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Premi Green Leaf

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Sra. Olga Pozlevic
Cap del projecte "European Green Leaf" - Comissió Europea

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Premi Green Leaf

  1. 1. European Green Leaf Olga Pozlevič, European Commission, DG Environment
  2. 2. Cities ARE our home  Home of 70 % of Europe's citizens (80 % by 2045)  Territory of major environmental, social and economic challenges  Better quality of life  Each city is unique  Size  History, culture  Surroundings  Geographical location
  3. 3. European Green Leaf Award  Rewards the most committed small cities for their dedication to environmental sustainability  Launched in 2014  Eligibility:  EU MS, EU Candidate Countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland  Population of 20 000- 100 000 inhabitants  Up to 2 winners/year  More than just an award
  4. 4. 6 topic areas Climate change and energy performance Biodiversity and land use Quality of air and the acoustic environment Waste and circular economy Water management
  5. 5. How we select a winner achievements in creating sustainable urban environment strategy and future vision communication with citizens Green Ambassadors 12 independent technical experts Jury
  6. 6. January Beginning of the Green Leaf year April-May - Announcement of finalists - Launch of the new application cycle June Announcement of winner November Closing of applications European Green Leaf cycle Evaluation by experts Jury
  7. 7. Why take part? Small but visible Well-being of your citizens is a value Make your citizens proud Draw investors Attract tourists Join prestigious club Get a free expert assessment
  8. 8. Europeangreenleaf.eu • Good practice report • Technical Assessment Report of the finalists • Applications of winners • Leaflets • Applicants workshop: 13 June • info@europeangreenleaf.eu • 'Reaching our environmental • and energy goals is a reward • in itself, but the European Green Leaf title is a real bonus!' • Josep Monràs Galindo, Mayor of Mollet del Valles
  9. 9. Green cities keep on winning!