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Augmented reality's uses

Augmented Reality makes VR come true in our daily lives. The goal is to mix our concrete world with 3D elements.

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Augmented reality's uses

  1. 1. NEW USES MADE WITH LOVE BY Augmented Reality makes VR come true in our daily lives. The goal is to mix our concrete world with 3D elements. augmented reality on a mobile application augmented reality on the web connected glasses augmented reality headset DIFFERENT TYPES OF AUGMENTED REALITY AR THEBEGINNING:THE90’S The technology was first developed for military use, mainly for training purposes. But the lack of calculation power of computers didn’t allow the tech to enter the mass market. The codes are bi-dimensional, which enables them to store more data. This is a tag that can be read by phones and tablets. They enable users to access another type of content (Additional info, audio or video content…) One of the first ways the public interacted with augmented reality was the QR codes (aka the Quick Response Code). The Pokémon Go craze hit the whole world. The app pushes you to track and catch pokémons in the real world. THE RAISE OF AR* APPLICATIONS EPIPHANY! 2016 *AR : Augmented Reality 28,5m reached a peak of in july 2016 daily users & THE POKÉMON GO PHENOMENON http s://tw itter. com /Enjo yDig itAll VISITER LE LIEN AUGMENTED REALITY HEADSETS AND CONNECTED GLASSES ENTER THE GAME At their first launch in 2013, the Google Glasses weren’t the expected massive success. The blame is on a lack of consistent features and concerns around the data safety. Launched once again in 2019, the Glass enterprises are respectively: more powerful, with a stronger battery lifespan, with a more qualitative video streaming feature. Hololens headsets by Microsoft offer uses dedicated to professionals: designers and architects use them to create and conceptualize new products or buildings. The tool enables users to interact with other headsets’ users. All the participants are present in the same 3D environment to work on shared documents. Magic Leap created a technology able to project AR holograms, avoiding unnecessary trips or building Visio conference rooms. #ARmeeting In order to multiply the possible uses, Magic Leap Creator, a content creation platform, was opened in 2019. #LearnBuildPublish TRAINING 1ST EXAMPLE OF USE STREET MARKETING2ND EXAMPLE OF USE RETAIL 3RD EXAMPLE OF USE & IN THE FUTURE? Constant progress of AR technologies A common way to interact with virtual elements and digital spaces Deep modification of how workers are trained and how artists, designers, practitioners… work ARTECHNOLOGY DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) : are using AR to create new immersive experiences on the street. In the beauty field as in housing, AR is used to test products on themselves or in the users’ living-room. Burger King invites people to digitally burn competitors’ ads thanks to the smartphone’s users. Ikea Place, this application allows to test furniture at home Youtube tested AR ads for people to test beauty products at the same time as influencers during their videos. ADS Many startups are working on tools and programs using AR to learn how to pilot a plane, to use a control board or anatomy... This technology brings countless benefits: LEARN MORE QUICKLY about procedures and technical gestures AUTOMATE PRO. PROCESSES in emergency situations by making users more used to take fast decisions LESS SENSORIAL ISSUES than with simulators Designed by by Sources: What is augmented reality?, Jon Martindale - digitaltrends.com Usages et enjeux de la réalité augmentée, Fred Cavazza - fredcavazza.net Réalité augmentée, quelques chiffres - quaidesapps.com Civilisations AR The application was developed by the BBC. It invites the user to discover historical treasures through the many United-Kingdom’s museums by bringing the antics in the people’s living-room. Mondly The app enables the users to learn 33 foreign languages. It’s capable of making a 3D teacher appear as well as objects to facilitate the learning process. Other educational apps use Augmented Reality to bring a little bit of fun to the learning process: CREATE YOUR OWN APP Apple ARKit Since 2018 Apple provides the world with the Apple ARKIT. This is a toolkit allowing developers to create more easily AR applications. WHAT WILL HAPPEN FOLLOW US ON TWITTER