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Profitable Prospecting with Social Media

What does real estate marketing look like in today’s world? Marketing for clients and lead generation have changed dramatically in the past decade, and we’ve entered a new frontier. Reaching clients and potential customers used to be a costly venture – with long printing wait-times and pricey postage. Today, online marketing options offer us a free way to keep in touch with our current spheres and reach potential new clients, but the rules are different. This new school of marketing, with its multitude of social media platforms and opportunities, requires a new kind of marketing savvy and can be overwhelming to navigate. This course teaches you how to combine tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (and more!) along with email marketing and blogging, with the tried-and-true marketing techniques you already know. The class will teach you to:

- Develop an online brand that expresses who you are and helps you maintain a consistent online presence.
- Create a social media strategy that works for you and incorporates the platforms with which you are most comfortable.
- Combine “old school” techniques, like direct mail and print advertising, with new school opportunities, like your Facebook business page and blogging, to create a more cost-effective and optimized approach to marketing.

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Profitable Prospecting with Social Media

  1. 1. Profitable Prospecting with Social Media Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, REALTOR®
  2. 2. WirelessNetwork: MAAR-Members SouthPassword: maar2008
  3. 3. On Twitter?Tweet live during this class! @MauraNeill
  4. 4. Word of Mouth Marketingis the most powerful form of marketing there is.
  5. 5. Technologymagnifies it
  6. 6. Business has shifted. How do you market in the virtual world?
  7. 7. You spend less time converting prospects to clients when you already have people who: • Know you • Like you • Trust you
  8. 8. “I Have No Time For…”• Social media• Blogging• Photos• Videos• Email marketing• Anything more than I already do!
  9. 9. Rule of Thirds from Chris Brogan New Executing on Servicing Prospecting Prospecting Your AccountsPhoto credit: “3 fire buckets” by Hadleywal on Flickr.com
  10. 10. “I Have No Time For…”• Social media• Blogging• Photos• Videos• Email marketing• Anything more than I already do!
  11. 11. Are You the Same Online and Offline?
  12. 12. “Always have something to sell, but don‟t always be selling.” ~ Chris Brogan
  13. 13. Facebook Business Pages
  14. 14. Who Sees YourFacebook Business Page?
  15. 15. Branded Facebook Business Page
  16. 16. Where Is Your Facebook Presence Now?• Your personal profile – what does it look like?• Your Facebook Business Page: – Do you have one? – Do you use it effectively? – Do you need one?• Where do you spend the most time and get the most response?
  17. 17. What To Post On Your Business Page• Links, links, links – to your videos, blog posts, buyer/seller tips – drive the traffic to your site• Photos – local, your listings, funny things you see while showing homes, caption this• Videos – keep them short and informative• Local information• Open houses and listings okay here
  18. 18. What to Post• Basic systems in place to keep fans engaged. – Fill in the blank Friday – Photo Friday – Update on stats – Pick your palace A and B – Questions – Quotes – Weekend Update
  19. 19. Encourage Call to Action
  20. 20. Ask Questions
  21. 21. Ask Questions
  22. 22. Ask Questions
  23. 23. Fill in the Blank
  24. 24. Don‟t ForgetYour Raving Fans
  25. 25. Use Action Words toEncourage Engagement
  26. 26. Community – FB Group
  27. 27. Facebook: Your Blog‟s Best Friend Add the “Like” button to your website to link your Facebook Business Page to your site: http://goo.gl/aZbXf Integrate your page with your website: links to blog posts, website pages, etc.
  28. 28. Drive Traffic• Drive traffic from your Facebook Page to your website blog with links to posts and information• Drive traffic from your website/blog to Facebook with the “Like” button• Avoid sending them away from you as much as possible – use the 80/20 Rule
  29. 29. Link Tips• Give a teaser, a quote from the post/article – something to encourage the reader to click• Don‟t just post the link & expect it to get traffic/traction
  30. 30. Optimize Your Facebook Profile for Public Viewing
  31. 31. Potential Clients Will Find You On Facebook• Give them something to see• Let them get to know the “public” you• Create trust, authenticity, and credibility• Keep it to the 80/20 rule – put some personal info out there (but still, only things you feel comfortable sharing publicly)
  32. 32. What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?• Does it look like you? (in other words, is it current?)• Is it professional? Or at the least, not UNprofessional?• Is it friendly? accessible? relatable?• Does it appeal to your target audience?• Is it a photo that you‟re okay with having seen publicly?
  33. 33. How Personal is Your Profile? • Not everything you post needs to be private; what can potential clients learn from your public Facebook posts?Image courtesy of jannoon028 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  34. 34. You Can Go Public Without Giving Up Your PrivacyUse the options Facebook gives you tocreate a Public Profile within your personalprofile
  35. 35. You Can Go Public Without Giving Up Your Privacy• You can also go back and edit past posts to optimize your profile – try going back 1 month or so.
  36. 36. How I Go PublicPublic Kept Private (Friends Only)• Recipes • Photos of family,• Photos of food, vacations, personal Atlanta places, occasions, etc. things to do • Check-ins (most)• Funny (but appropriate) • Anything else I would• Links to my blog not be comfortable posts with a stranger• Things that brand knowing me, i.e., bacon 
  37. 37. Social ObjectsWhat do people think ofwhen they think of you?
  38. 38. Harvesting Facebook for Hidden Gems
  39. 39. Information at Your Fingertips
  40. 40. Letting Facebook Do the Work For YouMake a Facebook list that includes all ofyour past & current clients; then peruse for:• Find birthdays and anniversaries• Learn hobbies, interests, books, movies, music• Use what you see on Facebook + what you already know about them• Share articles, books, points of interest• Result: excuses/reasons to get in touch From Raziel Ungar ~ Burlingame, CA
  41. 41. Birthdays, Anniversaries… And So Much More
  42. 42. Harvesting Facebook for Client InformationFacebook gathers usefulinfo for you!Timeline-style page(above); old page style(right)
  43. 43. Prospect Searches
  44. 44. New Prospects? Check „Em Out!• Search by name and/or email address• View as much of your prospect‟s profile as they have made public• Send a message via Facebook
  45. 45. When a New Prospect Comes In• Search for and view profile• Learn what you can about• Send a message via Facebook introducing yourself – If you usually email a prospect (i.e., an Internet lead), why not also send a brief message on Facebook?• Encourage them to view your profile (not necessarily friend you) – they‟ll see your public posts!
  46. 46. Facebook Graph Search Waitlist for Graph Search:http://facebook.com/about/graphsearch
  47. 47. Finding Your Facebook Niche
  48. 48. Don‟t Want a Business Page? Find Your Facebook Niche
  49. 49. Finding Your Facebook NicheBobbi Howe‟s Saturday Morning Runners
  50. 50. Where Do You Fit In On Facebook? • If you enjoy it, you‟ll stick with it. • Is there a void to be filled? • Create a group around: – a hobby – an interest – a cause – a charityImage courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  51. 51. Blogging
  52. 52. Benefits of BloggingPhoto credit: “Buy Fresh, Buy Local (lomo)” by stevegarfield on Flickr.com
  53. 53. Benefits of Blogging
  54. 54. Benefits of BloggingPhoto credit: “Bullhorn” by carolbrowne on Flickr.com
  55. 55. What Should I Blog?
  56. 56. Local Market StatsPhoto credit: “Central Scottdale *sic+ Real Estate Market” by athomeinscottsdale on Flickr.com
  57. 57. Local Dining
  58. 58. Local News
  59. 59. Local Events & Things To Do
  60. 60. Buyer and Seller Tips
  61. 61. DIY Home Tips
  62. 62. Photos and Videos
  63. 63. YOU!Photo credit: “Who Are You?” by adewale_oshineye on Flickr.com
  64. 64. Getting the Word Out:Using Your Social Media Channels to Drive Web Traffic
  65. 65. Pushing Out Your Blog Content – via Facebook
  66. 66. Facebook: Your Blog‟s Best Friend Add the “Like” button to your website to link your Facebook Business Page to your site: http://goo.gl/aZbXf Integrate your page with your website: links to blog posts, website pages, etc.
  67. 67. Pushing Out Your Blog Content – via Twitter
  68. 68. Pushing Out Your Blog Content – via YouTube
  69. 69. Pushing Out Your Blog Content – via LinkedIn
  70. 70. Pushing Out Your Blog Content – via Flickr
  71. 71. Getting Face-to-Face
  72. 72. Google and YouTubeNovember 2006 – Googlebuys YouTube October 2008 – YouTube reported as #2 search engine, surpassing Yahoo!
  73. 73. Where Should Your Videos Be?
  74. 74. Video: Face-to-Face Redefined • How are you already using video? • Where can you use video? • How can you make it personal?Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  75. 75. Consumers and Video• Increase length of time they‟re on your site• Increase your likelihood of being found• Build trust and credibility• Help potential clients feel like they know you
  76. 76. Video AppsiMovie SocialCam Videolicious Tout Animoto
  77. 77. Video Tools Gorilla Tripod joby.com/gorillapod iStabilizer – to attachyour smartphone to atripod, monopod, etc. iStabilizer Monopod www.iStabilizer.com www.iStabilizer.com
  78. 78. Photo ToolsOlloclip.com
  79. 79. Video TipPeople love videos on YouTube, on blogs, onFacebook – here‟s a quick tip:• Upload your videos to YouTube• Embed your videos into blog posts on your website• Post the link to that post (with a teaser, a line or two to make people want to click through) to your profile or business page• Send your friends/readers/fans to the link on your blog/website instead of to YouTube
  80. 80. Video on the Go• Video previews – FaceTime / MiFi• Video during showings• Video for listings – beyond the virtual tour• Neighborhood videos• Closing video• Photo slideshow – scared of video?
  81. 81. The Birthday Video
  82. 82. The Personal Contract-to-Closing Facebook Group• Secret Facebook group for you and your client• Post video messages and reminders every step of the way• Better than a phone call because they can replay• Great with more than one person in the transaction – they each get the same message
  83. 83. The Personal Contract-to-Closing Facebook Group
  84. 84. Avoiding the Facebook Faux Pas
  85. 85. Your Facebook Profile is Not Meant To Be For BusinessBut don‟t take my word for it…ask Zuck:“You will not post unauthorized commericalcommunication (such as spam) on Facebook…You will not use your personal timeline for your owncommercial gain.”Facebook Terms of Use: www.facebook.com/policiesFacebook Pages Terms:www.facebook.com/pages_guidelines.php
  86. 86. How To Talk Business On Your Facebook Profile Think 80/20 Social is the name of the game When in doubt, leave business outOkay: Not Okay• Links to your blog posts • Posting your listings &• Check-ins at your office open houses or at a closing • “Are you thinking of• Congratulating a client – buying a home…” posts if they‟re okay with it • Anything that even slightly resembles spam
  87. 87. Using Online To Get Offline
  88. 88. Where Do You Spend Your Time?
  89. 89. Tweet-UpsWhat is a tweet-up?• A way for you to promote your business and another local business = WIN/WIN
  90. 90. Tweet-Ups• Traditionally advertised via twitter and guest list is random(i.e., whoever sees it!)• New twist = invite select groups of your clients/local sphere• Have a hook to get people there• Inviting the social media-savvy will make the host happy
  91. 91. Tweet-Ups• Partner with a local business for location and to share cost• Be picky about your invite list – don‟t have to invite entire client list• Be brave – put the word out on your FB biz page/Twitter and attract potential clients/contacts
  92. 92. MeetUp.com
  93. 93. MeetUp.comFrom Brian Copeland ~ Nashville, TN• Join MeetUp.com• Search for MeetUps that interest you OR search for a void in those areas• Join a MeetUp or start a new one• Based on geography and interest
  94. 94. MeetUp.com Brian‟s group!
  95. 95. MeetUp.com As an aside… There‟s a void to be filled in Honolulu!
  96. 96. Flash Client PartiesFrom Chris Rix ~ Hot Springs, AR• Text, email, Facebook a select group (100-ish) 1-2 days before event• Guest list-exclusive• Those people generate buzz & others ask to be on the list• Always plan for more, but if they‟re asking to get in, they‟re prospects
  97. 97. Google+
  98. 98. Are You on G+ Yet?• The new kid – who‟s using?• Google owns #1 and #2 search engine – Google + YouTube• Public posts are indexed (unlike on Facebook)  SEO Gold!• Hangouts!
  99. 99. Google+ Public Posts Make your posts public
  100. 100. Pulling It All Together: Hootsuite
  101. 101. Hootsuite• Manage Facebook, Twitter, G+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Wordpress, MySpace – all from one dashboard• Schedule tweets & updates• Save time
  102. 102. Hootsuite
  103. 103. Bonus: SEO Tip
  104. 104. Super-Secret Photo-Naming Trick via Ira Serkes, Berkeley, CAName your photo with the address of the property, neighborhood name, etc.: 4215-river-shoals-court-duluth-ga-30097-river- mill-homes-for-sale-maura-neill-realtor
  105. 105. Ira‟s Site:www.berkeleyhomes.com
  106. 106. Ira‟s Site:www.berkeleyhomes.com
  107. 107. Find This Presentation Online www.mauraneill.com/C-LMemphis
  108. 108. Connect: about.me/MauraNeill