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Digital Organisation Nestlé

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Digital Organisation Nestlé

  1. 1. Nestlé Digital Organisation Challenges and Opportunities 7 Februar 2013
  2. 2. Germany: $500.07
  3. 3. USA (North Carolina): $346
  4. 4. Japan: $317.25
  5. 5. Italy (Sicily): $260.11
  6. 6. Great Britain: $253.15 8
  7. 7. Kuwait: $221.45 9
  8. 8. Mexico: $189.09 10
  9. 9. USA (California): $159.18
  10. 10. Beijing, China: $155.06
  11. 11. Poland: $151.27
  12. 12. Egypt: $68.53
  13. 13. Mongolia: $40.02
  14. 14. Equador: $31.55
  15. 15. Bhutan: $5.03
  16. 16. Chad: $1.62
  17. 17. Global versus Local: Challenges and Opportunities
  18. 18. How is Nestlé structured? International Board 330’000 Global Employees Zones SBU’s Marketing Global Markets Experts Brands 83 GM Countries Local Support Mkt BU Fonction Services 480 Factories Marketing Experts
  19. 19. How to drive global digital expertise in a market driven environment
  20. 20. As local initiatives have a global reach?
  21. 21. It all started in 2010 with a crisis: KIT KAT
  22. 22. General Management decided to take action Old Corporate Consumer Communications Communications Corporate Consumer New Communications Communications Digital Team
  23. 23. FMCG leader in leveraging digital and social media to build brands and delight consumers What Significant increase in: % of media Consumer eCommerce Quality Media spend impressions advocacy for presence and consumer insights efficiency resulting in Nestlé brands performance at lower cost consumer actions  Implementation  Enhanced  Implementation  eCommerce-  Aggressive use of Brand Advocacy Marketing Mix of ‘Close the Sale’ ready brand of listening tools the Nestlé way Modeling (MMM) toolkit, guidance content, user across markets techniques and and training reviews and and brands  Proper metrics product How resourcing of fan  Realignment of information  Exploit pages and online  Paid/Owned/ agency incentives Facebook communities Earned media  Dedicated partnership for optimization teams for key insights and rapid- strategic partners response concept development
  24. 24. FMCG leader in leveraging digital and social media to build brands and delight consumers Significant increase in: What Employee Food & Nutrition Organic search motivation, Industry recognition Solutions and Services performance talent recruitment and retention  Aggressively scale  Develop relevant,  Smarter internal use  Continued excellence proven success models sharable web content of social media (Nest) across all strategic and content strategies priorities and delivery  Overhaul recipe  Digital Acceleration imperatives for digital database engine to feed  Improve search Team (DAT) to create How all digital platforms presence via efforts in measureable, favorable  External eCommerce. impression among communication of  Pursue relevant current Nestlé digital multi-brand content employees/recruits achievements (e.g. initiatives Facebook)
  25. 25. Different needs and objectives FMCG leader in leveraging digital and social media to build brands and delight consumers What Significant increase in: Food & % of media Nutritio Employee Consumer Media eCommerce Quality impressions n Organic motivation, Industry advocacy spend presence consumer resulting in Solutio search talent recogniti for efficien and insights Consumer ns and performance recruitment on Nestlé brands cy performance at lower cost actions Service and retention s A global digital roadmap  Imple ment ation  Enhanc ed Market  Imple ment ation  eCom merce- ready  Aggressi ve use of listening  Aggress ively scale  Develo p relevan  Smarter internal use of  Continu ed excellen of ing Mix of brand tools proven t, social ce across Brand Modeli ‘Close conten across success sharabl media all Advoc ng the t, user markets models e web (the strategic acy (MMM Sale’ review and conten Nest) prioritie the ) toolki s and brands  t and s and Nestl techniq t, produc Overha conten  delivery é way ues guida t  ul t Digital imperati How and nce inform Exploit recipe strategi Accelera ves for  metrics and ation Faceboo databas es tion digital Prope traini k e Team r  ng  partners engine  (DAT) to  resou Paid/O Dedica hip for to feed Improv create External rcing wned/  ted insights all e measure commun of fan Earned Realig teams and digital search able, ication pages media nmen for key rapid- platfor presen favorabl of Nestlé and optimiz t of strateg respons ms ce via e digital onlin ation agenc ic e efforts impressi achieve e y partne concept  in on ments com incen rs develop Pursue eCom among (e.g. tives ment relevan merce. current Faceboo mun t multi- employe k) ities brand es/recrui content ts initiativ es versus Market needs
  26. 26. 3 main development pillars Best Digital practices Education expertise & toolkits Efficient communication
  27. 27. DAT Digital Acceleration Team
  28. 28. Scope of work Training Community Projects Management
  29. 29. Training KEY TRAININGS PARTNER TRAININGS INFORMATION SESSIONS  Listening  Facebook  Digital Services Unit  Community Management  Google/YouTube  Agencies  Crises management  Apple  Legal  e commerce  Nielsen  HR  BBNW  Buddy Media/Vitrue  ...  P.O.E. Media  Amazon  Search …  Mobile Marketing  Brand Advocacy  Digital Analytics
  30. 30. Community Management  Liaising with SBU/GMBs  Creating of posts / managing agencies who create posts  Responding to fan comments  Answering fans  Monitoring page/ potential issues
  31. 31. Projects  Projects will vary by topic, need and deliverables  Scope of work needs to be universally agreed  Final presentation to key stakeholders  Evaluation of projects (DAT and project owner)
  32. 32. DAT first learning Positive: • Network • Career opportunities • Training quality • Image Could be improved: • Silo effect • Variances in level of know how • Involvement once back in Market • Limited places
  33. 33. Scope of work for 2013: • Setup of local / regional DAT • Education curriculum for Marketing and Sales in Digital • Setup of integrated media planning • Agency relation development • Support in Market digital organization • Recruiting • career development • Toolkits & Guidelines rollout • Collaboration tool rollout
  34. 34. What we see as best practice: