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Helpful links & resources for saving money with coupons. Presented by Cate Taylor http://bit.ly/catetaylor

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Couponomy handout

  1. 1. COUPONOMYWorthington Northwest Library January 12, 2012Presented by Cate Taylor | c.cate.taylor@gmail.com | http://bit.ly/catetaylorA realistic and reasonable approach to reducing grocery expenses for yourself and your family. These are someof the resources that have helped me cut our grocery budget by over 60% and sustain it for almost three years.Where to find couponsPrint Media: Manufacturer Coupons: Store Coupons:• Dispatch • coupons.com • target.com• Local papers • smartsource.com • meijer.com• Magazines • redplum.comOther Favorite Resources• moneysavingmom.com Digital Coupons:• Share/Trade with friends • Kroger Digital Coupons: tied to a Kroger Plus Card• Amazon: https://customer.kroger.com/Register/LoginInfo.aspx JungleDealsAndSteals.com • Meijer mperks: tied to a cell phone #• Living Social/ Groupon https://www2.meijer.com/mperks/• wisebread.com/bestdeals/todayCoupon OrganizationCoupon BinderOnce you’ve discovered all these coupons, you’ll need a way to organize. After all, if you can’t find them to usewhat good are they. There are many different systems and for me the coupon binder is the one that works best.One like mine will cost about $50. I remember having a hard time spending $50 but I can guarantee you willsee a major return on this investment. To learn more about setting up a coupon binder visithttp://www.thriftyandchicmom.com/2010/03/so-you-want-to-be-a-couponer-organization/What you need: • 3 ring binder with an accordion section at front, a pocket for scissors & pencils, notebook at back • divided plastic pocket tabs for shopping categories,(amazon has set of 8 for $5, get two) • baseball card sleeves: 9 per page, use front and back for 18 total (amazon 100 for $15)MaintenanceDaily Weekly Monthly» Browse/review email & web sites » Review newspaper coupons » Meal Plan » Review & print accumulated online deals Subscribe so they » Update/organize binder come to you! » Make a shopping list & stick to it!
  2. 2. Tips & Tricks • Stockpile • Price Matching • Trading down • Stacking Coupons • Meal PlanningMy Recipe For Success 1. Be organized 2. Know when & where to shop 3. Have a list & stick to it!NotesCouponomy presented by Cate Taylor | c.cate.taylor@gmail.com | http://bit.ly/catetaylor