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Librarians Using Mobile Devices

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At the University of Houston Libraries, we wrote a microgrant for prototyping mobile services on iPod Touch devices. We looked not only at user needs and expectations, but we also looked at how librarians are using mobile devices to help them in their job.

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Librarians Using Mobile Devices

  1. 1. Librarians using mobile devices by Rachel Vacek Unconference, ALA Annual July 10, 2009
  2. 2. What we did at the UH Libraries • Microgrant • 8 iPod Touch devices • Librarians checked them out • Survey of usage • Video Interviews
  3. 3. We decided to broaden our focus
  4. 4. Why? Instead of ONLY focusing on the mobile needs of library USERS, we started to focus more on the mobile needs of LIBRARIANS to better interact with library users - since we know our users already use mobile devices!
  5. 5. New opportunities & surprising outcomes • Partnership with Professor in Computer Science • Perfect opportunity to build mobile library site and promote apps built by students • Library Administration approves iPod Touches and or netbooks for all librarians
  6. 6. Suggestions • Write a microgrant or similar detailed proposal • Look for collaboration opportunities in your community • Create buy-in with library administration • Investigate peer libraries using mobiles devices • Hold a mobile device petting zoo and do training • Don't be afraid to play! • Use mobile devices everywhere, and record successes • Share your experiences