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Peak Road Partners Overview - Marketing

  1. 1 If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer
  2. 2 Hands on Help For Companies Seeking Growth What We Offer Peak Road Partners Our Interim Executives and Project Teams Help Frustrated Business Owners Improve Profit & Performance. Who We Are Peak Road is an elite network of C-level executives and accomplished project teams who work with you to guide your business to the next level… and beyond. What We Do We help business owners achieve breakthrough business results by improving both performance and profitably of their companies. Where We Work We work within organizations experiencing transitions, turnarounds, transformations as well as franchisors & expansion-phase startups.
  3. 3 Working with clients ranging from closely held and PE owned companies to Fortune 500 corporations Our Services MARKET STRATEGY Helping you and your team identify, seize and maximize opportunities today and into the future. CONSULTING Engaging tenured professionals with real-world experiences and time tested techniques who deliver results. UP TO DATE SOLUTIONS Leveraging 25 years of experience in Digital Marketing, we put powerful new tools to work for you. FIND NEW HORIZONS Expanding the go-to-market strategies using Social, Influencer and Affiliate Marketing to increase brand awareness and sales. ANALYTICS VISIONS Data-driven decision process help determine future refinements to messaging and go-to-market plans. INTERIM STAFFING Interim executives walk into tough situations and employ world-class strategic and tactical abilities to take a company where it needs to be.
  4. 4 Full Life-Cycle Supported Marketing Management Overview Strategy Support Research and planning begins by assessing what’s working Development Market reediness both Technical & Creative Advertising & PR AdWords, Social, Trades, Content Syndication, PR Geographic Targeting Local listing & Industry Listings Ratings & Review Syndication Analysis Measurement, Reporting, ROI & Tailored Analysis Marketing Managing Email, Inbound, Social & Influencer Marketing
  5. 5 Our Difference: Deep Understanding
  6. 6 Program Segments Proposed Marketing Activity Management Website & Databases Development Management Health & Performance Live & Development Testing Test Websites Data Validation & Assurance Microsites Social Media (Passive) Facebook Instagram Account Management Profile Management Direct Marketing & Advertising Google AdWords Facebook Advertising Instagram Advertising Trade Publications LinkedIn Ads Direct Marketing Analytics & Measurement Google Analytics Google Search Console Social Influence Website Metrics Ad Performance Response Rates Test/Control Groups Content Marketing Develop, Collect, Assemble, Distribute Content Formats: Sales Support Marketing Collateral Articles News Videos Photos …and more Social Media (Active) Social Media Marketers Brand Advocates Influencers Contact Management & Nurturing Database Hygiene Email Campaigns Telesales Scrips Newsletters
  7. 7 Review Results & Revise Tactics Measurement Advertising Marketing Deployment Build Marketing Materials Creative Content Development Assesses Marketability Research & Analysis Marketing is a process not a destination … and never a magic bullet. Plan For Continual Development & Improvement Debrief Teams Assign Project Teams Set Budget Identify Goals Kick Off Meeting
  8. 8 Flexible Project Teams Meeting the Demands of Your Changing Marketing Needs Initial Team Considerations Melissa Fisher Strategic Marketer Successful CMO with incisive ability to strategize and execute forward-thinking solutions across B2B & consumer markets. Melih Oztalay Digital Marketer Principle of digital marketing agency working with national and global clients including domestic and off-shore operations. Patricia Maguire eCommerce Direct response marketer for national retailer, specializing in leisure travel services. Led profitable, traffic-generating, acquisition/retention for B2C ecommerce businesses. John Widmer Research Owner of Foaming Around the World and travel writer. John possesses a unique combination of analytical savviness and travel industry connections. Alyssa Patton Local Project Liaison Dedicated account & project management professional adept at coordinating complex marketing programs. (optional)
  9. 9 Developing Your Future Marketing Plan & Tactics Next Steps Staffing & Budgeting Determining what constraints we have to work within. Planning & Assessments Determining team assignments and responsibilities. Hand-Offs Gaining access to and coordinating marketing assets. Meeting Cadence Establishing regular meetings for project updates, communication & coordination. Office: 740-2PEAKRD (740.273.2573) Mobile: 248.687.9070 eMail: Schedule a meeting at: PRIMARY CONTACT: Melissa Fisher, Managing Director