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The Battle of Ads | Moneyocracy

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This a presentation made at the "Alliance Française" in Washington D.C on May 31, 2012 about political communication in France and in the U.S.

This presentation is meant to support the transmedia documentary project "Moneyocracy".

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The Battle of Ads | Moneyocracy

  1. 1. THE AD BATTLEPolitical communication France v. U.S MONEYOCRACY www.moneyocracy-project.com
  2. 2. WHAT IS ADVERTISING? Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade anaudience to continue or take some new action.Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior.
  3. 3. GOAL OF ADVERTISING Increased consumption ofproducts or services through "branding,” involves the repetition of an image or product name to associate certain qualities with the brand in the minds of consumers.
  4. 4. THE AGE OF THE ADSModern advertising developed with therise of mass production in the late 19thand early 20th centuries.In 2010, spending on advertising wasestimated at $142.5 billion in theUnited States! Ads spending between 2009-2015
  6. 6. WHAT ABOUT POLITICAL ADS? Political advertising is a form of campaigning used by political candidates to reach and INFLUENCE voters.
  7. 7. 1952 : EISENHOWER14 SPOTS22 SECONDS/eachEisenhoweranswered questionsfrom “ordinary”citizens in an attemptto appear accessibleto “the commonman.”
  8. 8. 1964: JOHNSON FIRST NEGATIVE AD Hugely controversional in its time and intermittently imititated thereafter.
  9. 9. 2010 : CITIZENS UNITED V. FEC The U.S Supreme Court, on January 21, 2010• Allows Corporations & Unions to spend unlimited amount of money to support a candidate.• Overturn 100 years of Campaign finance regulation.• Speechnow v. FEC creates Super PACs and allows 501c4 to spend money in Independent Expenditures without donor disclosure.
  11. 11. OR IS IT REALLY?
  12. 12. SO FAR IN 2012…• Spent on TV ads by Super PACs: $138.6 Million• Negative Ads aired: 68% of the total• “Restore our Future” is the biggest spender ($35.6 M, 77% Neg Ads)• American Crossroads (K.Rove) comes in 2nd with $14.6 M (100% Neg Ads)• America for Prosperity is third with $12.2 M (100% Neg Ads)
  13. 13. SO FAR IN 2012…• Only 0.0000063% of the Americans donated 80% of the Super PAC money.• For the Republican Primaries in Florida, 12.000 ads were aired the week before election.• In South Carolina, an average TV viewer was exposed to 12 ads per hour!
  14. 14. COMMUNICATION & ELECTION • Brand = Party • Product = Candidate • Audience = Electorate • Slogan = Political message
  15. 15. COMMUNICATION & ELECTION • Permission : Presentation, body language, look, fluency and ideas . • Proximity : Candidates has to be close to the electorate • Price : Unique selling proposition, this is the vote • Communication : What media to use? When? Who’s the target?
  17. 17. When here, you have that on TV… Watch the Video on Youtube
  18. 18. HOLLYWOOD.C• TV centric Communication• Extensive use of Special effects, text animation, news footage, dramatic music.• Use of the voice over to convey the message• Official campaign Ads ends like that: “I’m candidate X and I approve this message”.• Super PACs Ads ends like this : “ This message is paid for by X”
  19. 19. In France we have that… Watch the video on Youtube
  20. 20. Standardized communication• TV and campaign posters• Equal Air time for all candidates.• Same for the debates, the news etc…• Complex Regulation by the CSA to insure fairness.
  21. 21. Study case: Sarkozy’s official poster • Controversial • Went viral • Not an original idea
  22. 22. The Controversy Name of the photo: Greece, Clouds over Aegean Sea The crisis in Greece didn’t help to make that picture appealing. The story was largely covered by French press, and the poster was ridiculed on the internet. A large amount of spoof were designed by anonymous and posted on Facebook and Twitter.
  23. 23. The Original version
  24. 24. Went viral & ended up as a “meme”
  25. 25. We had this…
  26. 26. Or these too…
  27. 27. Inspired by this one…
  28. 28. The More money you have, the better you communicate… The 2008 Obama Campaign set an example in political communication and fundraising, the first one leading to the great performances of the second.
  29. 29. Campaign Donation Limits United States FranceMax Direct Donation: Max Direct Donation:$2500 per election $4600 per electionMax Donation to a PAC: Only a individual and a Political party$5000 per election Can finance a campaign.Max Donation to a Party:$30.800 per yearMax Donation to a Super PAC:$NONE!Max Donation to a 501c4:$NONE!Corporations, Unions, individualscan finance a campaign.
  30. 30. Political Communication in France• In 1977: Polls are forbidden the last week of election.• In 1981: François Mitterand is elected and this signed the triumph of political advertisement in France.• In 1986: TV Political Advertisement is forbidden. NOTE• In 1990: Political expenses Not less than 50% of a political TV are limited and strictly ad during election time has to be taped regulated. by the Public Broadcast service.
  31. 31. The Return of the TV Ads in France ?2004 • 60% of 18-24 yo were for the return of political TV ads. • 51% of the 25-34 yo were for the return of TV ads (IPSOS 2004)
  32. 32. Presentation of the project
  33. 33. Transmedia Documentary : 1 story, 3 platforms• An Interactive Documentary• A 60’ Documentary• A Comic book
  34. 34. A website : www.moneyocracy-project.com10 minutes videoMashup about CitizensUnited v. FECHTML5 technology +Popcorn.js framework
  35. 35. A Facebook page : www.facebook.com/moneyocracy150 Fans + 343 Fans onKickstarter andgrowing
  36. 36. A presence on: @moneyocracy Youtube
  37. 37. Just like our 493 Fans*, SUPPORT THE PROJECT! www.moneyocracy-project.com/donate-to-moneyocracy THANK YOU!* Fans = Facebook page + Kickstarter page