they were also pleased to share it to their audience.” Get Shares from Experts Emiland De Cubber
  23. “Try to make the slide deck itself shareable. On many slides, I invite people to share the deck if they liked it. A service like click-to- tweet is handy to make custom tweets to share separate slides.” BLOGS Make Sharing Effortless Frederik Vincx
  24. RECAP 3 MAIN COMPONENTS Every successful SlideShare has MARKETING STRATEGYSTUNNING VISUALS valuable content
  25. Get full, in-depth advice from the pros. Want more? Top tips from the experts HOW TO SUCCEED ON SLIDESHARE SHARE TO DOWNLOAD
  26. Different name. Same awesome team. We’re now HighSpark. Visit New Site