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Physics Tuition

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https://bestphysicstuition.com will help all students to achieve the results that they deserve regardless of the point of entry.

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Physics Tuition

  1. 1. Best Physics Tuition
  2. 2. About Us  Best Physics Tuition Centre is an education centre that focuses exclusively on Physics tuition for A-level, O-level and IP students. It was founded by Mr Tony Chee, an ex-MOE school teacher with probably the most established credentials in the area of Physics. He obtained his First Class Honours degree from United Kingdom and has won several MOE teaching awards.
  3. 3. METHODOLOGY  Database of JC Physics resources  Examination techniques for students to score ‘A’ in their A level Physics examination.  Email and WhatsApp after tuition hours for consultation.  Present and real world application of Physics concepts.
  5. 5. LESSON STRUCTURE  We will go through each topic rigorously  I will point out to you which are the key things to take note of  I will go through in detail, the notes that are distributed to you  Upon teaching the concepts, we will practise on a large variety of exam type questions  Close to each of your tests and exams, I will provide you with revision packages to enhance your revision process
  6. 6. Contact Us  Bukit Timah Shopping Centre  170 Upper Bukit Timah Road  Level B1, Unit 32  Singapore 588179  Call / SMS : 8700 9189  Email: SgPhysicsCoach@gmail.com  Website: https://www.bestphysicstuition.com