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Teaching learning processes and curriculum development

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the teaching and learning process

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Teaching learning processes and curriculum development

  1. 1. Lesson 3
  2. 2. Plan • Needs of the learner • Objectives to meet the needs • Selection to be taught • Motivation and strategies • Evaluation Implement • Put into action the different activities in order to achieve the objectives Evaluate • Answer the question if the plans and implementati on have been successfully achieved.
  3. 3. • Good teaching is one that is well planned and where activities are interrelated to each other. • Good teaching is one that provides learning experiences or situations that will ensure understanding, application and critical thinking. • Good teaching is based on theories of learning. • Good teaching utilizes prior learning and its application to new situations. • Good teaching is governed by democratic principles. • Good teaching embeds a sound evaluation process.
  4. 4. “ to teach, is to make someone to learn.”
  5. 5. Behavioral Learning Theories Classical Conditioning Law’s of Learning Operant Conditioning Social Learning
  6. 6. Cognitive Learning Theories Discovery Learning (Jerome Bruner) Reception Learning (David Ausubel) Events of Learning (Robert Gagne)
  7. 7. • Learning by trail and error • Learning by conditioning • Learning by insight • Learning by observation and imitation through modeling