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Regulatory frameworks in fire management interventions

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Presented by Victoria C. Ramenzoni, Rutgers University at 'Understanding the role of climate in Indonesian fires, to better support fire management interventions' workshop, Jakarta, 25th July 2019

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Regulatory frameworks in fire management interventions

  1. 1. Regulatory frameworks in fire management interventions Preliminary Analysis of Fire Policies (1980-2019) Victoria C. Ramenzoni Rutgers University Victoria.ramenzoni@Rutgers.edu
  2. 2. The Larger Context of FMIs • Fire is not a single issue, rather a set of problems (Tacconi 2003). o Under which circumstances does fire occur? o Fires may have differentiated impacts according to spatial and temporal dimensions that may require differentiated interventions. o Poses a challenge in terms of cross-scale coordination and implementation of actions.
  3. 3. Historical Analysis of Fire Related Regulations n=+100
  4. 4. 4 Periods with particular dynamics 1982-1983 • Slash and burn • Extensive Logging • ENSO 1997-1998 • Land clearing for plantations exceeds logging • Draining for Mega Rice • ENSO 2000s • Accelerated expansion of plantations • Effects of Transmigration Post 2015 • Plantations • Smallholders close to plantation areas • ENSO
  5. 5. What are we seeing now? • Movement from regulatory toward incentive based approaches o Are you incorporating PES in programmatic efforts? • Actions projected at different resolutions, yet still highly localized: o What are new potential hotspots and how do we decide on where to intervene? • Significant emphasis on proactive measures (restoration): o Are you seeing more support for preventive actions (e.g. canal blocking to reflood peatlands)? o Is the moratorium a long-term solution? • Introduction of new measures for transparency in the private sector. • Lack of specific instruments to assess the participation/involvement of different actors: o Are you experiencing any challenges in coordination? What are your thoughts on Social Forestry processes?
  6. 6. cifor.org forestsnews.cifor.org ForestsTreesAgroforestry.org THANK YOU