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Brand Storytelling in The Times of Covid

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I co-animated a webinar with Shlomi Ron at the start of the pandemic. Branding in times of covid is challenging but necessary to maintain communication with customers. We demonstrate how using the storytelling technique, choosing the appropriate brand archetype, and conveying a human message, set brands apart. More importantly, brands are demonstrating that they care and not abandoning their clients.

© Shlomi Ron & Diana Yazidjian 2020

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Brand Storytelling in The Times of Covid

  1. 1. April 16, 2020 Diana Yazidjian Storytelling Expert, DFY Consulting Shlomi Ron CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute
  2. 2. VIRTUAL COFFEE WITH Diana Yazidjian Storytelling Expert DFY Consulting Montreal Shlomi Ron CEO Visual Storytelling Institute Miami
  3. 3. ● What is brand/visual storytelling? ● Why is storytelling important in these times? ● What are brands doing today? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ● Actionable tips ● Q&A WHAT WE’LL COVER
  4. 4. “Visual Storytelling is a marketing strategy that leverages compelling narratives, placing your customer at the heart of the story, staged with an emotional visual media experience and effectively distributed across your buyer’s journey – in order to empower customers’ lives and drive business results.” -Shlomi Ron CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute WHAT IS VISUAL STORYTELLING?
  5. 5. WHAT MAKES A GOOD STORY? Source: OneSpot 2017
  6. 6. WHY SHOULD WE STORYTELL IN THESE TIMES? Crisis or no crisis, our brains crave stories. “A third of our lives spent daydreaming in a positive or negative way, writing stories in our head.” Samantha Shad Author “The Write to Happiness: How to Write Stories to Change Your Brain and Your Life” “The only time we stop flitting from daydream to daydream is when we have a good story in front of us.” Rachel Gillett Former editorial assistant for FAST COMPANY
  7. 7. 71%of respondents said “they perceive that if a brand is putting profit over people, they will lose trust in that brand forever” 77%said “they want brands only to speak about products in ways that show they are aware of the crisis and the impact on people’s lives.” -March 26th study by Edelman WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT THESE DAYS?
  8. 8. WHAT DO PEOPLE NEED THESE DAYS? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Source: SimplyPsychology.org
  9. 9. To every brand a personality To every personality, an archetype: - The Teacher - The Hero - The Caregiver - ... HOW ARE BRANDS STORYTELLING Source: SmallBusinessDaily.com
  11. 11. CAUSE MARKETING - KEY TRENDS Pure play money donation ● Vicks, a family of cold and flu brands donated $1 million to Direct Relief ● Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter & Square vows to donate $1 Billion to fight the Coronavirus ● TikTok is donating $375 million to COVID-19 relief Product line change ● Mercedes F1 provided breathing aid as alternative to ventilator ● Designer brand Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers to produce masks and gowns ● Anheuser-Busch to produce hand sanitizers ● Fiat Chrysler to start producing 1 million face masks a month Utility & AgilityGenerosity Product donation ● Popeyes gives free Netflix passwords for orders ● Coursera giving out free course access to affected universities ● Little Caesars donates 1m pizza + “Pie It Forward” to Local Hospitals, Police Stations, and Fire Departments Empathy
  12. 12. POPEYES - CAUSE MARKETING Safety Needs: From: Asking people to stay safe at home To: Helping people stay safe at home Brand archetype: The Magician/Jester
  13. 13. MERCEDES AMG Brand archetype: The Ruler
  14. 14. Empathy
  16. 16. IKEA - SPAIN #YoMeQuedoEnCasa (I Stay Home) Brand archetype: The Care Giver
  17. 17. THRIVE CANNABIS The big winner is– Stay Apart, Thrive Together Brand archetype: The Caregiver
  18. 18. AUDI - THE DRIVE Brand archetype: The Sage/Explorer
  19. 19. BURGER KING - SPAIN Brand archetype: The Regular Let their drivers call their vehicles “home,” so they Can order food for delivery
  21. 21. LEGACY POWER
  23. 23. MCDONALD’S
  24. 24. FORD The only carmaker with a campaign: "Built to Lend a Hand” Brand archetype: The Explorer
  26. 26. VERIZON Brand archetype: The Care Giver / Sage The Caregiver or the Sage archetype (staying connected to each other and knowing our family is safe).
  32. 32. GOOGLE MAPS
  33. 33. NOW WHAT?
  34. 34. Will the brands exhaust the messaging strategy of being human first? Will ads and stories visualize Back to business? Will Remote working ads become the currency?
  35. 35. Are we in for a long and difficult 2020-21? #1 Consumers will be poorer or feel poorer. → Frugality and caution RECO1: Storylines should continue reassuring consumers, holding their hand in a “we’re going to get through this together”. Necessity stores and value brands stores will continue to be the only active businesses with low cost structures such as Wal-Mart. A strong dependency will develop based on necessity and proximity. #2 Consumers who usually travel the extra mile to go to their preferred store may have switched loyalties because of the virus. RECO2: Storytelling should continue in those times to nurture that newfound loyalty. As a result, when the confinement is lifted, the consumer will remain a client. #3 As consumers will slowly build a routine around this New Normal confinement, they will pick up their e- Commerce habits. RECO3: Online brands should anticipate and prepare their content strategy in light of those days. In fact, they should start right away, as a warm-up exercise. ASSUMPTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS
  36. 36. SPENDING CHANGES Source: NYTimes
  37. 37. PROJECTED TIMELINE Anxiety Low High Vaccine/Drugs Stage 1: Emergency Stage 2: Semi-normalcy Spike Stage 3: Normalcy 20212020 Time
  38. 38. PROJECTED TIMELINE Anxiety Low High Vaccine/Drugs Stage 1: Emergency Stage 2: Semi-normalcy Spike Stage 3: Normalcy 20212020 Time Human Reassuring Celebratory
  39. 39. BRAND STORYTELLING STRATEGY Customers Brand Narrative Competitors Campaigns 1) Listen Relevant Impactful Sensitive Differentiated 2) Plan Doable 3) Engage Stage Platforms Buyers Employees 4) Optimize Rinse Test Optimize
  40. 40. QUESTIONS? Diana Yazidjian Storytelling Expert DFY Consulting diana@dfyconsulting.com Shlomi Ron CEO Visual Storytelling Institute shlomi@visualstorytell.com