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Power point design

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The process of design using Power Point a never ending tool for teachers. You can become a designer and a creator of your own images, enjoy it!

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Power point design

  1. 1. The power of Power point Silvia Sowa
  2. 2. Power Point is a common and easy tool nowadays. Nevertheless, there have to be guidelines in order to create effective presentations. For getting the most out of this program, we must follow a process, organize, revise, test,proof, review and finally present. For this the going DEAPR process is the most adequate.
  3. 3. Limit topicEstablish goals according to topicOrganize information (divide)Establish your “concept” before next stepPlan your possible interactions or animation
  4. 4. • Prepare your drafts, based on concept• Design elements, complements, shapes, etc.• Insert images and text verifying that you are working:• Consistently• Organized• With sense, harmony, and creativity
  5. 5. • Plan animation patterns, fonts, colors, etc.• Try to keep content simple, but with meaning• Avoid over use of animation and text• Size for text is 28 and 36 or more for titles• Use no more than 6-7 lines of text per slide• Include your personal data or information
  6. 6. • Never read or “parrot” a presentation• Rehearse before presenting - make pauses• Analyze audience, content, time, etc.• Revise, revise, revise…follow GOING DEAPR process
  8. 8. The most important advice is to get involved with the planning, designing and presentation…And mostly enjoy the whole process!