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The Savvy Online Student Affairs Professional

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Originally presented at University of Binghamton to graduate students in the higher education program in February of 2017. This presentation provides basics and suggestions on safeguarding and building a digital reputation and engaging online.

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The Savvy Online Student Affairs Professional

  1. The Savvy Online Student Affairs Professional w/Dr.@PaulGordonBrown
  2. So who is this guy? @paulgordonbrown
  3. GainLossvs
  4. Whatdoyou think?
  5. Whatis…
  6. Whatdo youwantto achieve?
  7. Whoareyou? Whodoyou wanttobe?
  8. Weneedtolearn toown,rather thanbeowned by,technology. @paulgordonbrown
  9. @paulgordonbrown
  10. OpenInstagram. Lookatthephotos. Whoisthisperson? Passyourphone.
  11. digital footprints + digital shadow + digital trail digital stamp
  12. FROM THE WOMB! We even have digital stamps @paulgordonbrown
  13. Your Name What is the first thing that comes up? Is it you? Is it someone else? What do you want to come up?
  14. @paulgordonbrown
  15. @paulgordonbrown
  16. @paulgordonbrown
  17. Your Name @paulgordonbrown
  18. TheInternetIs Forever @paulgordonbrown
  19. Yourparents willprobably postan embarrassing pictureasa #TBT. @paulgordonbrown
  20. Mistakesand embarrassing photoscan followus forever.
  21. THINK POST beforeyou @paulgordonbrown
  22. collegesandemployers arelistening @paulgordonbrown
  23. of recruiters use or plan to begin using social networks/social media for recruiting 94% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  24. of jobs are landed through networking and personal relationships 80% John Bennett, Assistant professor of behavioral science at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte
  25. @paulgordonbrown
  26. WeWillMake HowWeHandle Mistakes ThemDefinesUs @paulgordonbrown
  27. @paulgordonbrown
  28. youcan’t @paulgordonbrown
  29. PrivacyIs YourProblem @paulgordonbrown
  30. You assume RESPONSIBILITY! When it comes to privacy… @paulgordonbrown
  31. raiseyour privacy settings @paulgordonbrown
  32. BUT @paulgordonbrown
  33. itlowers yourpotential impact @paulgordonbrown
  34. PUBLIC PRIVATE @paulgordonbrown
  35. Controversial Topics @paulgordonbrown andHandling Activism
  36. clicktivism go beyond
  37. socialmedia ispowerful
  38. @paulgordonbrown
  39. We’re gonna talk about building a…
  40. Your Name
  41. take
  42. Six building blocks of an online brand…
  43. Thinkofthree wordsthatform yourcorevaluesas aprofessional… 1
  44. Clarity of focus…
  45. Whatisyour digitalcompass? Your“onlinemissionstatement” inunder140characters. 2
  46. “Inspiring others to be digital adventurers, vanguards, and change agents.” @paulgordonbrown “Be a Digital Dale Carnegie by motivating others to their best life, leadership & legacy. Honor my family & God.” @equalman “To have made a difference to people I touch.” @thelinkedinman “She was real. She cared. She connected!” @SCMSJanine “I want every one of my academic papers and studies and lectures to be accessible and available to all (+free)” @JohnGirdwood “Life is full of seasons, but at the end of mine, I want others to find that I spoke for those who couldn't speak for themselves.” @JanieSikes “Be Real. Live your passion. Stay present. Never let your mind second guess your heart.” @springboardw
  47. Developa5 sentencebio. 3
  48. BIO build your
  49. Getagood headshot. 4
  50. What’syour online persona? 5
  51. Dedifferent.
  52. Getonline withasenseofhumor.
  53. making mistakes isbetter than faking perfections
  54. FallForward. Youmight “stepinit.”
  55. It’s “okay” to let the personal and professional blur a little.
  56. Whatplatforms shouldyoubeon? 6
  57. Pick your platforms: Twitter:I’m eating a #donut. Facebook:I like donuts. Foursquare:This is where I eat donuts. Instagram:Here’s a vintage photo of my donut. YouTube:Here I am eating a donut. LinkedIn:My skills include donut eating. Pintrest:Here’s a donut recipe. Spotify:Now listening to “Donuts.” Google+:I’m a Google employee who eats donuts.
  58. claimyour name
  59. Developing networks for learning.
  60. We’re only 2-3 degrees apart.
  61. small world
  62. social media is making it smaller
  63. Activity
  64. Teacher Centric Model
  65. Peer to Peer Model
  66. Breaks down the hierarchy.
  67. makes learning informal and fun
  68. Free, Low or No Cost Professional Development
  69. Develop Reading Circles
  70. Develop Writing Circles
  71. Platforms and Practices.
  72. LinkedIn
  73. NASPA ASHE ACUI AIMHO ACPA NACA ACUHO-I Inside Higher Ed LinkedIn Groups
  74. Twitter
  75. conferences use at
  76. #sachat #satech #fachat #salead #SLchat #WLsalt #sagrad #sadoc #sapro #safit #sareads
  77. #SAsearch
  78. Facebook
  79. Facebook Groups •Student Activities Professionals •NASPA Technology Knowledge Community •Student Affairs Professionals •Student Affairs Runners •Student Affairs Faculty
  80. read/write a blog
  81. studentaffairscollective.org studentaffairsfirstyears.com studentaffairsfit.com paulgordonbrown.com michaelanthonygoodman.com josieahlquist.com lizgross.net Go to www.StudentAffairsResources.com to find more! blogs…
  82. Create a Professional Portfolio
  83. determineyour presence
  84. @paulgordonbrown
  85. youarealways beingwatched
  86. Periodically Google yourself.
  87. don’t be afraid
  88. Beconsistent Bededicated
  89. It takes time.
  90. your network is your glue
  91. learning can be FREE
  92. Whoareyou? Whodoyou wanttobe? Whatdo youwantto achieve?
  93. Howdoyouact online? Whatdoyou wanttochange? Whatwillyoudo?
  94. Weneedtolearn toown,rather thanbeowned by,technology. @paulgordonbrown
  95. @paulgordonbrown www.paulgordonbrown.com paulgordonbrown@gmail.com
  96. Resources.
  97. Q&A