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  1. 《聽力概論重點講解 》 UP-TO-DATE WRITTEN BY JIMMY 2017.7.21
  2. 掌握〝關鍵〞(重點)KEYPOINT,才能真正 (REALLY)學好英文。
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  4. 個人 individual 家庭 family 學校 school 社會 society 國家 country 世界 world 單字準備範圍
  5. ⦿ ◎ Exercise 1:單字篇:配對 ⦿ → /i/ /I/ /i/ /I/ ⦿ eat it seat sit ⦿ lead lid each itch ⦿ leave live scheme skim ⦿ peak pick heal hill ⦿ sheep ship feel fill ⦿ ⦿ ◎ Exercise 2:單字篇: 多字辨別 ⦿ → /i/ /i/ /i/ /I/ ⦿ bee bead beat bit ⦿ fee feed feet fit ⦿ Lee League leak lick ⦿ see sees cease sis ⦿ tea teethe teeth 【Now! Let’s Listen】★現在就讓我們實際來聽聽看! 速度方面:分四級 (1)第一級:基礎(發音)→注重___發音部位正確、語調、聲調正瘸 __________________
  6. (2)第二級:會話(互動)→注重日常家庭、學校 生活應對、基本生活會話句子 ____________________________ ⦿ Conversation: ⦿ Helen : Martha, do you have a book? ⦿ Martha: Yes, I do. But I don’t know where my book is now. ⦿ Helen: Here’s a book over here. Is this one yours? ⦿ Martha: I don’t know. Is it a yellow book? ⦿ Helen: No, it isn’t. This one is blue. ⦿ Martha: That’s not my book. I don’t know whose it is. ⦿ Helen: You have a radio, don’t you? ⦿ Martha: Yes, I have one. ⦿ Helen: Does this tape recorder belong to you? ⦿ Martha: No, it doesn’t. I don’t have a tape recorder. ⦿ ⦿ ※參考資料來源-English 900 基礎篇, Unit 8, 四海書局
  7. (3)第三級:中級聽力→注重主題式或情境式、內容範圍提 升至社會層面_______________________ ⦿ (A) Slow Listening ⦿ ⦿ Chapter 1 In the Dressing Room ⦿ ⦿ Sir Anthony Evans plays Liszt. The words above the door of the theatre were a meter high. On the wall there was a big picture of Sir Anthoy at the piano. Hundreds of people were waiting outside the ticket office. It was Sir Athony’s eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket. I had a special ticket, because I was a newspaper reporter. I wanted to talk to the famous pianist before his concert. I showed my ticket to the doorman and went into the theatre. Then I walked upstairs to the dressing-rooms. ⦿ ⦿ ※參考資料來源-The Piano; Chapter 1 , Rosemary Border,2000 ⦿
  8. ⦿ (B) Fast Listening ⦿ American English ⦿ ⦿ Nearly 265 million people live in the USA and speak English. There are more native speakers of English there than any other country. ⦿ American English is very flexible and has absorbed many words from the languages of immigrants. Words like liaison and rendezvous, and rodeo and tornado came into the language because France and Spain once controlled parts of North America. Dutch and German gave words such as waffle and cookies, and hamburger and noodles to American English. ⦿ The first English speaker to arrive met Native Americans who spoke many different languages. To trade with them, the Europeans learned words from the local languages, and some of these words become parts of American English. Native Americans also worked as guides, leading the European trappers around the country. The Europeans learned the Native American names for the places they were passing through. Over half the states now have Native American names. ⦿ ⦿ ※參考資料來源-In the U.S.A; introducing the USA , Chancerel ,2000 ⦿
  9. (4)第四級:高級聽力→注重速度及時事內容 ________________________ ⦿ Weather Report ⦿ Taking a look at the weather forecast for today, they tell us thundershower activity north, center and south with highs of 34 in the north, 33 in both the center and south. Forecast for tomorrow the same, thundershowers islandwide. It will be a little bit warmer tomorrow. The high in the north tomorrow is expected to be 35, with the highs in the center and south about about 34 degrees. ⦿ ⦿ ※參考資料來源-10分鐘聽懂ICRT; Taiwan News ⦿
  10. 在聽力訓練時有幾項原則: ⦿ (一)不要把注意力集中在某一字上面: ⦿ 聽完全文才下判斷→不要在中途停下來,聽不 懂就放掉不須求了解,第二次再回過頭來了解。 ⦿ (二)以一句話或一個語意為一個單位來當作聽力 的訓練目標: ⦿ ☆比較以下兩個例句: ⦿ 1. I am ˙a student. (╳)→中途停止 ⦿ 2. I am a student. (○)→全句聽完 ⦿ (三)先了解主題(討論內容是什麼): ⦿ 先準備其內容,以了解一些其領域常使用的專業 術語→就可以馬上進入狀況。
  11. ⦿ (四)聽不懂時先把字drop下來: ⦿ 用自己的方法或用中文記下來也無妨,然後再回頭反覆思考其音義為何。 ☆ 例如下面之步驟 : ⦿ (用任何方法記下音) ⦿ yes → 下一步階段 →聽完全文 ⦿ 資訊→聽 →回到原點 ⦿ →再次重覆 ⦿ ⦿ ⦿ no →停頓 →不管(○) ⦿ ⦿ →在意(X),且停頓下來 ⦿ (五)放輕鬆去聽,不須有壓力(take it easy): ⦿ →有壓力,反而聽不清楚。 ⦿ 重點:有心插花花不開,無心插柳柳成蔭。 ⦿ (六)不要期望一次就想要聽得懂(一蹴可磯): ⦿ 這樣一來壓力會很大,且會降低學習的意願及興趣。改進的方法就是把英語當成流行音樂每天 聽→ ⦿ 方法:1.把英語當成有趣的學習。 ⦿ 2.不要在乎聽懂或聽不懂,因為只要有心,久了英語自然會進步。 ⦿ (七)記住keyword(關鍵字),順著英語獨特的節奏感來學習:英語的獨特性在於它會強調它要表達的意思 。
  12. 英語資源共享: ⦿全民英檢網址: ⦿大家說英語網址: ⦿LiveABC 網址: ⦿中國郵報: ⦿EZ English 網址: ⦿敦煌書局 ⦿YMCA 網址: ⦿