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Sensing our teaching space: changing our practice

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The learning/teaching experience is a live, organic process which often demands we change our pedagogic practice. But how do we re-invent ourselves as teachers? It’s only when we experiment with different learning experiences ourselves that we begin to see things differently. Looking at things from new perspectives allows us to begin to get ready to change our classroom practice. This presentation will explore this issue.

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Sensing our teaching space: changing our practice

  1. 1. Sensing our teaching space: changing our practice Valéria Benévolo França
  2. 2. “According to the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Zi, what is important is what is contained, not the container.” LiXiaodong
  3. 3. Different perspectives
  4. 4. Framing the view
  5. 5. The tracing paper effect
  6. 6. The tracing paper effect
  7. 7. The tracing paper effect
  8. 8. Masking and Unmasking
  9. 9. Your body in the teaching space
  10. 10. Your body in the teaching space “[…] there is a liberated space that gives strength to the person who enters it, because he who enters is expected.” Jacques Lecoq
  11. 11. The limits of space “Space for an architect does not exist, so we design the limits that give the impression of space.” Eduardo Souto de Moura
  12. 12. The limits of space
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