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CJ Newsletter - SNHU

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  2. 2. In 2017, CJ Career will be exploring various career paths that you can pursue with your CJ degree. For those of you still undecided about which path to take, this is an opportunity for you to research your options. FEATURED CAREER PATHS JAN: Social Services FEB: Evidence/Fingerprint Tech Careers MAR: Disaster Recovery Careers APR: Legal and Court Careers MAY: Homeland Security Support Careers JUN: Federal Careers JUL: Intelligence Careers AUG: Instructor & Training Careers SEP: Task Force Careers OCT: Cyber Security Careers NOV: Anti-money Laundering Careers Dec: Investigation Careers TABLE OF CONTENTS  January Spotlight: Social Services  Job Announcements  Internships/Pathways Opportunities  Links to Professional Associations CJ Webinar Links: Evidence Techs
  3. 3. CJ - - JANUARY SPOTLIGHT JANUARY: SOCIAL SERVICES PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION LINKS For students looking for a job after graduation, how amazing would it be to sit in a room where everyone is employed in your field of interest? That opportunity exists when you join a professional association. Professional associations consist of groups of people from the same profession who gather together for networking events and to come up with standards for the profession. Joining a professional association is a win-win situation for students because while they are networking with professionals, they are being praised for taking the initiative to learn more about their field of interest. Members of professional associations are student-friendly and want to mentor incoming workers as they transition to the corporate world. Source PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: Multiple Associations at the CRE Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children Justice for Children Center for Judicial Excellence CAREER PATHS: Case Worker Victim Advocate Case Manager Juvenile Justice Child Protective Service Probation/Parole
  4. 4. CJ - - FEBRUARY CAREER EVENTS Click the graphics to register now! Sign up now by clicking this link: Exploring Evidence Field Tech Careers Sign up now by clicking this link: Exploring Evidence Tech Careers
  5. 5. FEATURED HOT JOBS!!!! Click the logo and log on to SNHU Recruit to view more jobs in your area!!! Viewing Job: 21344/Public Defender Investigator I – OAKLAND, CA https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=+wKSs7dpVbkeWOQdm7fxIA%3d%3d Viewing Job: 21340/Administrative Assistant – PITTSBURG, PA https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=J2pRH0WQZP72fJppXqD7NA%3d%3d Viewing Job: 21338/Linkage Care Navigator – LONG ISLAND, NY https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=v8+%2fzWkRZHjPTxBRwlkPwQ%3d%3d Viewing Job: 21333/Administrative Coordinator - Quality Management - SUFFOLK, NY https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=pPzeAAehUFhx51iofX1W4A%3d%3d Viewing Job: 21303/Client Service Team Leader ETF Team NEW YORK, NY https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=vafKhl5x974gdmq1CoS9%2fg%3d%3d Job ID/Title: 21302/ Associate Investigator – ROSALYN HEIGHTS, NY Job Link: https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=64RqZ3RYmXksGaLFN9f%2fmg%3d%3d Job ID/Title: 21300/ Case Management Specialists, MOUNTAINVILLE, NY Job Link: https://www.myinterfase.com/snhu/job_view.aspx?token=N3MDXdcYVHpR9i9OIFtmDA%3d%3d