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Every consumer believes that they are an audience of one.
Modern marketers must leverage intelligent platforms with
customer-centricity to scale one-to-one personalization.
The human quotient is the foundation for next genera-
tion disruption. It centers the business on one-to-one
personalization by learning about customer preferences,
behaviors, and context now and over time. By combin-
ing those insights with intelligent platforms, brands can
genuinely market, message, and engage in the moment
that matters for each individual consumer. By design,
brands can personalize marketing with the right content,
at the right time, on the right channel, on the right device.
Ask a successful founder of a natively digital brand the
inspiration for taking the bold risk of starting a new
company. They might answer, “I see a growing group of
people who experience moments that matter differently
than other brands realize. It is an opportunity to learn from
them to better serve them through the design of relevant
new products and services. Because they are so differ-
ent, we need to engage them differently. We must be as
CHAPTER 5 Advancing the Marketing Mindset from Automation to Personalization
innovative with customer engagement and experience
design as we are with products and business models.”
Modern disruptors systematically put the customer
experience at the center of everything. Here are
the other strategies they have in common:
• Disruptors are data-driven, enabling them to adapt
and react to consumer preferences in real time
• They use a cross-channel model to engage in the
moments, places, and messages that matter
• AI-powered systems eliminate the guesswork of
segmentation and messaging and use intelligent
insights to engage every consumer as an individual,
at scale
• They follow the digital breadcrumbs consumers
willfully leave behind: location, device, intent, and

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