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Assistive Technology

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Technological devices that help support students with disabilities

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Assistive Technology

  1. 1. Assistive Technology Zeborah Ware
  2. 2. What is Assistive Technology?  Useful tools that are often used by disabled students in order to perform functions in an easier process. It includes devices and services. It helps to enhance and improve the way people live and learn. Assistive Technology can be used by any person, with or without a disability.
  3. 3. What is the Law of Assistive Technology?  Used by some but not all?  Established in 1998 to provide federal funding to support assistive technology needs of those students with individual needs
  4. 4. Hearing Impaired  Assistive Technology such as a Loop System can be used to benefit students who are hearing impaired.  A Loop System is a small device where the teacher speaks into a microphone and the student receives a signal through hearing aids.
  5. 5. Seeing Impaired  Augmentative Communication boards are assistive technology devices that can help aid a student with visual impairments.  Communication devices are voice recognition devices that allows students who are seeing impaired to use their listening skills to their ability.
  6. 6. Learning Disabled  For a child who has a learning disability, the technological use of the Smartboard can help a student to reach his/her desired learning outcome.  Smart Board is electronic device used exactly like an old fashion chalkboard. Students and teacher have the ability to present differentiated instruction to students through several tools.
  7. 7. Physical Disability  Pencil grips can be used as assistive technology to a child with a physical disability. The pencil grip is a good tool to assist with motor skills and improve handwriting.