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"Dirt Poor"

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Introduction to "To Kill A Mockingbird" with Leah Forlivio at Henry James Memorial School in Simsbury, CT on 11/14/13.

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"Dirt Poor"

  1. 1. “Dirt Poor” Kurt Love, Ph.D. Central Connecticut State University 11/14/13 Henry James Memorial School, Simsbury
  2. 2. Europeans & American Indians American Indians: Lived close to the Earth Believed in “7-Generation” thinking Saw that abusing nature meant abusing themselves
  3. 3. Europeans & American Indians Europeans: Valued technology instead of nature. The Earth was something to dominate and manipulate to meet their desires. Saw themselves as superior because they had technology or were more distanced from nature
  4. 4. Europeans & American Indians Europeans saw American Indians as not fully human or an “other.” Because Europeans saw the Earth as something to conquer with their technology, they also saw people who lived close to nature as people they could conquer.
  5. 5. European & West Africans Clash of two peoples because of how they related to the Earth Europeans: Nature for profit, land ownership, enclosure, capitalist mindset/values West Africans: Nurturance, reciprocity, sustainable mindset/values Slavery: About 12 million captured and shipped to the Americas, 645,000 brought to the U.S., nearly 4 million slaves in the 1860 census Domination for profit via capitalism
  6. 6. Rural Poverty
  7. 7. Rural Poverty
  8. 8. Rural Poverty
  9. 9. Southern Poverty
  10. 10. Rural Poverty How is poverty and connection to the Earth related?
  11. 11. High Status Job?
  12. 12. Poverty & Technology
  13. 13. Poverty & Technology What is the relationship between poverty and technology?
  14. 14. Poverty & Technology Those that live more dependent on technology (or with more distance from nature) are seen as being wealthier.