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Family needs related to homecare - Robben

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Smart Homecare - CARER+ Final Conference, Paris, 27 March 2015

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Family needs related to homecare - Robben

  1. 1. Family needs related to homecare Marina Robben, IFFD world President www.iffd.org www.familyperspective.org CARER + Final Conference Smart Homecare: investing in skills and service delivery 27th March 2015 Palais de Luxembourg Paris - France
  2. 2. The International Federation for Family Development - IFFD General consultative status, UN ECOSOC A federation of non-governmental, non- denominational, non-profit, independent and private Family Enrichment Centers Present in 66 countries on the 5 continents European project: FamiliesAndSocieties http://www.familiesandsocieties.eu
  3. 3. Our focus on informal carers • Growing recognition of intergenerational dialogue and solidarity • Informal carers relied upon as the main providers of long-term care … • …But what kind of support for them? Respite care, financial support and training
  4. 4. Housework and care: priorities • Valuing household chores and supporting status for care workers • Respecting free choice of each family • Make it compatible with professional lives, parenting and equitable sharing of housework • Professionalization, legal regularization and social consideration
  5. 5. Attention to elderly and dependent • Dependent is not only the elderly or sick person, but also the child who needs to be accompanied until reaching maturity • Transmission of values: development of personality and self- esteem • IFFD, 19th family Congress “Family: meeting place for generations” (16-18 October 2015, Mexico)
  6. 6. Parenting and favouring intergenerational solidarity IFFD courses Our aim is to assist parents in the challenge of raising and educating their children; facilitating the interaction and exchange of ideas and experiences among couples and dealing with intergenerational solidarity • First steps: 0 – 3 years • First letters: 4 – 7 years • First decisions: 8 – 11 years • Pre-adolescence: 11 – 13 years • Adolescence: 14 – 17 years • Grandparents
  7. 7. Challenges and responses for family carers • No professional skills or training • How to combine family and professional life with the home care provided to the relative? • Lack of recognition • Technology, a way to provide more effective care • State support for family carers: government subsidies, fiscal deduction and allowances
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention! www.iffd.org www.familyperspective.org