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Annalysing my college magazine

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Annalysing my college magazine

  1. 1. Student Vibe MagazineMedia studies college magazine
  3. 3. What works? I think my magazine cover background masthead work well together, thecolors look bold on the grey background. Also i think the image goes well within thebackground and masthead, the black and white image looks bold on the greybackground, also it makes the image stand out more because the colors are alike.What doesnt? I think the barcode doesnt go very wellwithin the magazine front cover, it doesnt look in place being atthe top of the page next to the masthead..
  4. 4. What was difficult? I found cutting around my lead image the most difficult, this was because the image had so much background and different details, so it was hard to cut around it and trying to get a smooth edge at the same time.What you found easy? I found choosing and editing my text,and making my header the easiest. I already knew how to usedafont.com and how to colour-rise the layers.
  5. 5. What have youve learnt? Learning about the colour range tool helped me and lot within the process of making my front cover of my magazine. This was because usually i would of just used the lasso tool to cut around my image, but i found the colour range tool much easier to cut around a image. I used it mainly on my lead image to cut out the background.If you had all the money and time in the world what would you change? I would make the magazine firstly look very professionally, i would also add more pages and articles, and also make the images brighter and look really clear and add everything that students want included in the magazine every month.What other magazines can you compare it too? Not the whole magazine of course because it is a college magazine, but some articles you can relate them too magazines like more and heat also ELLE and vogue.
  7. 7. What works? I think the choice of colour i have used within my magazine contents page works well, the different coloured text stands out on the grey background. Also i think having the images on the left verb looks good, it makes the inside look more eye catching to the audience then just having a page full of text.what doesnt? –I don’t think the ‘subscribe for only £2.50 a month’ at thebottom of the page looks good. I think it would be more suitable to putthat on the inside of the magazine. It looks a bit out of place being rightat the bottom of the page.
  8. 8. What was difficult? The only thing i thought was difficult with making my contents page was the text size, it was hard to try and get the same text size, because I was using dafont.com not the text tool on photoshop.What you found easy? I found nearly all of the making of the contents page very easy to make. I think this was because it was rather simple as most of it was text and images that I didn’t need to edit or change, overall I found It was much simpler than making the front cover.