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Solving real world problems in the real world

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FP7_Tahaab Rais

  1. 1. A story about my first tryst with technology. And how that inspired how I look at ideas.
  2. 2. Is it serving a purpose? Does it mean something to people vs. being frivolous? Is it making a real positive difference? Is it work that matters? Is it long-term or has a long-term impact? It should never be a one-off activation just for a cute video that gets a few million views. Is it able to go big? Across segments, across communities, cities, countries, maybe even continents?
  3. 3. Here’s the story of an idea using one of these… to actually make a MESS
  4. 4. We took a cash machine which was serving a pretty basic purpose…
  5. 5. And pushed its capacity and its functions to solve a real life gap In a fairly unconventional and unexpected manner.
  6. 6. Imagine what could be if brands started bringing THE ADJACENT POSSIBLE as creative and product solutions!
  7. 7. I dream with open eyes of the day when a brand can help men see in colour. Or take pictures with the ultimate camera – the human eye.
  8. 8. I dream of the day when real estate brands can 4D print colonies in space to aid exploration.
  9. 9. imagine nano-robots becoming as a widespread cure for cancer vs. just a test group. Imagine a health insurance brand coming up with that idea.
  10. 10. Imagine the future of chatting and instant messaging. It’s Mind Messaging. Telecom and Mobile brands – this is a technological possibility in the adjacent possible.
  11. 11. Imagine banking where you don’t need any cards or online banking or even branches. A new banking branch actually customized for your very skin.
  12. 12. Could robotics and artificial intelligence be the future of brand and… maybe even personal relationships?
  13. 13. As long as we create work through technology that makes a MESS, we’ll be in pretty good hands.