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The word credibility has several meanings. Alternatively, it means capability of being believed, to command belief or to truthfulness or correctness of what one says.

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  1. 1. The word credibility has several meanings. Alternatively, it means capability of being believed, to command belief or to truthfulness or correctness of what one says. In other words, credibility means that whatever a person says, he/she believes in it. Thus Credibility is about trustworthiness and following through on what was promised.
  2. 2. You do not get to define your own credibility. Credibility rests in the other person’s perception. Your credibility is determined and judged by them. Their personal perception of your credibility is true at least for that person. The hard truth is, no matter how great your personal integrity or competence, it is not you who gets to determine your credibility. In truth, credibility can only be given to you by other people.
  3. 3. “Build your credibility and maintain it- your life does depend on it!” Syed Imtiaz Hussain
  4. 4. Can YOU Be Trusted? 1. Earn Respect with What You Do Do not try to earn it from status, position or power, which is counter-productive 2. Let People See You Are Sincere This is when you build trust 3. Suspend Your Judgment of Others Keep your mind open to considering as many other perspectives as possible
  5. 5. Can YOU Be Trusted? 4. Keep All of Your Commitments Even the small ones are important 5. Do Not Stretch the Truth If you have not finished a project, say so. Do not try to pass it off as a task taken care of when it is not true
  6. 6. Credibility = Trust Credibility and Trust are intertwined with one another. You cannot find someone credible unless you first find them trustworthy.
  7. 7. Time + Honest = Credibility / Trust Credibility and Trust take time that could accumulate up to years. People will know through repeated encounters with a person that they tell the truth and act in a rational manner. The more time and the honesty displayed by the person the more credibility he/she has.
  8. 8. Time + Honest = Credibility / Trust= Positive Interpersonal relationships = Motivation = Productivity The formula is long but does strike at the heart of credibility and profitability. The more honest you are with people and the more time you have the more credible you become. When your credibility is high you have positive interpersonal relationships with people who respect and acknowledge your statements.
  9. 9. Credibility is; “The level of respect others have about you” Syed Imtiaz Hussain
  10. 10. Developing Credibility Behavioral Examples that Build:  Honesty  Devotion  Punctuality  Good Example  Ethical Behavior  Taking responsibility for behavior  Keeping promises  Forgiving and Understanding  Getting Involved  Focusing on the Positive
  11. 11. Avoiding Credibility Behavioral Examples that Destroy:  Dishonesty  Lack of Devotion  No Concern for Time  Setting a Bad Example  Unethical Behavior  Breaking Promises  Denying responsibility for Behavior  Unforgiving  Not Involved  Focusing on the Negative
  12. 12. Leadership Credibility Role of leaders has remained and will stay paramount in all societies and organizations in motivating their followers to adopt a certain course of action. In military organizations, this role becomes even more important since military leaders are frequently required to lead their people in uncertain and risky situations. In order to become a credible leader, one needs to be true to one’s own self.
  13. 13. Leadership Credibility A leader must say only those things, which he really believes in. Not only a leader’s own belief in what he/she says is vital, but his/her actions and behavior are even more important. Actions and words of a leader become integrated only when he/she has integrated personality.
  14. 14. “Never trust someone who lies to you. Never lie to someone who trusts you.” Mandy
  15. 15. • Doing what you say you will do • Keeping your commitments and promises • Walking the walk and talking the talk • Your actions/deeds are consistent with your words • Leading by example; practicing what you preach Credibility has been defined with some of the following statements: Maintaining Credibility in a Changing World
  16. 16. “It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but Only ONE thing to prove you are ignorant”
  17. 17. Build your credibility before persuading. Understand what builds and destroys it. Protect it like a baby, because once lost it can be impossible to recover. So! Guard your Credibility.