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Compos 3


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Compos 3

  1. 1. When I went onvacation to Cancun with my aunt, I was told a story about what happened in that big house. He toldmyauntthat when she was very small, two elders where he is currently living home. It was a very happy marriage and they were about to turn 65 years of marriage. The elderly have much money, because they owned some grocery stores. Onenight, three thieves got into the house while the elderly were not. When elders returned at night, the intruders were caught, so both killed in the basement of that house. In fact,when we went down to the basement and some things on the tile floor was a large red stain of blood. My aunt told us about that even though cleaned, has never been able to
  2. 2. When I was in high school the first semester, I had a boyfriend. I loved him and the relationshipwas stableand beautiful. Hestudied at Cecyt eleven, like me, only he was in third semester. We hung out together almost everywhere, even with his friends. After three months, we agreed to go to eat, to play, to go to the movies and spend the day together. We agreed to meet at the bus stop from my house at 12:00 o'clock. I was got cute; even I used the prettiest clothes I had. I waiteduntil 2 pm and He didn't arrive.Neither a message ora call I received. So, I decided to call him, and a girl answered me. I said that I was his cousin and I asked her if she knew where the boy was. She said yes, that she was his girlfriend and they were in a coffee shop in Delta Park, and she told me if I could tell to his dad, that they was going to be late because they went to themovies.