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2013 06-06 managing cyberthreats for k-12 students

This presentation describes the various types of technology used by teens to cyberbully, and offers strategies for preventing cyberbullying through strong school district policies and better education.

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2013 06-06 managing cyberthreats for k-12 students

  1. 1. Managing Cyberthreatsfor K-12 StudentsFrederick S. LaneFSLane3@gmail.comOnline Learning and TeachingAlaska MOOC6 June 2013www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.comwww.FrederickLane.com
  2. 2. Background• Attorney, EducationalConsultant & Lecturer• Author of 7 Books• Computer ForensicsExpert• 10 Years -- Burlington(VT) School Board• Technology & PrivacySpecialist• Student Safety Advocatewww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  3. 3. Previous Bookswww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  4. 4. Today’s Lecture• Not Your Father’s Bullying• The Cyberbully’s Toolkit• The Cybervictims• Legal Consequences• Prevention and Responsewww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  5. 5. Traditional Bullying• Face-to-Face• Range ofvoice• Graffiti• All Riskywww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  6. 6. Marketing Phones to Kids• 2001: cellular companies discover kids:– Teen usage in 2001 – 20%– Teen usage in 2006 – 40%– Teen usage in 2009 -- 83%– Teen usage in 2011 – 90% +• 2012: 50% of teens will own smartphones• More than 50% of kids 8-12 own a phone• Avg. age of first cell phone : < 10www.FrederickLane.com
  7. 7. The Texting Obsession• Texting:– Boys (13-17): 2,539 texts per month– Girls (13-17): 4,050 texts per month• 43% of teens text while driving– First rise in teen driving deaths in 8 years• A majority of teens sleep with theirphones• Sleep deprivation and sleep-textingwww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  8. 8. What Is Cyberbullying?• Deliberate and hostilebehavior, intended toharm an individual orgroup, through use ofelectronic devices• Abuse of powerwww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  9. 9. Farther, Faster, Fiercer• No Longer Face-to-Face• Global Distribution• No Respite – 24/7 Opportunity• Nearly Instantaneous• No Barriers to Bad Behavior• Harder for Adults to Respond• Myth of Anonymity• Perceived Absence of Consequences• Decreased Empathywww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  10. 10. A Cyberbully’s Toolkit• Hardware– Computers, Cellphones, GameConsoles, Smartphones• Software–SMS/MMS, IM, Email, Photos, Videos, Word processors, HTML• Web Services– SocialNetworks, Blogs, Surveys, Webpages, etc.www.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  11. 11. Top Teen Social Siteswww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com• Facebook• Twitter• Instagram• YouTube• Tumblr• Google+• Yahoo• myYearbook• Pinterest• Gmail• MySpace• MeetMe• Reddit• StumbleUpon• Flickr• Vine
  12. 12. Types of Cyberbullying• Exclusion• Harassment• Online Fights / Flame Wars• Cyberstalking• Defamation / Denigration• Impersonation / Identity Theft• Outing and Trickery• Embarrassing Photowww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  13. 13. Cyberbullying Statistics• Bureau of Justice Statistics (2012):– Percentage of teens bullied: 37%– Percentage of bullying in school: 85%– Percentage of students cyberbullied: 52%– Percentage of teens threatened online: 33%– Percentage of teens bullied on cell phone: 25%– Percentage of teens who don’t report: 52%– Percentage of teens secretly photographed: 11%– Percentage of teens who sext nudity: 4% to 20%www.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  14. 14. Cyberbullying Victims• More Difficult to EscapeBullying Today• Cyberbullying Is a Cloud• Often Reluctant to Report• May Not Even Know Bullywww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  15. 15. Warning Signs• Sudden Changes in Mood orAcademic Performance• Increase in Disciplinary Issues• Withdrawal from Friends andActivities• Substance Abuse• Other Significant Changes inBehaviorwww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  16. 16. Increased Legal Risk• Growing Number of StateAnti-Bullying Laws• Legal Exposure for SchoolDistricts• Use of Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws• Civil Lawsuits Against Schoolsand Individualswww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  17. 17. Are Your Policies In Order?• Acceptable Use Policies:– Does It Describe and Limit Student Use ofDistrict Resources?– Does It Stress the Importance of and Respect forPersonal Privacy?– Does It Specifically Describe and Prohibit IllegalConduct?• Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying:– Does It Encompass Electronic Communications?– Does It Encompass Off-Campus Behavior ThatAffects the Classroom?www.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  18. 18. The Solution: Education• Schedule Annual Information Sessionsfor Teachers, Parents, and Students• Require Students and Parents to Readand Sign AUP and Anti-Bullying Policies• Incorporate Sexting and CyberbullyingInto Professional Development forTeachers and Administrators• Liaise With Student ResourceOfficers, Law Enforcement, andLegislatorswww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  19. 19. Age-Appropriate Curricula• Elementary School:– The Limits of Sharing– Personal Boundaries• Middle School:– Much More on Personal Boundaries– Anti-Cyberbullying and Anti-Harassment– Introduction to Criminal Consequences andCyberethics• High School:– Much More on Criminal Consequences andCyberethics– Long-Term Consequences of Digital Stupiditywww.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  20. 20. Slides and Contact Info• Download a PDF of slidesfrom:CybertrapsfortheYoung.com• E-mail or Call Me:FSLane3@gmail.com802-318-4604www.FrederickLane.com www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.com
  21. 21. Managing Cyberthreatsfor K-12 StudentsFrederick S. LaneFSLane3@gmail.comOnline Learning and TeachingAlaska MOOC6 June 2013www.CybertrapsfortheYoung.comwww.FrederickLane.com