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19 Challenging Thoughts about Leadership

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19 Challenging Thoughts about Leadership

  1. challenging thoughts about leadership.<br />
  2. 1<br />Good leaders connect with their people. Starting the day by acknowledging their existence works wonders.<br />
  3. 2<br />challenging thoughts about leadership.<br />Leadership masters a positive attitude. Few good things come out of focusing on problems or shortcomings. People thrive on positive feedback.<br />
  4. 3<br />Create an atmosphere in which people get to choose the things they like to work on. <br />
  5. Imposing through authority and symbols is not <br />enough to win the hearts and souls of your people. <br />4<br />
  6. 5<br />Leadership moves from doing<br /> a lot of talking to doing a lot of listening. <br />Command & control work, <br />trust & inspiration work better.<br />
  7. 5<br />6<br />The elephant being the necessary change that everyone avoids, the work required to adapt. Leadership upsets the status quo. <br />Leadership moves from doing a lot of talking<br />to doing a lot of listening. Command & control work, trust & inspiration works better.<br />
  8. 7<br />challenging thoughts about leadership.<br />Leadership is inclusive. Leadership protects the voices of the minority and dares to confront cultural differences.<br /> <br />
  9. 8<br />Development is not a privilege.<br />Leadership doesn’t pigeon-hole people.<br />
  10. 9<br />There is no such thing as leadership that works for every organization. A leader who listens will quickly work that out.<br />
  11. 10<br />Leadership doesn’t wait for the<br />coach’s call. Leadership has no <br />safety nets. It’s your choice.<br />
  12. 11<br />
  13. 12<br />Authority is restrained by position and provides order and direction. <br />Leadership is unrestrained and produces real change. <br />
  14. 13<br />Leadership tests reality, also the reality of your own self. Leadership is awareness.<br />
  15. 14<br />Truth comes before politics. <br />Leadership looks for the truth and the beauty of it.<br />
  16. 15<br />Leadership is stakeholder-proof. <br />It flourishes in society’s fishbowl. <br />Be proud of what you do<br />or don’t do it. <br />
  17. 16<br />
  18. 17<br />People follow what you do, not what you say. The question <br />for leaders is: which example do you want to set?<br />
  19. 18<br />Leadership is more than just telling <br />a story. It’s being the story. What do you and your people stand for and how do you convey this? <br />
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