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Lean finance by Pierre Pezziardi

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How a lean mindset can not only produce on time, on budget, high quality products, but also generate disruptive social innovations? At the Lean IT Summit, Pierre Pezziardi presented HelloMerci.com, a crowdfunding platform that empowers people to raise money for their projects. Flattening the bank value chain not only reduces waste, but produces social goods.
More Lean IT on www.lean-it-summit.com

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Lean finance by Pierre Pezziardi

  1. 1. Copyright © Institut Lean France 2013 3 & 4 October, 2013 Paris, France Lean IT Summit 2013 Lean Finance by Pierre Pezziardi, HelloMerci.com
  2. 2. Lean Finance Pierre Pezziardi, Partner, hellomerci @ppezziardi
  3. 3. Roll-out fast to your 1st circle, I mean FAST ● Roll-out slides after week 1 ● App after month 2 PO = sales rep (product clerk otherwise) ● what minimum do you need to get a borrower involved? a lender involved? Co-construction creates loyal customers -> aka ambassadors When enlarging, apologize rather than seek perfection Take it, but take it easy ● Better lose 2 months on delays than break a relationship with “it must be perfect” partners ● MVP <> MVPWA
  4. 4. Bank lending value chain
  5. 5. LeanIT in a Bank super app smart app amazing app
  6. 6. Reinforcing local optima maximise sales maximize liquidity maximise calls
  7. 7. not global optimum
  8. 8. E.g. 3 B$ MIS for french banks 15/9/2008 “Optimizing the risk department does not minimize the risk of the bank”
  9. 9. Culture <-> System (Conway’s law - 1968) : “organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations” Division (disempowerment) Control (mistrust) + + Silo apps, data silos Everything is forbidden except what is explicitly allowed
  10. 10. Beyond pyramidal systems Autonomy (empowerment) Transparency (trust) Mutual aid + + Consider using this DNA into your apps Open app, shared data Everything is allowed except what is explicitly forbidden
  11. 11. Crowdlending
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing Internal support functions
  13. 13. Lean lending value chain
  14. 14. Global optima
  15. 15. Copyright © Institut Lean France 2013 3 & 4 October, 2013 Paris, France More Lean IT presentations and videos on www.lean-it-summit.com