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Literature Circles - Roles

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Literature Circles - Roles

  1. 1. Literature Circle Roles
  2. 2. Discussion DirectorYou are in charge of the group. Your job is to leaddiscussion, keep the group on task and keep order. You needto produce 4 or 5 FAT questions that will lead discussion inany direction you choose and get your group thinking! Question 1: ________________________________________ Question 2: ________________________________________ Question 3: ________________________________________ Question 4: ________________________________________ Question 5: ________________________________________You may ask any group member to respond at any time. Remember it is your job tokeep the discussion going! Group’s overall performance (to be completed at the end ofthe meeting): (poor) 1 2 3 4 5 (outstanding)
  3. 3. Summarizer Your job is to summarize the selection. A summary is a BRIEF paragraphmentioning key points, NOT a retelling. Make sure you use your own wordsand remember you are summarizing only a selection of the story- not thewhole book! At the end of your summary, include a prediction about what you think will happen next. __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Passage PickerWe all know that certain passages “speak” to us, or are very meaningful. It isyour job to select passages from your reading that catch your attention. Makesure to choose passages for various reasons, including:• a great description Record the page and paragraph numbers• wonderful word use where you found each passage below as• a funny, exciting, or you will share the passages with your scary part group. Be sure to include the reason you• a passage that contains selected each passage. Passages can be as information important short as a sentence or as long as a few to the plot, problem or paragraphs- be sure to vary the length of solution those you choose. PAGE PARAGRAPH REASON FOR SELECTING _______ ____________ _____________________________ _______ ____________ _____________________________
  5. 5. Word WizardAn important part of literacy is word study. By studying the meaning anddeveloping an understanding about parts of words you can expand yourvocabulary. It is your job to select five words from the text. Record eachword below and include the page number where you found it. When youfinish your reading, use a dictionary to find the definitions of the words. Besure to pick challenging words! During your group meeting you will shareyour words with the group and they will write down three of the five wordsyou shared on their vocabulary lists. Be prepared to read aloud the passageswhere you found the words. WORD PAGE DEFINITION _____________ ________ _______________________________ _____________ ________ _______________________________ _____________ ________ _______________________________
  6. 6. IllustratorOne of the great things about literature is that itleaves a lot to the imagination. As we read we oftendevelop mental images of characters and places.You job as illustrator is to put those mental imageson paper.You are to recreate a favorite event from the textyou read and share it with the group. Draw yourown mental picture of the event you choose on aseparate piece of paper. On the back of thepaper, write a sentence or two explaining the scene.Make sure to be creative and make your illustrationcolorful! Your group will have a chance to guesswhat your picture represents before you explain.Make sure to attach it to your Literature Circlespacket.
  7. 7. ConnectorOften times something we read in a book reminds us of somethingelse, whether it is another story or a real life event. You job as connector isto “connect” any part of your reading to another piece of literature or a pastexperience of you or someone you know. List the page and paragraphnumber(s) of the passage you are connecting (as you will share the passageduring the meeting). Then explain your connection below. Please include areason for selecting the passage you connected. Page Paragraph(s) Connection _____ ___________ ________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________