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Why Talent Mobility is King of Retention

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Mobility & HR
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Why Talent Mobility is King of Retention

  1. 1. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Title Of Webinar Goes Here SUBTITLE GOES HERE Why Talent Mobility is King of Retention
  2. 2. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs  Housekeeping  Sponsor  Speaker  Defining Talent Mobility  Key Trends Overview  Research and Data  Practical Advice  Case Studies  Q&A ON AGENDA the
  3. 3. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs HOUSEKEEPING  Grab Tab  Audio Mode  How to ask a Question This program is being recorded. You can download the recording at http://www.recruitingwebinars.com/ TIPS FOR USING YOUR CONTROL PANEL.
  4. 4. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs MATT CHARNEY SPEAKER Principal Analyst lhra.io @beneubanks Ben Eubanks Likes • HR/recruiting • Research • Running • Reading • Being a dad (x4) Dislikes • Celebrities • Jeggings • Seafood • Snark for the sake of it
  5. 5. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Build, Buy, or Borrow tal-lint mō-bil-i-tee (noun) talent practice of using employee talent where it is needed in conjunction with where the employee wants to go (see also: awesome recruiting practices)
  6. 6. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Talent Mobility=Recruiting Gold  Easier to recruit. (#1 demand of Millennials: career dev opps)  Easier to retain (less recruiting, more golf or whatever)
  7. 7. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs TRENDS
  8. 8. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs It’s the trends, baby The average career path:
  9. 9. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs It’s the trends, baby People want control of their own work/career.
  10. 10. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs It’s the trends, baby Gig economy—workers are taking on additional tasks because they want the challenge, the money, or both.
  11. 11. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs It’s the trends, baby It’s getting harder to source and recruit high performers in some industries.
  12. 12. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs It’s the trends, baby We have like 287% disengagement according to some made up statistics.
  13. 13. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs RESEARCH
  14. 14. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs My Pet Hypothesis Millennials and other workers want development because that’s what they have been sold in the hiring process.
  15. 15. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Glassdoor Says 89% of Glassdoor users are either actively looking for jobs or would consider better opportunities.
  16. 16. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Gallup Says 93% of workers that took a new job did so outside their company. Also, the primary reasons employees look for change is to have the chance to expand their knowledge and use their strengths.
  17. 17. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs i4cp Says Talent hoarding is bad for business. High-performance organizations are more than twice as likely to prioritize the movement of talent, while low-performance organizations are 2.5 times more likely to say the movement of talent doesn’t matter.
  18. 18. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Deloitte Says High performing companies have a complex and powerful set of processes which facilitate and enable such mobility to take place rapidly and effectively. It’s about organizational adaptability to challenges.
  19. 19. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs My Favorite Behavioral Scientist Says People are 2x as productive when they feel their work has meaning beyond the task at hand. (Dan Ariely)
  20. 20. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs RolePoint Says
  21. 21. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs But People Say…
  22. 22. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs PRACTICAL QUESTIONS + ADVICE
  23. 23. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Why Not Prioritize Internal Sourcing?  But… we’ll risk upsetting employees if they aren’t chosen  But… managers don’t want us snatching their talent  But… our workforce won’t be diverse enough
  24. 24. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Talent Mobility>Succession Just like innovation can be a very employee-driven approach, talent mobility is more powerful than succession because it’s powered by the affected individuals.
  25. 25. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Understanding Talent Inventory  Take stock of your talent.  Who can grow into the role?  Who could flex and take it on?  What are your toughest fills? How could internal talent bridge the gap?
  26. 26. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Success Requirements  Culture  Process  Maturity
  27. 27. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Dangers of Only Hiring Externally Dangers of hiring outside and demotivating qualified internal candidates
  28. 28. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Why Recruiters are Best Suited
  29. 29. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Pro Tip on Culture Remove the stigma of indicating interest in other roles. (This isn’t a bad thing unless it’s your first week on the job. In that case, shut up and get to work.)
  30. 30. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs CASE STUDIES
  31. 31. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Kapost  Tours of Duty  Ask: what do employees see as path?  “Living conversation that is always evolving.”  “It’s not just a desk and a paycheck—it’s a commitment to getting me where I want my career to go.”
  32. 32. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs World Bank Group  Talent Marketplace  Started as an L&D initiative  Hiring freeze  Key shift: treating staff as corporate citizens, rather than as proprietary resources with sole allegiance to their respective units.
  33. 33. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Hootsuite  CEO backing  It’s beyond leveling up. It’s about expanding into new skills and territory.  Stretch assignments: 90 day period, 1 day per week. Reduced job duties. Learning plans from both managers.
  34. 34. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Bechtel  Key practice: finding A players and moving them around every 2-3 years as a development strategy.  Ex: the Chemical Engineer/HR Manager  One of Bechtel’s biggest draws for candidates is this opportunity to grow through exciting assignments in different areas of the country (or the world).
  35. 35. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Chipotle  Pre-Talent Mobility: 52% store manager turnover  Post-Talent Mobility: turnover for salaried managers dropped to 35%; dropped for hourly managers a whopping 64% (111% down to 47%).  Manager development incentives: bonuses of $10,000 for managers develop new managers  Paid out $1+ million in people development bonuses in 2010.
  36. 36. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs US Security Associates  It is a key aspect of the culture to promote these trusted positions from within, and as a result, the average tenure of senior level managers is 10+ years in position.  For example, one employee started as a uniformed officer and was recently promoted to Vice President. This employee began his security career 20 years ago and has risen through the ranks from Training Manager to Operations Manager, Branch Manager, District Manager and Vice President of National Accounts.
  37. 37. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Tata Consultancy Services  Tata Consultancy Services believes in grooming employees internally to take up leadership roles.  The CEO, CTO and CFO all joined TCS as trainees.  Employees are encouraged to share career aspirations.
  38. 38. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs Actionable Takeaways  Verily I say unto thee:  Seek first thine own talent  Coach thy managers  Find/collect data to support thy approach (success of internal vs external fills)  Go forth and conquer!
  39. 39. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS. WE’VE GOT ANSWERS.
  40. 40. #RDaily@RecruitingDaily @RecruitingBlogs @beneubanksBen Eubanks Want more? Email ben.eubanks@lhra.io for a summarized version of the case studies covered in this webinar.

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  • We used to call this a career path. Then we realized that the path could look like this.
  • Recruiting shouldn’t be either/or. It’s and.
  • We can take on a challenge, including scouting internally for talent.