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Winged wonders of Greek and Roman mythology in paintings.ppsx


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Winged wonders of Greek and Roman mythology in paintings.ppsx

  1. 1. their feet barely touch the ground ... beautiful by their white wings or less beautiful by their dark wings popular for their gorgeous and mesmerizing songs or less popular for their nasty habits of stealing
  2. 2. Winged wonders of Greek and Roman mythology in paintings
  3. 3. Winged Wonders: Pegasus Here he is … the most popular, the Winged white horse.
  4. 4. Back in the day, Pegasus was most famous for being the Bellerophon's ride. But these days, Perseus gets Pegasus's back. Later in his career, Pegasus became Zeus's thunderbolt carrier and was besties with the Muses. After a while, Zeus finally let Pegasus retire and gave the winged wonder a place of honor among the stars. Name: Pegasus Current city: The Stars Occupation: Currently employed as a constellation; formerly the mount of Bellerophon and later Zeus's thunderbolt carrier Parents: Poseidon (Dad), Medusa (Mom) Friends: Bellerophon, the Muses, Zeus, Apollo, Athena Enemies: The Chimera, Gravity
  5. 5. A Traumatic Birth: “You never really get over it when your Mom's head has to be cut off in order for you to be born.“ Medusa was carrying the children of the god Poseidon and when Perseus strikes off her head they are released: the winged horse Pegasus and her human son Chrysaor. Edward Burne-Jones The Death of Medusa I La Mort de Méduse I 1882 Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton
  6. 6. Party on Parnassus: “Hanging with the Muses and friends on Mt. Parnassus is never dull.” Pegasus, Mercury at his side, the dancing Muses, Apollo, his lyre in his hands. Mars and Venus, the two lovers on top of Parnassus, a bed and Vulcan, the cuckolded husband, springs out from the entrance of his forge Andrea Mantegna Mars et Vénus, dit Le Parnasse Mars and Venus or Parnassus 1497 Musée du Louvre, Paris
  7. 7. Searching for the Truth: “The jury is out on whether or not Pegasus ever really hung out with Perseus.” The presence of the mythical horse next to Perseus is a mistake, because Pegasus was the horse of Bellerophon. Peter Paul Rubens Perseus and Andromeda Persée et Andromède 1622 Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
  8. 8. Winged Wonders: The Erinyes (The Furies) Not many of the other members of this group like to fly with them, although the Erinyes don't really care.
  9. 9. These furious, snaky-haired, bloody-eyed ladies flap their wings and rise up from the black pit of Tartarus to put the smack down. Their favorite methods of punishment include driving people insane, blighting big stretches of countryside, and blasting whole cities with plague. Name:The Erinyes: Alecto, Tisiphone, Magaera Nickname: The Furies, The Infernal Goddesses Current city: Tartarus Occupation: Goddesses of Vengeance and Retribution Friends: Nemesis, Hades Enemies: Orestes (we're still a little miffed that he got away with killing his mom), Apollo (the one who told Orestes to kill his mom), All Evildoers
  10. 10. Orestes: "I Hate Snakes" John Singer Sargent Orestes Pursued by the Furies Oreste poursuivi par les Furies 1921 Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston
  11. 11. a murder committed in Alsace ... Arnold Böcklin Assassin pursued by Furies Assassin poursuivi par les Furies 1870 Schack-Galerie, Munich
  12. 12. Winged Wonders: Nemesis She is not exactly the most popular member of this clique.
  13. 13. This winged goddess of justice and revenge is in charge of keeping law and order, and she takes her job seriously. Yes, Nemesis can be kind of brutal sometimes, but if you're looking for a little justice, she's the goddess to have on your side. Name: Nemesis Nickname: Invidia (that's my Roman name), Rhamnusia (because they used to really love me in this Greek village called Rhamus) Current city: Olympus Occupation: Goddess of Justice and Revenge Friends: Themis (the mother of all justice), The Erinyes (they're a little extreme, but they get the job done) Enemies: The Overly Proud, The Unduly Fortunate
  14. 14. Dark and Lovely: “I may be severe, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be beautiful.” Justice persecuting the murderer. Above the fleeing brigand is a vengeful but angelic Nemesis, a sword and an hourglass in her hands. Alfred Rethel Nemesis Némésis 1837 Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
  15. 15. Fear Me: “But only if you deserve to.“ Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge in a divine cloud. In addition to the hourglass she grasps a bundle of flames, rather than the conventional sword. Gheorghe Tattarescu Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge Némésis, la déesse de la vengeance 1853 Muzeul Municipiului Bucureşti, Bucharest
  16. 16. Prud'hon himself supplied an account of the contents: "Under the dark veil of the night, in a wild and remote place, the greedy criminal murders his victim, snatches his gold and looks to make sure there is no sign of life to betray his fearful deed. He does not see that Nemesis, that terrible aid to justice, is pursuing him, and is about to seize him and deliver him up to its unyielding assistant." Pierre-Paul Prud’hon La Justice et la Vengeance divine poursuivant le Crime Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime 1808 Musée du Louvre, Paris
  17. 17. Winged Wonders: Harpies Aren't exactly the most brightest members of this clique, because the ugly bird-ladies have a tendency to steal and leave their excrements on things.
  18. 18. These ugly bird-ladies are sometimes called "the hounds of Zeus," because the king of the gods often sent them to punish mortals. Have a nasty habit of swooping down from the sky, snatching whatever food they see. Name: The Harpies: Okypete, Aello, Celaeno (Podarge) Current city: The Strophades Islands Occupation: Spirits of sudden gusts and whirlwinds Enemies: Aeneas, Phineus, Jason Interested in: All-you-can-eat buffets
  19. 19. “We never would've attacked Aeneas if he and his men hadn't stolen our beef ...” "But suddenly, with fearful swoop from the mountains the Harpies are upon us, and with loud clanging shake their wings, plunder the feast; and with unclean touch mire every dish." (Virgil, Aeneid, book 3.) François Perrier Énée et ses compagnons combattant les Harpies Aeneas and his Companions Fighting the Harpies 1646-1647 Musée du Louvre, Paris
  20. 20. “How come Dante had to make us out to be so nasty? ...” Here, says the poet, the harpies make their nest ... Dante and Virgil encountering the ‘Wood of the Suicides’. The souls of those who have died by suicide have been transformed into trees as punishment. Harpies feed upon them. William Blake Inferno Canto 13 The Wood of the Self-Murderers: The Harpies and the Suicides La forêt des suicides: Les harpies et les suicidés 1824-1827 Tate Britain, London
  21. 21. Winged Wonders: Sirens These sexy ladies watch for approaching vessels and then fly out to greet them.
  22. 22. They are the bird-ladies that attract with his seductive music the sailors, causing their vessel to founder on the rocks. The sirens then eat the sailors … Name: Sirens Current city: Green islands located west of Sicily (in the grass on the edge of the shore surrounded by the "heaps of bones and dried meat of the men they killed") Occupation: Musicians (exceptionally talented) Enemies: Aphrodite, Muses, Odysseus Interested in: Navigators
  23. 23. Siren Song … seven sirens, seven lovely ladies John William Waterhouse Ulysses and the Sirens Ulysse et les Sirènes 1891 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
  24. 24. “We are very attractive and seductive …” (beautiful) ladies with bird legs with three human skulls and other bones to indicate their intentions Arnold Böcklin Sirens Sirènes 1875 Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin
  25. 25. Winged Wonders: Icarus So yes ... definitely, he was not the most successful member of this clique.
  26. 26. Not surprisingly, Icarus has become a symbol for excessive aspiration and the danger of ignoring your parents' advice. The lesson : always listen to your parents, especially in situations involving wax wings and celestial bodies. Name: Icarus Current city: Elysium, the Underworld Occupation: Test Pilot Friends: Daedalus (I didn't really live long enough to make any other friends.) Enemies: King Minos (I never would have died if this guy hadn't locked me and my Dad up.)
  27. 27. “Not only did he fly too close to the sun, he also went in the nude. Great …” On the roof of a tower overlooking the coast, Daedalus is fitting his son’s wings Frederic Leighton Icarus and Daedalus Icare et Dédale 1869 Private collection
  28. 28. Flying Like an Angel: “I started out so gracefully ...” Charles Paul Landon Icare et Dédale Icarus and Daedalus 1799 Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle, Alençon
  29. 29. and zoomed up to the sun, and feathers were flying everywhere, and he was tumbling to his death in the sea ... Icarus: “Where Am I? What's the deal with this picture? Why is it so hard to find me?” Daedalus: “Where's Icarus? See if you can find my son in this picture.” Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Pieter Brueghel l'Ancien La Chute d'Icare Landscape with the Fall of Icarus c. 1558 (copy of original from c1558, copie de l'original perdue) Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels
  30. 30. Winged Wonders: Eros (Cupid) This little winged spends most of his time fluttering around and causing trouble with his love-inducing golden arrows.
  31. 31. Eros (Cupid) is the god of passion, desire, and (sometimes) love. The mischievous little guy causes trouble everywhere he goes, at times, for no better reason than his own personal amusement. Name: Eros Nickname: Cupid (my Roman name) Current city: Mount Olympus Occupation: I'm the god of passion, desire, and lust. Political views: Make love not war Parents: Aphrodite (mom) and Ares (dad) … maybe Friends: Aphrodite Enemies: Everybody loves me (except for Apollo sometimes)
  32. 32. "… this mischievous little god " William-Adolphe Bouguereau Jeune fille se défendant contre Éros A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros 1880 Getty Center, J. Paul Getty Trust , Los Angeles
  33. 33. Eros Stealing Honey: "My mom was like: Why are you stealing that honeycomb?" "And I was like: Why are you only wearing a hat?" Lucas Cranach the Elder, Lucas Cranach l'Ancien Venus and Cupid with honeycomb Vénus et Cupidon avec un nid d'abeilles 1531 Galleria Borghese, Rome
  34. 34. Eros punished for one of his numerous other wrongdoings: “I get in trouble for messing with some people's love lives …” Pompeian, Peintre pompéien Eros punito Punishment of Eros Châtiment d'Eros 25 BC, 25 av. J.-C. Naples National Archaeological Museum, Naples
  35. 35. Winged wonders of Greek and Roman mythology in paintings Les merveilles ailées de la mythologie grecque et romaine dans la peinture images and text credit www. Music The Piano Guys Something Just Like This Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 created olga_oes thanks for watching o.esqsegues@gmail.com