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Facebook Advertising Course Online | Advance Facebook Ads Training | WebHopers Academy

Facebook Advertising Course Online - Want to Learn Complete Facebook Ads and other Pay per click advertising online. Check WebHopers Academy course overview.
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Facebook Advertising Course Online | Advance Facebook Ads Training | WebHopers Academy

  1. 1. Things to be Covered • Introduction • Basic Requirements for Facebook Campaign • Available Options (Campaign Objectives) • Different Ad Previews • Backend (Ads Manager) • Ad Specifications
  2. 2. Introduction FACEBOOK HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE THE MOST EFFECTIVE DIGITAL ADVERTISING CHANNEL FOR GETTING MORE IMPRESSIONS, CLICKS, AND CONVERSIONS. In some cases, Facebook is 7x cheaper than the next most affordable social media ads channel (Twitter).
  3. 3. Basic Requirements • A Facebook (Business) Page • Debit/Credit Card or Any other Payment Method • Basic Graphics Knowledge (Canva, Photoshop etc.)
  4. 4. Campaign Objectives
  5. 5. Page Like Ad Desktop Preview Mobile Preview
  6. 6. Event Ad
  7. 7. Video Ad Desktop Preview Mobile Preview
  8. 8. Website Traffic Ad
  9. 9. Messenger Ad
  10. 10. App Install Ad
  11. 11. Instagram Ad
  12. 12. Lead Generation Ad
  13. 13. Ads Manager (Backend) Objective • Budget Optimization (Daily or Lifetime) • Bid Strategy (Lowest Cost or Bid or Cost Cap) • Delivery Type (Standard or Accelerated) Audience • Custom Audience (Page Like, Website Visitors etc.) • Location (City, Country, Radius etc.) • Age Group, Gender, Languages etc. • Detailed Targeting (Interests, Behavior etc.) Placements • Automatic (Decided by Facebook) • Manual (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger). Optimization • Link Clicks, Impressions, Cost-Control, Ad Scheduling etc. Identity • Facebook and/or Instagram Page Format • Single Image or Video, Carousel or Collection • Primary Text (125 Char.), Headline (40 Char.), Desc. Links • Destination URL, Call-to-action button, Display Link etc.
  14. 14. Ad Specifications Business/Page Name Primary Text (Up to 125 characters) Image (1200x628) Display Link/Final URL Call-to-action Button Headline (Up to 40 Characters) Description (Optional)