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A Brief History of the First Studies on the Root Canal Anatomy

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A Brief History of the First Studies on the Root Canal Anatomy

  1. 1. Marco A. Versiani Jesus D. Pécora Manoel D. Sousa-Neto A Brief History of the First Studies on the Root Canal Anatomy "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.“ Winston Churchill http://rootcanalanatomy.blogspot.com/
  2. 2. The first comprehensive and systematic description of root canal anatomy waspublished by CARABELLI (1842). He published drawings of sectioned teethdetailing the root canal system…
  3. 3. …and the external morphology of all groups of teeth.
  4. 4. MUHLREITER (1870) was probably the first one to investigatevigorously the root canal anatomy. He sectioned the teeth in allplanes and described the internal anatomy with details.
  5. 5. Em 1890, BLACK also contributed with the study of the root canalanatomy in the first edition of his book.
  6. 6. Atlas of Dental HistologyEm 1892, GYSIpresented impressivepictures of histologicalsections of the toothshowing thecomplexity of theinternal anatomy.
  7. 7. PREISWERCK (1901) injected molten metal within the pulp chamber, and aftercomplete decalcification of the tooth, he obtained a metal model of theinternal anatomy.
  8. 8. FISCHER (1907) obtained better results using celluloidinstead of metal. However, celluloid was fragile, sosmall ramifications of the replicas broke easily.
  9. 9. In later years, other materials and techniques were used to obtain replicas of the rootcanal system.DEWEY (1916) injected parafin to study the root canal anatomy.
  10. 10. The earliest description of the highlyvariable root canal anatomy was publishedby HESS (1917). He injected the root canalswith vulcanized rubber and then removedthe hard tissue by decalcification. Hishighly impressive material is still valuableto the study of the root canal anatomy.
  11. 11. OKUMURA (1918-1926) studied the internal anatomy of the teeth using injectionof dye and diaphanization and classified the root canals in relation to theiranatomical distribution.
  12. 12. CLYDE DAVIS (1923) studied the anatomy of the apical thirdusing ground sections of the tooth.
  13. 13. BARRET (1925) studied the dental anatomy using serial histological sections.
  14. 14. In Latin America, using groundsections of the tooth, PUCCI & REIG(1944) were the first researchers topublish a study on the root canalanatomy.
  15. 15. Meyer & Scheele (1955) using wax models demonstrated numerous lateral canals in the apical third of the root.Meyer W, Scheele E (1955). Die Anatomie der Wurzelkanäle der oberen Frontzähne. Detsch Zahnärztl Z, 10:1041-1045
  16. 16. 1955 Triple O 1958
  17. 17. In Brazil, DE DEUS (1960) was the first author to study systematically the rootcanal anatomy of all dental groups using clearing technique (diaphanization).
  18. 18. VERTUCCI & WILLIAMS (1974/1984) using cleared teeth found a complex rootcanal system and identified eight configurations of the pulp space.
  19. 19. Some results of a 20-year study on the internal anatomy of more than 15,000 teethperformed in our department using clearing technique.