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Tu Amistad

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Tu Amistad

  1. 1. Your friendship is : a precious treasure...
  2. 2. I want to thank you for being a part of my life...
  3. 3. I know I can count on you in difficult times ,
  4. 4. I know that I can share with you happy moments, And I also know that our friendship is based on mutual love.
  5. 5. Your friendship is a very special gift, I won’t be able to thank you enough for it ...
  6. 6. Thanks for filling my life with so much happiness...
  7. 7. Remember that I am always here to listen to you, to comfort you, to share your sorrow, and to celebrate your success.
  8. 8. I hope that today and every day brings you love & happiness . -Donna Levine
  9. 9. This e-mail has been sent to you by someone who considers you a good friend.
  10. 10. Don’t keep this message... Send it to your friends. So they will know that wherever you are, you are thinking of them...
  11. 11. Don’t forget to send it back to the person who sent it to you, so this friend will know that they are also in your thoughts……………. I hope you have a great day! A.C.A.