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Who or what is a MAHA RISHI

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Who or what is a MAHA RISHI

  1. 1. means great, andmeans seer. sees the truth; enlivens the truth in the life of everyone.
  2. 2. sees the truth, the Veda, the inner reality of everyone‘s life; shows the truth, the Veda, within everyone, and enlivens the Veda**the structure of pure knowledge and its infinite organizingpower–the total potential of Natural Law.
  3. 3. is a seer is a teacher cognizes the Veda the great seer, applies theVeda to the practicalities of daily life
  4. 4. introduced research in the field of He created a new science – the the^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´
  5. 5. Its practical aspect is the  a simple, natural, effortless procedure practicedfor 15 to 20 minutes in the morning andevening while sitting comfortably with the eyesclosed. ^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´
  6. 6. ^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´^´
  7. 7. According  to  the  most  rigorous  scien/fic  standards  of  verifica/on,  more  than  500  scien/fic  studies  have  been  conducted  on *advanced  program  to  deepen  the  experience  of     Transcendental  Consciousness  
  8. 8. Scientific research has glimpsed the existence of consciousness,  anon-physical reality,  the  Unified  Field  of  all  the  Laws  of  Nature,   as thequantum mechanical level–the basis of all classical fields of life.