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State of the Nation Review of Market Research and Insights

What are the key trends in market research and insights? What are the forces shaping 2019? Where do we expect the wins and losses to be this year?

These are topics Ray Poynter will be discussing in this webinar, based on the workshops and sessions he has been running with clients (from suppliers, through to agencies, to end clients).

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State of the Nation Review of Market Research and Insights

  1. 1. ‘State of the MR Nation’ 2019 Webinar, 1 March 2019 10 am UK Time Festival of #NewMR 2019 Presentation copyright, the presenters and NewMR. Please credit when using. Ray Poynter NewMR
  2. 2. Research is Growing & Changing 38 38 40 40 42 24 27 29 31 35 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Traditionally Defined Research New Research New Research = IT & Telecoms, Online, Social Media, Web Analytics and others $62 Billion $65 Billion $68 Billion $72 Billion $76 Billion (39%) (46%) ESOMAR GMR 2018, US$ Billions.
  3. 3. The People are Changing Too 3
  4. 4. North America 44% Europe 37% Asia Pacific 13% Latin America 4% Africa 1% Middle East 1% In $ Terms, MR Centralised (37%) (Red= 2013) (40%) (16%) (5%) (1%) (1%) ESMAR GMR 2018
  5. 5. Online Prices Keep Falling 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 Median Price USA $ 000s Simple U&A, N=500, No analysis/presentation Online KM Online Key Markets USA UK Germany France Japan
  6. 6. Countries Differ The most expensive country (Switzerland) is more than 6 times as expensive as the least expensive (Egypt) But the gap between the top and bottom has narrowed, again suggesting a trend to a global, standardised world •  2016 ratio 10 : 1 •  2018 ratio 6 : 1
  7. 7. Free Data Does Not Always Equal Inexpensive Research •  $10K SM Data Only •  $15K SM Data & Presentation •  $21K SM Data and Analytics •  $8K •  $9K in Key Markets Simple U&A
  8. 8. GRIT – 7 key takeaways 8 1)  Three As are Key – Agile, Automation, and AI 2)  The Most Important Emerging Technologies are not Very New 3)  The Value of Qualitative Research is Strong 4)  Clients Main Concerns Relate to the Reporting of Research – and the Value/Cost Equation 5)  Suppliers are Focusing on the Wrong Thing! – the quality of the insight does not frame the solution 6)  Scalability is Key 7)  Optimism is Widespread, But I Suspect Mistaken
  9. 9. Acquisitions, Mergers, Busts & Wobbles •  Canadian MRIA closed after 60 years •  Kantar’s Digitab closes •  Cambridge Analytica bankrupt •  SAP buys Qualtrics for $8 Billion - ??? •  Ipsos buys GfK’s ad hoc research •  Kantar post Martin Sorrel? •  Nielsen sale? •  Dynata launch, buying Reimagine 9
  10. 10. Acquisitions, Mergers, Busts & Wobbles •  ‘Full-stack MR companies’* – Software, analytics, data, surveys, consulting •  Fewer big clients •  Shift in negotiating power to buyers •  Bad debts and cancelled contracts •  Plus economic worries for 2019 10 * See Lenny Murphy’s articles
  11. 11. Reimagining the Insights Function Vanessa Oshima CMO Starbucks Corporate Market Intelligence Division Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  12. 12. The Challenges 12 The Business Insights MR Salesforce SAP/ Qualtrics DIY Social Media Facebook, Google Zappi
  13. 13. Client Satisfaction - GRIT Ray Poynter, The Future Place, 2018 13
  14. 14. Agile – an important term in MR Agile in Market Research Agile in Software Development The software is the project Market Research aids the Project
  15. 15. Agile in MR is … Nimble – able to respond to requests quickly –  Small companies (including qual) –  Standardized offerings –  Automated offerings (plus DIY) Flexible – able to change to meet client needs –  Devolved decision making – execs can vary the offer/ execution Test, learn, re-test – allows client to be agile –  Standardized, automated and often DIY A useful buzzword J
  16. 16. GRIT’s Game Changers 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2017 2018 Storytelling and DataViz Big Data Automation AI VR/AR Marketplaces (talent, sample etc) Attribution Analytics + Single Source Blockchain GRIT Q4 2018 Top 2 Boxes in picking ‘Game Changers’
  17. 17. The Rise in Automation GreenBook GRIT Q1 2018 Tasks being automated Use + Pilot 2018 Analysis of text data 52% Analysis of survey data 51% Charting and infographics 51% Analysis of social media 44% Survey design 38% Analysis other sources 38% Project design 37% Analysis of image & video data 35% Sampling 34% Integration with larger frameworks 31% Report writing 30%
  18. 18. Inside MR, What is AI? 11 6 8 16 16 18 45 46 55 60 66 None of these Survey dashboards Cluster analysis Quantitative semiotics Webscraping tools Adaptive conjoint interviews Automated transcription of video Text analytic software Automated sentiment analysis Automated facial coding Chatbots % Saying Yes, An Example Of AI Report by Rosie Ayoub and Ray Poynter, Autumn 2018
  19. 19. Chatbots Close to the scores for Siri and Alexa
  20. 20. Consulting With Leaders in the Field Plus several who wanted to remain anonymous
  21. 21. So what are people doing? Actually lots of things which people used to do… •  Sentiment & Topic detection (lots of this) •  Coding / tagging open ends •  Video analysis, object recognition, facial recognition (so quite a bit of machine vision) •  Speech to text •  Translations •  Fraud detection …Right through to mimicking human conversation and having the bot become the interviewer on the fly!
  22. 22. Don’t Fixate on What is and Isn’t AI •  It should be adaptive/conditional •  It should look ‘clever’ until you examine the mechanics –  like magic looks clever until you know the secrets •  Focus on the benefits e.g. speed and cost, or doing something not otherwise possible (scale or complexity) •  Assess what the human role is –  And its implications for cost, reliability, speed etc.
  23. 23. Predictions 1.  It’s the economy stupid 2.  Mergers, acquisitions, sales, & closures 3.  Automation and especially platforms 4.  Video stuff 5.  Chatbots 6.  Artificial Intelligence 7.  Myth busting (e.g. some neuro) 8.  Campaign for Real Qual 9.  The demand for curation 10. The battle for evidence, privacy, security and ethics 11. Clients-side insights re-structuring
  24. 24. Thank You Festival of #NewMR 2019 State of the Nation MR & Insights Workshops Recent Berlin London Booked London Brussels Paris Macau Hong Kong And Online
  25. 25. Wale Omiyale, Confirmit Festival of #NewMR 2019 “Obtaining and maintaining a holistic view of the market environment is extremely important to us at Confirmit, and as a result ensuring that we educate ourselves on the state of the market is vital in determining our approach to the market as the research industry evolves and changes. This holistic approach often means we need an external view point that may often be different to our view point, or one that perhaps reinforces some of our existing viewpoints. The “State of the Nation” workshops that Ray Poynter has run for us provides an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders within the business to come together and firstly learn more about the market place outside the walls of our business and at the same time understand how their specific functions within our business can impact on business performance, market perception and brand awareness throughout the industry. The workshop is attended by wide cross-section of stakeholders across the business – product strategy, Account Management, Customer Success, Business Development, support and services, R&D as well as our Executive Management team. This ensures that the entire organisation has a common and clear picture of the State of the Market Research industry, which in turn has and is helping us to devise a common strategy to exploit market opportunities and solve industry challenges. The feedback from the workshop Ray has run has been tremendously positive over the last 2 years and we are signed up to continue with these workshops out into the future”.
  26. 26. Q & A Festival of #NewMR 2019 Presentation copyright, the presenters and NewMR. Please credit when using. Ray Poynter NewMR Sue York NewMR
  27. 27. Festival of #NewMR 2019 NewMR 2019 Sponsors Communication Gold Silver