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Ncshs student application form

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Ncshs student application form

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Ncshs student application form

  1. 1. Application for ZETA OMICRON A National Computer Science Honor Society For Those NOT Currently in the Society Please Print FULL NAME: _____________________________________________________________________ YEAR OF GRADUATION: _________________ Students will fill out the two left columns for ALL Computer Science courses you have taken in high school up through and including those you are currently taking. Please list in the order they were taken. In the second column, indicate the grade the course was taken, 9th-12th grade. Take this form to each teacher to complete the two right columns. In the event a teacher has left the school, the department head may sign. Students Complete Teachers Complete All High School Computer Science Courses You Have Taken or Are Taking Year Taken Teachers Indicate Letter Grade Achieved for the Year Teachers Sign to Verify the Student has an Unadjusted Average of 90% or above in Each Computer Science Course Student Check List - Eligibility Criteria for Admission: Complete after completing the form above. The answer to each question must be “Yes” Circle One 1) I have obtained an unadjusted average of 90% in each course in the Computer Science curriculum. A minimum of three semester courses is required, or one semester course and current enrollment in an advanced studies course. Yes No 2) I have obtained an unadjusted average of 85% in all courses at (School Name). Yes No 3) If not a senior, I intend to provide at least 15 hours of community service per year in Computer Science to other (School Name) students, or students or teachers in another school. Yes No 4) I intend to complete one advanced studies course in Computer Science and maintain an unadjusted average of 90% before graduation (APCS Principles, APCS A, or Data Structures and Algorithms, or Advanced Topics). Yes No 5) I intend to take at least 1 semester course in computer science each year at (School Name) or participate in Robotics Club for at least 2 years. Yes No Signature______________________________________________________ Date ______________________________ Form Due by October 26 at 2:45 pm