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Sharing is the New Buying: How to Win in the Collaborative Economy

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Crowd Companies, a brand council founded by Jeremiah Owyang primarily focusing on the collaborative economy movement, and Vision Critical, the leading provider of insight community technologies, have exclusively partnered to release a groundbreaking report, “Sharing is the New Buying” that for the first time maps the size and characteristics of the movement. Based on responses from more than 90,000 Internet users across the U.S., U.K. and Canada, the report concludes that sharing online is mainstream, growing, practical and satisfying, and has become a competitive threat to large corporations. Report includes: Introduction and summary. Breakdown of the three groups of sharing customers. Market adoption rates, forecast and growth rates. Taxonomy of the market. Breakdown by demographic: age, location, political party, marriage status and more. Satisfaction rates of sharing services. Forecast of future behaviors. Recommendations for corporations: market opportunities, and specific departmental impacts.

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