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Wollumbin Guide to using Britannica Library from RTRL

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Guide to using Britannica Library with RTRL 24/7 membership

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Wollumbin Guide to using Britannica Library from RTRL

  1. 1. Online with your Richmond-Tweed Regional Library membership/e-membership number
  2. 2. Either from:  Wollumbin High School My Library Homepage  Or Google RTRL
  3. 3. Choose the level of reading and information. • Kids • Teens • Adults Test read/view e.g. Choose an easier level to start understanding a new topic and a more complex level to take your understanding wider and deeper.
  4. 4. Try just browsing to explore and see what is there and how it works. Compare the Kids/Teens/Adult levels.
  5. 5. Screens exploring Articles, Media, Biographies etc follow. Research Guides and Tools are linked. How to articles (PDFs) are linked.
  6. 6. e.g. Animals articles are listed A-Z
  7. 7. Get an all media result for Animals Or just images Or just videos
  8. 8. Select by: • ERA (period of time) • National or Cultural Association (Nationalities/Cou ntry’s culture) • Known for (craft or skill for which a person might be important) • Gender OR browse over 5000 names A-Z
  9. 9. You can Zoom by double clicking on the area of the map, or Browse by click and dragging.
  10. 10. Compare Countries by using the drop-down lists and then choose Statistics or Articles and Media (then click on the Article or Media type to get information, images or videos to help your comparisons
  11. 11. Result list of Articles The left sidebar can access: • Images • Videos • Dictionary • Journal articles(EBSCO) • Curated web sites • Primary sources/ebooks • Year in Review (Literature including the keyword) Click on any of these for further content. Click on the Title to open the article
  12. 12. Adjust the reading level if needed. Optional Tools • Save as a Favourite • Print • Email • Get a citation. • Translate a language • Listen to it read to you • Enlarge or reduce the font Related sources can give broader or more specific information. Research Tools and Materials - If you create a login for Britannica Online you can add your own notes, organise information and resources, and then share via an email or online link (e.g. Google Classroom). .
  13. 13.  Get homework information 24/7!  Use Britannica Library Online to find reliable information!  Choose a reading level best suited to your level of reading or understanding!  Learn to use information critically!  Get presentation tips and skills! Boost your results with Britannica Library Online
  14. 14.  At School – Ask for assistance in the library. Year 11 and 12 students can book time with the Teacher Librarian for research and assessment task help. Year 7-10 students can request help in Break times.  At a Richmond-Tweed Public Library e.g. M’bah, Tweed, Kingscliff, Ballina, Lismore etc. – Ask for Librarian assistance.  Online – Find this presentation from the Wollumbin High School Home Page.