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This is slideshare from my class to share with everyone in the class.

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  1. 1. Undergraduate Studes<br />EPortfolio<br />PSY 492, 2010<br />My name is Stacy A. Gourdine I was born with a severe learning problems and many teacher told me that I would not make it in college. I was determined to get whatever degree I want. I have this last teacher who does not understand I am doing my best. I have been marry seventeen year with a man that I have been with since junior high school. I have four children my son both born with autism and attention with much hyperactivity. I have a daughter who also has attention with hyperactivity and learning disability. With my husband being in the military I have had to raise my children a lot of time by myself. I have also had to fight with my health. But I have work twenty years to get to the point that I am at now to get my bachelor degree. I want to become a counselor that work with families and teens. I also would love to work with young women who have no self esteem because I know what it like to be their. I came from a family where learning problems never stop you from doing what your dreams and goals are. I hope some day to have my own office where I care for people and do my own books so I don’t have to rely on other to get the books done and make sure I pay the IRS each year. I know that I would like to write a book about the thing that I had to go through as a mother of children with special needs and still finish my education.<br />Resume<br />Stacy Gourdine<br />5205 Sundance Dr. <br />909-804-8334<br />Stacy_Gourdine@yahoo.com<br />Job Objective<br />I want to be that ear that listen to those with problem that no one else will listen to. I want to see marriage stay together instead breaking up. Teaching young women to love themselves so other will. That is my goal for the job I want to obtain.<br />Summary of Qualifications<br />The ability to listen to others been a mentor for juvenile detention centers. I have care for the young many times. Work in many different fields with caring for others and listening to others problems. Wife of a soldier I have kept the books of the household and paid the bills. Work with my father as a janitor as a teen cleaning offices building. Cleaning is not a problem either<br />Education:<br />Channel Island High school 1987 Graduated with diploma<br />Oxnard & Ventura junior college 1987-1993 transfer<br />Northridge 1993-1997 transfer <br />Savannah tech 2006-2008 transfer<br />Argosy University 2009- BA degree in Psychology<br />Work History<br />Old Navy 2007 4 month moved<br />Costumer service<br />Stock clothes on shelves<br /> <br />Christian child care 2001-2002<br />Care for babies<br />Clean room <br />Prepare meals<br />Close room down end of the day<br />Chang diapers<br />Library aide 1991-1993<br />Costumer service<br />Answer phone<br />Fix Xerox machine<br />Put books, magazines, and newspaper away<br />Check books out<br />Department of the Navy 1984-1990 <br />Clerk<br />Ran error<br />Type forms for travel<br />Answer the phone<br />Xerox important information<br />Volunteer Work<br />Mentor with the youth<br />Secretary at church <br />Teach for the church with teens<br />Taught pre-school in Germany<br />Reference<br />Available upon request<br />I have learn many different theories that I did not know about. I learn to use those theories in real life. I have had some really good professor that have help me get through my classes. I learn that about how you can use what you learn in the university in real life job once you become that counselor, psychiatrist and so on. I know that no matter what happening that I will keep working on my education until I become that professional who will be able to counselors that help those in need. I learn in my disability class different laws and rules that I did not know about. I learn that you must be careful not to use other people work with out giving them credit. I also learn how to do APA and still need more work. I learn that you look at the government to find out about all laws and regulation that are out their when you do your job. I know that all that I got from this university and the first university that I went to. I know that all that I have learn I will take into any job that I end working in.<br />Cognitive Abilities: Problem solving<br />Stacy Gourdine<br />July 17, 2010<br />PSY 314<br />Instructor Dr. Herrick<br />Module 3 Assignment 2<br />Looking at toys for boys and girls is one way to study the messages about gender in our society. Visit one or more online toy stores, and look at the toys for boys and girls. List the messages about gender role that can be associated with each type.<br />What I found looking at the different store was that when you look a dolls for instant Barbie’s, baby doll and doll ideals they where for girls. But it you look at action figure and Ken doll they could was fit for a boy. Many time when you look at the elect iconic toys. They did have games for boys and girls. Boys game dealt with fighting and killing. The girls games was more on the verge of learning to have friends or writing in a secret dairy that had a key to it. Many time the game girls play was how to catch something or how to catch a friend. Where as the boys game always dealt with some kind of violence. The riding toys where pretty much the same. But the girls cars or motor rides was always in pink or some girl color like that. The boys was either in blue, green or orange. Many of the outside toys where made for both children. Accept they did have a few large doll house for girls and club houses for the boys. Most board game where made for family. Their was a couple of games that was gear toward girls like candy land, talking to your girl friend and seeing who keep the secret. The boys had battle ship and their also was a couple games that maybe only boys would want to play with. They did have toys that was directed at boys or girls but they did have a lot of toys that either child could play with. Here something from Burger King as a company said this four lifestyles accessories for girls and four action-packed toys for boys. This is from Wal-mart Feminism, and the progression of equal rights between genders, is scaring people. It's making them want to reinforce the binary, and gender difference. What better place to do that than in advertising for young girls? Also note, sadly, that most of the toys are strollers and baby dolls. This is just some of the things that you see that make you know people are still look at gender differences. <br />Did you ever play with a toy that was considered more appropriate for the opposite sex? I did play remote control cars and they really are gear toward boys. I also love to play basket ball in my time of growing up that was just a boy’s sport.<br /> How did adults react? My mom and dad really did not react to bad about it. They did not like to really play with to many things that was said boys because we was always taught we needed to act like young ladies. Now it really was different when I had my children because I had a daughter that love boys toys. She love to play foot ball, soccer, basket ball, base ball which most of my life was gear toward males it has change from the time I was a child. My mom let us do so much but my father came from the old school. So he felt girls should be in the house learning how to cook, clean, fold clothes and so on. But my mom made us learn everything how to cut grass and work on our car and also how to clean out our oil and so on. <br />What effect did these experiences have on you as you grew up? Well it really help me to learn that there is no real role that you can say or girl and boy. I did learn there are certain job that women really should think twice about being in. I don’t really think that women should be in the military because I see how their children suffer when their mom’s are gone. It hard when their father have to go but its even harder when their mom leaves. No matter kid when they are young want their mom’s around. I have also learn that our body are different than men. Men are built stronger in the legs and arms. Where as women have some strength but we still having a harder time trying to beat a man. <br />Linda Brannon.(2010).Gender. 5th Edition.www.ablongman.com<br />Pop watch.(2010). Entertainment Weekly: E.W.com<br />Feminizing Community.(2010).feminizing.com<br />Research Skills: Research proposal:<br />Prepare a basic outline for the rape-prevention workshop, which can be included as part of the agency's outreach program.<br />In the workshop we will discuss the history and philosophy of the battered women’s movement, the power and control wheel, equality wheel, and the effects of domestic violence on children. We will also clarify any myths, discuss why people batter and why victims stay, stages of victims leaving, the lethality assessment and the cycle of violence<br />Participants will be given the tools to unlock domestic violence, as well as, defining domestic violence and domestic violence statistics. We will take a look at the characteristics of abusers and victims, the power and control wheel, the cycle of violence and the intersection of the power and control wheel and the abuse dynamics and how the tools can be applied. Participants will be given knowledge of the betrayal bond cycle that victims experience. The conclusion of the workshop will focus on the current Statutes and Legislative updates that can help advocates in victim services and the Predominate Aggressor Law and how it works. Alone with doing this we will also try and get counselor who can talk to young women about how to handle a young man that is trying to force them to have sex. How to handle the situation like the one the young women who was rape found themselves in. Young women need to learn how to protect themselves and what out their to happen them get justice if they need it. An evaluation of videos and printed material that may be used in rape prevention which focus on men's issues and why a man or a young man would want to rape and not see what they did was wrong.<br />to create a local health information network among women's health agencies to train women's staff to use electronic information resources to enhance the providing consumer health information to support and to increase awareness of what happening when you drink what it may lead to.Include information on assertive communication and the role that alcohol and drugs can play in fostering dating violence. Have pamplets about what kind of behavior is expected from man or women who has drugs in their system. Also let the women know that it is not good to be in a place where you are complete alone with a person who is drinking in the first place. That when you go to a party you should not leave with any male and go to his rule where he get you alone. That their should be information on how danger for any women to go with a man by herself when he not in his right mind drug to tend to make people do things they normal would not do. That maybe the school could have a seminar for men and women on how to protection yourself for being in a situation where you end up violence a person rights.Suggest ways by which the college can spread awareness among victims that support and help are available after an incident. Leave in the health center information on support groups that deal with women who have been rape. How you learn to handle dealing with something like rape. Let men and women know that it not something that will be tolerate at anytime. Provide a summary for the agency with suggestions about target audiences and settings for the rape-prevention outreach program. You want to have a way to help all women those that have been harm and those that may be fearful of what has happening. You want the program to reach all ages. Not just teens but women from 18 and up. You also want to get information to young men on how they should carry themselves so they don’t end up behind bar for doing something illegal. You want to help young men learn what is consider preventable and what is not. Let young men know that if you violence anyone that is a way to spend some time behind bars. That they should not take any women to their room because they could be set up to end up going to jail. That if you going to drink try to not have so much fun that you don’t know where you are. That if a women tell you no it time for you to get up and leave or send her away instead end up breaking the law.<br />Linda Brannon.(2010).(Gender. 5th Edition).www.ablongman.com<br />Argosy University.(2010).Module 1: Research on gender differences.Psy314: Program dealing with rape. Retrieve July 1, 2010, from http://myeclassonline.com<br />Communication Skills: Presentation Outline<br />November 8, 2010<br />PSY 492<br />Autism<br /> A. how you diagnose PDD and how it fit with Autism<br /> 1. How do you deal with PDD<br /> 2. Is their a cure <br /> 3. Can put the child in some kind of treatment<br /> 4. Is it curStacy Gourdine<br />Evaluate the evidence. Create an outline of the findings of the articles and how they contribute to our knowledge of this problem. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each piece. If the articles talk to each other (that is, if they support or contrast with one another), explain how and why. What does the evidence tell us? Is there another possible explanation you can think of? Refine your question or topic even further after you have described the findings.<br />Submit <br />What is PDD/able<br />Autism and PDD Support Network which deal with what autism is and diagnosing it.<br />Are their a lot of information on PDD/Autism<br /> A. What kind of researcher out their for these children<br /> 1. What age do these children become autistic or seen with PDD<br /> 2. Is the information that out their helpful to parents, teacher and those caring for autistic children.<br />B. Resources for recovery from autism<br /> 1. What can you do as parent to recovery from autism<br /> 2. How do children recovery from autism or do they<br />What other diagnose are consider under autism<br />A. Asperser’s Disorder<br /> Rhett’s disorder<br /> Autistic disorder<br /> Childhood disintegrative disorder<br /> PDD-Nose<br /> B. What are some of the other disorder come under autism<br /> 1. Seizure<br /> 2. Attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder<br />Autism Symptom Checklist<br />Autism society<br />How does the parents deal with their children with disorder<br /> 1. Are parents the blame for their children disorder<br /> 2. Do the parent carry the trait of autism<br /> 3. Does it run in the family<br /> 4. Is their anyway to prevent children from getting this disorder.<br /> Autism Web this is a parent guide to autism and PDD <br />The subject I pick has a lot of information. I pick PDD and autism because they are all in the same family. Many of what you learn about PDD you will learn of autism. I will have a lot of information on how autism is diagnose and what you can do to help your child live with this disorder. Many of my information that I give for one I will have for the other. My paper will talk about diagnose the researcher that is being done and how you know what to do if you think that your child has PDD or autism. <br />References.<br />Rami Grossmann.(2000-2004).PDD/Autism. A clear practical Approach for the parents child brain.com<br />Autism news.(2010).Autism Web. A parents guide to autism and PDD: http://www.autismweb.com<br />Autism and PDD Support Network.(2003-2007).Recent CDC statements on Thimeserol Fedup with Public Schools: http://www.autism-pdd.net<br />Autism society.(2010). Improving the lives of all affected by autism. Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, Rett’s disordr, childhood Disintegrative disorder, PDD-NOS<br />Richard Saffran. (October 23, 2010). ABA Resources for recovery from autism 1998-2098: http://rsaffran.tripod.com/aba.html<br />Pervasive Development Disorders. PDD Symptoms. Symptom Differences in the Five Disorders: http://autism.lovetoknow.com/PDD_Symptoms<br />Alex Plank.(2004-2010).How often does Autism/Aspergers come w/other mental problems.Wrong Planet://http://wrongplanet.net/postt129522.html<br />Cheerful helpers child and family study center<br />Peter W.D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright.(1998-2000). Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Pervasive development Disorder (PDD). Asperger Syndrome (AS): http://www.wrightslaw.com/info/autism.index.html.<br />I will have ten more by the time the paper is written.<br />Ethics & Diversity awareness: Demonstrates your understanding and/or analysis of ethical and diversity issues in psychology.:<br />Stacy Gourdine<br />Psy 314<br />August 1, 2010<br />Instructor Dr. Herrick<br />Find an advertisement on television, print media, or the Internet. <br />Identify the product that is being promoted in the advertisement, and briefly summarize the central idea. Summer eve feminine Wash sensitive skin.<br />This is a product that women use to wash their private area so they do not have a bad smell. It good to use after you have had a period or having sex with your mate. Summer eve good because it made just for the female vagina area. The intimate cleanser that is Hypoallergenic has been tested by Gynecologist. This product was away odor causing bacteria from the external vaginal area it is soap free and fragrance-free. Many time regular soap can cause yeast infection whereas this summer eve does not. Summer eve came out in the last twenty year women in the old days they had to use other things to get rid of the odors. <br />Analyze how the images reinforce or defy common gender role stereotypes in the service of promoting the product.<br />This product really help women because before this idea came out I not sure how women got odor down. I am not sure how they kept from smelling like they was on their period or not smell like they had just had sex. Many time women would have to use other things that did not work as well. Summer’s eve is something that I think all women was really happy when it came out. This image just reinforce being clean. Most men do not get the same smell when they have sex or just when they bath period. Men did not have the same reasons for needing something like summer eve. <br />Evaluate if female consumers would be interested in the product or would be put off by the presentation of gender roles in this advertisement. I think that the product I pick most women would not have a problem with it. It something to help a women stay clean and not going around with a bad odor. It also would give a women a refresh feeling to be able to have something that just for the female care. Women have care product for their face so it good to have product for your vagina area too.<br />Why do you think that would be the case? I think that when a women smell and she and other can smell it they get talk about. People are not very nice about a women who smell and does not keep herself clean. It not a good smell when you have to smell someone who does not keep their female are clean. Any time you deal with something to keep you smelling good you would be happy to have as a part of your hygiene.<br />Linda Brannon.(2010).Gender. 5th Edition.www.ablongman.com<br />Argosy University.(2010).Module 1: women advertisement.Psy314: Psychology of women. Retrieve July 1, 2010, from http://myeclassonline.com<br />Knowledge of applied psychology: Understanding of basic theories<br />Stacy Gourdine<br />October 2, 2010<br />Module 4 A2<br />Do you agree with the premise of contact theory?<br />I do agree with the premise of contact theory is a way of improving relations among groups that are experiencing conflict. Gordon W. Allport (1954) is credited with the development of the Contact Hypothesis, also known as Inter-group Contact Theory. The premise of Allport's theory states that under appropriate conditions interpersonal contact is one of the most effective ways to reduce prejudice between majority and minority group members. Issues of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination are commonly occurring issues between rival groups. Allport's proposal was that properly managed contact between the groups should reduce these problems and lead to better interactions.<br />In order for this to occur, the following must be present: Equal Status, both groups taken into an equal status relationship, Common Goals, both groups work on a problem/task and share this as a common goal, sometimes called a super-ordinate goal, Inter-group Cooperation, the task must be structured so that individual members of both groups are interdependent on each other to achieve this common goal, Support of authorities, law or customs, some authority that both groups acknowledge and define social norms that support the contact and interactions between the groups and members.<br />How would you explain contact theory to your principal?<br />Children with disabilities can be classified in a number of ways. Perhaps the most relevant classification system deals with their eligibility for early intervention and special education services. To be eligible for such services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (called IDEA--formerly the Education of the Handicapped Act), children can fit into any of the 13 defined categories that identify the type of disability: deafness, dual-sensory impairments, hearing impairments, mental retardation, multiple handicaps, orthopedic impairments, other health impairments, serious emotional disturbance, specific learning disabilities, speech (language) impairments, visual impairments and blindness, traumatic brain injury, and autism. Because of the detrimental effects of early labeling, IDEA allows states to Each state has spuse the category 'developmental delay' for young children with special needs criteria and measurement procedures for determining children's eligibility for early intervention and special education services, including what constitutes developmental delay. Classifications also exist when many children will be diagnosed by their physicians as having specific conditions and/or syndromes. For example, children may be diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, spina- bifida, muscular dystrophy, and many other conditions. Children with such diagnoses may be eligible for special education services under a category such as 'orthopedic impairments.' Literally hundreds of different conditions can result in disabilities and/or developmental delays."( (pp. 4-5) Wolery and Wilbers (1994)). <br />How would you explain contact theory to parents?<br />Explain to them that it help children learn to work together. Help young and old learn to be able to get alone in a group setting. Competitions are the reasons behind rivalries and fights. Many sports teams, sororities, fraternities, and businesses use the contact hypothesis technique. Having the two groups in competitions do something that requires the groups to work together helps break the rivalries and fights. The groups are given a project to complete, like raising money for a charity or hosting an event. The two groups must be given something that one group cannot complete by itself. This will allow the groups to share a common goal and have equal status and cooperation. The most commonly seen version of contact hypothesis is in the juvenile system. Petty criminals perform community service together to decrease the amount of fights and competition in the system. This also helps the community and the individuals that might have been hurt by the petty criminal.<br />Once this task is complete it is hypothesized that the groups will find cohesion. The Contact Hypothesis (Allport, 1954), has influenced a broad application of this concept, attributing to the racial desegregation of schools and research on reducing racial, homosexual, age and AIDS based prejudices.<br />What might be some of the downfalls of including students with disabilities with students without disabilities? You may have children that make fun of the children with disabilities. Not always will the teacher be right their to make sure every child is not bullied. What might be the benefits? The benefits is that you teach children to learn to accept everyone without looking down on people. They will grow up respecting all people and not trying to find way to have handicap people around. I also think that people who learn to be around people that are different then themselves tend to be people who learn to tolerate anybody instead making judgments. <br />What are some ground rules you might establish for the students when they join Circle of Friends? That they learn to social and want to be a part of a group that work toward making friends and helping program support the development and demonstrate ways to recruit and train general education students, shape the social language skills. Teaching teachers and all people attending the school learn how to get alone with disable people and children without the biases.<br />McDonnell, Hardman, & McDonnell. An Introduction to Person With Moderate and Severe Disabilities. (2003). 2nd Edition. Pearson Education, Inc. <br />Wolery & Wilbers. Disability for children. (1994). Regional Education Laboratory. Info@ncrel.org<br />Knowledge of applied psychology ability to apply psychology to personal problems<br />You are a high school guidance counselor, and you are working with a very bright student who wants to attend a nearby culinary school after graduation. Although you want to encourage this student, you are concerned because he is in a wheel chair. You decide to schedule a meeting with an admission’s counselor at the culinary school and take a tour of the facilities. <br />What questions would you ask the counselor on behalf of the student?<br /> I would ask how is the school set up is capable to work with someone in a wheel chair and is their a ramp for wheel chair in the class room. Can a wheel chair fit into plan of their school. How is the bathroom are they set up if you have a handicap person attending your school. Can my student get around without a lot of complication. How will the student be treated being that they cannot walk but have to ride in a wheel chair. We the student fit in with the rest of the student and be able to get alone with his or her classmates. <br />What accommodations would you want to look for as you tour the facilities? One thing you would need ramps if their any rise places. Would need a toliet that would be large so the wheel chair will fit. You need a larger space in the classroom so that the wheel chair would fit at the desk. A person in a wheel chair would always have to ride in the wheel chair so if they needed to eat their would need to be able to fit a wheel chair in the place where he or she need to sit. You have to make the table fit the wheel chair comfortable.<br />Avoid presumptions about a person's physical abilities. You don't know what this person's physical abilities are. Just because someone is in a wheelchair it does not mean that they are paralyzed or that they are incapable of taking a few steps. Some people only use a wheelchair because they cannot stand too long, or have a walking restriction problem. Many times, people who never use nor need a wheelchair rent them because too long a walk is extremely tiring, or they have a heart condition. Even if someone is paralyzed, that does not necessarily mean they are completely numb. Do not test whether a person is genuinely paralyzed. If you see a person in a wheelchair moving their legs or stand up, do not question their ability or disability, and try not to act surprised.<br />Is their handicap parking for the student car when they come to school everyday. Do you have other handicap people attending your school.<br />McDonnell, Hardman, & McDonnell. An Introduction to Person With Moderate and Severe Disabilities. (2003). 2nd Edition. Pearson Education, Inc. <br />Interpersonal Effectiveness: <br />Stacy Gourdine<br />November 4, 2010<br />My name is Stacy Annette Greer-Gourdine Born June 26, 1968. I am the oldest of six children. I was born with learning disability, dyslexia I also dealt with ADD. Learning has always been a problem for me. But I have always been a hard worker and someone who want to finish. I also had to finish school with two children and a husband. I was married June 26, 1993. With a husband and two children I still was working hard to get my degree in Sociology. My husband went into the military in February 2, 1997 and that made me try and speed up graduating. But their was one class I could not seem to pass. That was statistical. I finish all classes but that one. I move to Germany where I lived for three and half years. I work as a child care provider. I also do some teaching in the church with young children. Many teens did talk to me and I gave some advise since I was not a counselor yet. I also did a home school for Pharmacy tech. I pass and got a certificate. I had my last child in Germany. I almost lose my life with the last child. I was on life support needing 60 units of blood. My blood pressure 40/60. But with a miracle I came out of it without been brain damage just a little memory loss. I am back on my feet headed to graduate finally this year with my BA. I will have a BA in psychology. I am going to finish my education by getting my Master and taking the state test so that I can start working as a counselor. I have done some work in that field. I have struggle with my health and learning but I am still going strong. I have four children with three of them also have learning problems and disabilities. My sons both have autism, attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder, and my oldest also suffer with Odd and learning problems. He also had a problem with anger. My second child which was my daughter also suffer with learning and ADHD. As you can see my life not been easy but I still have been a person that never quits. <br />I have had many different jobs. I have work as a mentor in jail for teens, work in pregnant home for girls, I was a secretary with the church. I have been a nanny for five and half year with three children. I also work in the library, clerk for the navy, janitor with my father cleaning offices business. I have done child care since I was eleven year old. I have had to fight many things in my life. I also work in my home as the person who take care of the bills and the bank account. I make sure everything is paid and care for. <br />My dream is to open a office of my own someday. I want to be a counselor that work with young women who don’t have self esteem. I would like to work with couples on their way to marriage those that are already marry so that people learn to care and keep their relationship. I want to have my office help all people that need help that would be the less fortune to those who have money. I would love to make enough money to help care for my parents. My dad has MS and he work all of his life now I want to be able to care for him. I don’t every want to be rich just comfortable and that is find for me. I want to see less divorce and more people learning to love their partner and fixing their situations instead of just running from it. I would love to teach the young women to care about themselves instead of letting men put them down and beat on them. Learning how to live and not feel the need they need to have a man to make it in life. To learn that you want a man to in hants their life not make their life. <br />I envision some day I will have my office and people working for me. I hope to have group counseling with young girl who have had a hard time working hard to love themselves. I want to help couple learn to listen to each other and safe their relationship instead rushes into a court to get a divorce. I hope that with my master I can become that counselor that will do good in the world and not just another person who want to try and get a lot of money. I want to become someone who can write a book and give good information about my life and how I made it so far when it seem like thing would not work for me.<br />