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Journey to the coco's island

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Five archelogysts were to the coco's Island to look for dinosaurs bone, but what they found was far more thrilling

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Journey to the coco's island

  1. 1. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 1 Journey to the Coco’s Island On July the 16th some archeologist were looking in Guanacaste for dinosaurs’ bones and other proves that would show the existence of dinosaurs in this world, and what the extinction of those dinosaurs were. One of them saw a movie called “Jurassic Park” he made some investigations about the movie and what he discovered astonished him. This movie was recorded in the Coco Island. He called Tom – a good friend of him – who works in the government and told him: _ Tom it is me Stephen, listen I was watching this incredible movie about dinosaurs and I discovered that this movie was recorded in the Coco Island; I would really like to go there and do some research, but as you know for this kind of stuff, you need permission…government permission, so I was wondering if you could move some pieces in order to grant me permission to go there; of course it would be just for a few days. Tom was really excited about the idea of his good friend Stephen to go and investigate there. What would happen if Stephen finds bones or some evidence that in latest times dinosaurs inhabited the Coco Island? That would be a humungous discovery that would acknowledge Costa Rica as the first country in the world to discover something this big and interesting – Hey Stephen, it has been ages since I last hear of you…how have you been? Yeah sure I could absolutely help you with that. I really hope you could find something there, the sole idea of just finding dinosaurs bones in there is trilling me up; I even have goose bumps all over my body. So listen, I will talk to some politicians tomorrow and as soon as I have a positive answer for them I will call you back. Tom I really appreciate this, you know why don’t you come with us? It would be a great opportunity to reunite with an old good friend, and you could learn one or two things from us and our work
  2. 2. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 2 For real!?...yes!! I would totally like to go, thank you so much…alright so, I will call you tomorrow. Stay tuned! Bye. The next day, Tom was talking almost desperately with the 58 politicians that were in the congress. He expressed the idea of granting permission to a group of archeologist to go to the Coco Island to investigate and research about the plausible extinction of dinosaurs It is a great opportunity – Tom said – imagine all the possibilities and what we could achieve…I mean what Costa Rica could achieve around the world!. What would happen if they do find evidence that dinosaurs existed in the Coco Island. It would attract thousands…THOUSANDS! of tourist to our island, hence our economy will increase and our ways of living would change forever. – After this speech all the politicians were really excited about the idea. And those ones, who had voted against the idea change their opinion and voted in favor for a total of 58 votes in favor, meaning that the journey to the Coco island were not an idea anymore…it was a reality that would became real in a matter of days. It was around 5:30 in the afternoon, Stephen cellphone began to sound…ring!...ring!...after a couple of tones with no answer on the other line a voice in a low pitch say hello! Stephen, it is me Tom! Good news buddy!! We’ve got permission to start our journey to the Coco Island. The politicians told me that we could depart any day we feel like doing it. So we could be in the boat tomorrow morning if we feel like it. Tom! That is great! I knew I could count with you. Listen, now that we got permission my team and I have to get ready our instruments and cameras, it would takes us around three days to have all the equipment done and ready. Could you find us a private boat that will take us and bring us back? The reason I am asking this is because we have a lot of equipment…and we do not wish that any of this get ruin in our journey. Since you know it is really expensive and very difficult to find. Sure thing! Stephen – tom said – I am going to talk with my aunt’s husband, he has a huge boat, I am sure that he will help us in our journey. If not then I will call another friend of mine, who happens to know other people who have boats, for sure they would help us.
  3. 3. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 3 Wednesday 22nd Preparations Today is the big day gentleman – Stephen said – we are going to make history. People will know us as the great archeologist of the era, and if you allow me a little of modesty, we will be the best of all around the world. There are several boxes in one corner of Stephen’s house, those boxes contains the instruments and cameras that are going to be used for the expedition. The instruments are made of a combination of aluminum and metal which make them a ton lighter than the normal ones and the cameras have an especial lens that allows the photographer to produce a very high quality photo. Are we going to be safe – one of the crew members asked – I would not mind to take risk at my work, but if the environment is dangerous I would rather prefer not to go. Worry not my dearest friend – Stephen said – the worst thing that we could find in there would be bones and rocks dating from thousands of years in the past, we will be okay, I guarantee it. After checking all the equipment and being sure that everything were in order, Stephen called Tom. Hey Tom, it is me Stephen; we are ready to depart, could you find a boat that will take us there? If not, there is another possibility, but this will be a little expensive, I am thinking that we could go there by airplane and I am almost sure that the instruments will be damaged in the trip Stephen! Hi buddy – Oh do not worry! I have everything prepared, my aunt’s husband Alex will help us, and he will personally takes us there and brings us when our expedition is over, when do you want to depart by the way? As soon as possible – Stephen said – my crew is reluctant of this journey and they said that they feel an obnoxious presence in the island, so as soon as Alex is ready the better. Alright – Tom said – I’ll tell Alex. Meet us in Puerto Moin in Limon; we will be waiting for you there. Stephen and his crew drove for almost 4 hours until they got to Puerto Moin, they all were exhausted, and a little scared about this journey, once they got there it was already nightfall, so everybody came to the conclusion that it was better to spend the night in one of the hotels and depart at first hour in the morning. The hotel name was Buena Vista, in there one of the hosts was an old man, and as well a good friend of Stephen. As soon as the old man saw Stephen he came rapidly to greet him and all of his friends. Francis – the name of the old man – offers them the best suit in the hotel and gives them the best food they had ever tried in their lives. It was almost 11 o’clock when a sound like a growl makes its way through the wall of the hotel; it was so creepy that everybody remained in silence for almost five minutes. The first person who broke the ice was Francis – it is common you know, he said – this
  4. 4. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 4 sound is always heard at this time at night. What is more scaring is that it comes from the island. The creature must be humungous in order to produce such noise, and to make it that strong. When I was a kid, my father used to tell me stories about huge monsters that inhabited this island. He was one of the first archeologists who went to the Coco Island in an expedition with fifty more, sadly he was the only one who survived the harsh environment, but for a huge cost. He lost his mind at the eyes of the people; even though, he still could told me those thrilling stories of how his companions lost their lives in the island. I’ll tell you one of his thrilling stories, it began like this: It was a sunny Monday in the island around 5:45 in the morning, the landscape was amazing, you could even feel the breeze of the northern winds hitting swiftly in your face, as well the heat of the sun hitting in your skin and though the gnats are fearless and do not hesitate any moment to bite you, the environment is wonderful, it is as if you were in another world, where anything does not even matter anymore. Yesterday we made an incredible discovery; the flora of this place is from the cretaceous period. The trees are humungous and there are plants that we cannot see any longer in any other place. Oh! By the way, the gnats are as big as a bowl of soup…yes that big! So a bite from one of those is very dangerous – the fauna…well how could I describe this to you…the fauna are…are…dinosaurs! It might seem impossible from the beginning, and I totally understand if you choose not to believe me, but those creatures were big, seriously big. Luckily for us we only have found the herbivorous kind; otherwise, I would not be here telling this story to you…anyway…we were resting near a huge lake by some trees, it was almost lunch time around 11 in the morning when we heard a horrible growl, it was so loud that some of my friends including me started to feel nauseous, and disoriented, the ground began to tremble as the huge reptile were approaching to the other dinosaurs, this reptile were as huge as the Empire States, its skin was kind of brownish, with some black strays around its body, his mouth was full of pointy teeth, they were so sharp that it could cut through metal in just one bite. We were seriously afraid, the closer we ever were to one of those things was in the movies of Jurassic park, and boy…we were really afraid back them…but now it was different…very different, we were in front of this ferocious reptile, praying to god for it not to see us! Then suddenly this reptile began to run towards one of the brontosaurus and with a ferocious bite tore its head apart from it body and began to devour it. As soon as, one of my companions saw that scene, he began to run screaming loudly towards our camp, the huge reptile saw him, and in a sudden move it began to run towards us, we started running as fast as our legs could allow us, we could even feel the breath of the creature in our backs, the faster we run,
  5. 5. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 5 the closer it was getting to us, I was crying and felt that everything was lost, my legs started to crumble and my heart began to beat furiously as if it was going to explode inside of me, and when we thought that our fateful end was approaching, we saw a cave at the distance – there…we…must…go…there!! – I yelled with all my might to my companions and for a moment a sudden thought of relive cross my body, but it was broken again when the creature emits its grotesque growl – this time louder – my best friend succumbed to tiredness and fell to the ground, I was going to help him but I was not allowed by the huge thing that was behind us, at last we were saved from the ferocious creature but at a huge cost…the life of my best friend…we were able to elude the big monster, after that incident we all voted in favor to return home and never returned to this forsaken place. Most of my companions were astonished by the story Francis just told us, one of my companions was really afraid; he began to tremble and to yell that he did not want to go any further if this story was real, we had no other option but to let him returned to Costa Rica. It was almost 4:30 in the morning, when Francis finished telling his story, his eyes were all droopy and his face revealed a feeling of despair and grieve, there was an awkward silence for around five minutes, Stephen sit near Francis and told him – I’ll be back, I promise you – the face of the old man changed and with a fulfilling smile Francis saw Stephen and told him – I know my dearest friend – be safe and may god saves you from all harm. Thursday 23rd Departure It was 5:30 in the morning, the boat had just arrived, so we began to take our belongings into the boat, this takes us around forty-five minutes. We were really tired after all the hard work of lifting up the huge boxes from the hotel room to the boat. At 6:25 am, we were ready to go. Tom had to check our passports to see if everything was in order so we will not be delayed as soon as we arrived to the island. At last! The journey has begun! It was 7:00 o’clock in the morning the sky was clear, it was as light blue as ever, the birds were flying in all the directions, there were some dolphins jumping back and forth in the ocean, and for a moment a feeling of peace and calmness cross my body, as if I were in another world, everything was fascinating and everywhere I saw brought me peace. I went back to my seat in the boat and as soon as I realized Tom was waking me up – you slept almost all the trip – Tom said, I was worried you were getting motion sick so I did not want to wake you up until we get there! But it was a shame!, we saw something amazing, perhaps the story that your friend Francis told us is not that out of place, we saw
  6. 6. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 6 an Elasmosaurus it was huge, its head was out of the water but we could still saw the shape of his body, it was seven times bigger than this boat!, Oh and its teeth! Those were huge and really sharp, for a moment we thought we were in danger but then it just disappeared in the ocean as we pass by. Really? Why didn’t you wake me up – Stephen said, I would totally love to see something like that, I’ve never thought we could have the opportunity to see something like that, what could be the possible explanation for this situation? Weren’t the dinosuars exctinted several million of years ago? Imagine the possibilities, if we can make it back with proof, the tourism will grow exponentially, and the economy of our country will stabilized! The whole idea is ridiculously incredible. After several hours of carrying all the boxes out of the boat, Stephen and his crew went a little in into the island to set a camp, and some tents, so the next day they could go exploring, taking samples and photographs of the place. They were so exhausted that without a second thought they all went to sleep. Friday 24th Expedition It was around 4:25 in the morning when a buzz-like sound woke up Stephen from his sleep. This sound was really intense and not very common to any of the insects he has seen in his entire life, he had a degree in insectology, though he has worked with several insects and was really familiar with the sounds those insects could possibly emit, this particular one was a whole different, it sounds like a methalic buzz, with some bep-bep between the methaclic buzz sound. He got up and took his camera, as soon as he unzip the entrance of the tent, what he saw was almost impossible, it was a huge gnat – not the common ones that inhabit around the world – it was a different species, this particular one was greenish with some blackish-brownish dots in its torax, this gnat’s size was almost 40 centimeters. Shmity was about to take a photograph, when the gnat throw itself towards him trying to suck his blood. Stephen – as a common reaction – take the first thing that was near him and defended himself with it stunning the gnat into the ground, it fells half unconcious and expired its last breath after several seconds. Stephen was petrified as soon as he realized what just happened, his face was as white as blank paper and his body was all sweety, feelings of tension was moving here and there inside of him; until know – he said – I have thought that my friend Francis was making that story up, but now I know that he did not. We are in a huge problem if we ever come across that dinosaur in Francis’story…my only hope is for that dinosaur not to be lingering here any longer.
  7. 7. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 7 Tom has just woken up, his hair was all messy and his body ached from all the hard work of the past few days, folding his sleeping back a thought came to his mind – is there only dinosaurs in here? – and asnwering his question as if someone was there with him, he says – well let’s hope so, otherwise we would be in a serious trouble – unziping the front side of the tent, the first thing that he saw was the huge insect lying in the floor, eyes wide open, he faced Shmity face as if asking what just happened here? Tom was speechless – i…i…wha…hap…uh… - he could not believe what he was seeing, after several seconds in a very mechaninc way he took his camera and capture the image of the gnat in it. This is just an insect – he said – what wonders are we going to be able to find in this place? I cannot wait to start our expedition, what would I give to see the faces of all those people who did not want to believe me when I told them that this expedition would change our lives forever! It was 12:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Stephen was resting in his tent, it has been ages since I last panic like that – he thought – what will my companions thing about me? Are they going to stay with me? I hope so, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people than them. After eating some porridge with green bananas, they proceed to set up the hour for departure into the deepths of the island. They all agreed that it would be better to go at night, so all the carniborous animals that might inhabited that island would be sleeping; hence, they would have time to explore, take some samples, photographs and then return to the camp and go back to Limon-Costa Rica. The plan was excellent, and the range of failure was around 15% which was really low. Nothing could go wrong – Stephen thought – and if there were something to happen we would be able to take care of it. Besides, all the carniborous dinosaurs will he asleep, so the most dangerous thing we could ever find here might be those horrible gnats. Friday 24th 8:00 o’clock The hour has come, - Everybody! Shmity yelled - grab your things, take with you some sticks, we might need them if those gnats decide to attack us while we are taking samples and photographs. By the way, under any circunstances do not take anything sweet, no candies, no chocolates, no juices, no nothing. As far as we know, common gnats are attracted by sweets, if we want to be safe it is better to leave those things in the camp. Now let’s go, we have a huge travel ahead, and time is againts us!. The nightsky was beautiful, the starts were shining and the moonlight, light the path of the travelers in the island. Eventhough it was really dark and creepy far inside of the island the moonlight let them see what they have in front. The forest was very dense, it was almost imposible to walk through, slowly but full of confidence, Stephen’s group were advancing as fast as they could. Until now, there was no danger, and everybody was happy because of that. The hours went through when suddently a noise in the distance was heard – it was a growl – everybody freezed for a second thinking what animal or reptile would emit a sound like that, when suddently a horrible thought came to their
  8. 8. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 8 minds – it is the huge reptile in Francis’ story!! – Juan, the one in charge of carrying the instruments started to freak out and loose its cool – OMG! What if that dinosaur found us? are we going to make it through? We won’t have the same luck as the last archeologists who found a cave, we are in the woods, there is no cave in the woods. I don’t want to stay here forever, please let’s go back…please…I can’t hold this pressure in my heart… Stephen let’s go…do you want to perish in here, I know we have come too far for this, but is it worth losing our lives for the sake of discovering something new? Stephen turned to where he was and with a serious and angry face told him – do you even realize the importance of this journey? We were paid by the government to do this and you want to go back just because you think we don’t have a chance of survival! Listen to yourself son!, have a bit of confidence and faith in our team. We will make it, the growl was really far away from here, thus if that dinosaur were to find us we would be safe by climbing the trees in here. There is nothing to worry about. But…but…I…wha…Ok, I guess you’re right! I am so sorry for my childish behavior, I’ll try to hold up until this journey is over Right before Juan says something else a second growl was heard, but this time it was closer, this time all the team were scared, even Shmity, this is serious – Tom said – we’ve got to do something, or we will be dinosaur food in less than a blink of an eye. Let us go this way, try to be stealthy, or else it will find us and that would be it. The ground was trembling, and some trees were falling down due to the huge size of the beast. The crew was scared, their hearts were beating so furiosly that they could ever feel it would explode inside of them. The growl of the beast was so intense and grotesque that if they happened to be in front of it; they would totally freeze to death. In addition, if it wasn’t so dark, they would be able to see the monster skin and determine if it was the same that Francis was describing in his story. Any step given by this huge beast was like a small earthquake. Shmity and his team were hidden between some bushes, they were as stiff as any statue, the distance between them and the mosnters was of thirteen feet, but they could feel that the beast was as close as the nearest tree.
  9. 9. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 9 The beast slowly walked away, as if it know that they were hidden somewhere, suddenly the huge monster disapered into the woods. – we are save, yelled Tom – yes we are said everybody, their happiness was inmesurable. Suddenly, the monter came out of the woods at full speed, the crew’s content disapered and a feeling of sorrow and fear cross their body. They run as fast as they could, in zic-zac, thinking that by running in that way they would confuse the huge creture that was behind them. Though it did not, they were reaching the end of the forest and what follows, was a humungous valley. They were all scared and confused, almost disoriented, their bodies were at its limits, there is nothing we can possibly do – one of them yelled, we are lost! And all this is your fault Stephen! We wouldn’t be in this huge trouble if it wasn’t for you and your idea of finding dinosaurs bones in here! The more they waste their time arguing the closer the huge reptile gets to them. A second growl was heard in the distance, everytime the huge creature advance in the forest two or three trees fell down, due to the inmese size of this beast. Agitated and tired, Stephen’s group reach the valley, it was full of triceratops, brontosaurus, and all kind of other dinosaurs that once roamd the primitive world. –this is perfect Shmity said – the closer we run to those dinosaurs over there the harder it will get to our hungry host, it might as well lose it interest in us and chases the ones that are in here. That might work – one of the crew say – we have hopes of survavil, but we should get away from here, I don’t know about you guys, but…I would not like to remain in here, thus I am pretty sure that an stampede is going to be cause by that huge dinosaur, so let’s…he could not finish his sentence when…rawr! The huge beats was running at full speed towards them, everysingle step this huge monster give moved the earth, all the other dinosaurs start running in all directions, scared and disoriented. The crew started running as fast as they could, their legs were sore, and their hearts were beating furiously, when suddenly… they all fall in a huge crater that was in the middle of the island. Everything was pitch black, they could not even see their own hands…- are we d…de…dea…dead… - one of the members of the crew asked, well Tom said – if we are this is aweful, I was hoping it to be a beautiful place with fountines everywhere, but all I can see is dark…I got to admit, at this point, I would not mind to be followed by a huge and hungry dinosaur with sharp teeth, at least I was able to see…at the distance a little beam of light start to appear, every single second that went trough, it became bigger and bigger, until they reach the other side…it was unbelivable…there were houses carved in huge and humoungous rocks. Everywhere they saw was incredible. After several hours of comtemplation into the new place, inhabitants of that
  10. 10. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 10 place started to appear in front of them. One with with a crown made of hay came closer to them and told them… “Welcome ad terram deorum terra…” which means welcome to the land of the earthly gods.
  11. 11. Steven Barrantes Vargas Journey to the Coco’s Island pág. 11 Questions After Reading time 1. What do you think would be a good ending for this short story? 2. Who was Stephen? 3. Why the crew get mad at him? 4. Who was Francis? 5. Which dinosaur do you think wants to eat Stephen and his crew?